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  1. Can't connect to lobby

    This issue comes up over and over again, could you consider cancelling your lobby? None of the players like it :grin:
  2. can't log in, again

    is multiplayer down again? my game hangs on "logging in" for minutes, then moves to multiplayer home screen but with "please wait", then i get "disconnected from server" is the problem my end or TW?
  3. the grund grind: a salty mutliplayer suggestion+complainment "thread"

    multiplayer sieges flag system>
    cap lock most flags in round start in order to stop single "funny" runners from backcapping half the castle, the main "G" flag and hide in its surroundings to repeat the "run´and hide" action for more countless joy!!!
    My proposal is this: flag cap in 3 stages from outer ring to inner ring to center flag:
    1st stage: A,B,C flag capable right from the start but no other> E,D,F AND G caplocked meanwhile.
    2nd stage: two flags of outer ring have to be captured to activate /unlock capture of inner ring> E,D,F capable now. G STILL caplocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3rd stage: at least two flagss of inner ring have to be captured. May i mention thatt G is capable now? Perhaps not the first year of updates. Just to mirror the match results of all the former "sieges" we have played and do play still now.

    if you do this ill do a demonstration video an put it into youtube.
    I doubt it at all cuz it would make sense and me could place some crypto bets on for how long we have to play that style of a bad joke gameplay system, or if you will
    ever change this, or just leave the solution of this bad issues to the modders. It wouldnt be the first thing.

    multiplayer doors and stuff
    change all doors to be open,-closeable just from defenders no matter on what side of the door the defender stay / be / appear. Otherwise the run ´n hide backcap system of countless joy is buffed like it is - right now-.

    Spawns omg spawns since when?
    First of all Spawns should be choosable by player since 15 years.

    yet shouldnt it be important to prevent spawnkilling?, to protect brave attacker from defender spawn behind him? to give the defender an opportunity to spawn undamaged and reach the flag he wants to defend in most cases?
    And the castle itself and its very structures...should they not help the defenders at least mainly? No?
    ah ok so its perfect right now leave it as it is

    this slightly disgrunteld "thread" of slightly disgrunteld me is going to be continued for lotta multiplayer issues and im not sry. sry....
    All great suggestions, nothing worse than a back-cap in the first 5 minutes only to have to go through another 5 minutes waRMMM uOP
  4. Servers Downtime

    See you all next week in the next downtime thread
    didn't even take a week :sad:
  5. Servers Downtime

    The issue has been resolved. Thanks for your patience.
    the issue has resumed
  6. TW server down?

    can't log into the multiplayer game yet again.....
  7. Server Downtime

    what patch?
  8. This game sucks

    the servers still aren't working properly.....

    the game sucks
  9. A bug that has existed since 1 year ago(Captain mode)

    But nobody plays captain, I queued for 2 hours and nothing
    the queue is STILL broken. you have to use the custom server browser to play captain
  10. Could not connect to server

    Couldn't pay the electricity bill?
    UK, yeah, bout right
  11. Servers Downtime

    thank you for the information
  12. [1.7.0] Impossible to separate infantry types now into different formations?

    most blunted was banned before release......

    he knew the score
  13. Beta Patch Notes v1.0.2

    So is 1.0.3 actually going to fix some of the bigger problems facing the game?
    No chance

    you must be new here
  14. Beta Patch Notes v1.0.2

    Multiplayer servers down again
  15. Could not connect to server


    this is supposed to be full release!!! please sort your **** out

    (premium priced game, alpha indie release quality)
  16. Can't connect to lobby

    do we have to log into TW servers so we can have this ****ty ranked/progression BS they're forcing on the community?

    I hate this progression idea for bannerlord, how many hours wasted on coding this broken crap?
  17. Couldn't receive login result from server?

    I am getting this issue now
  18. Can't connect to lobby

    I've getting this bug now
  19. Could not connect to server

    i've started getting this bug today, even when launching with Launcher.Native.exe
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