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  1. Menethil

    MP Multiplayer Feedback from the Competitive Community.

    I think being able to spawn with best armors is a bad idea. It is also not fun as well. I am getting used to the game mod but I still want to have old Warband equipment system back for Multiplayer. I do not wanna play a competitive match when we have to hit a player more than 5 times to kill (Assuming 1h). In high level it will create a chaos and fights will take too long. Also we need more equipment more types of swords crossbows, bows etc. I read most of the comments related to combat and i agree with most of them I do not think I should write again. Hope they can fix bugs of the single fast so they can focus on MP...

    Also rank system pls
  2. Menethil

    [WLC] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    I don't know the Chowski guy but i don't think its relevant in this topic. Your defense shouldn't be you have a cheater in your team too!! Thats pathetic. You guys played a final match of a tournament and that guy is an aimlock and you guys discuss other useless topics.
  3. Menethil

    [WLC] Grand Final & Bronze Match

    I dont know your community and i dont know you guys. When i looked at those clips I see aimlock. He moves the bow so fast he is not even aiming. I suggest you guys watch some legit archers from EU and NA before you just blindly defend your friend. I think that guy is cheating and there should be a rematch.
  4. Menethil

    [NC2019] Group Stage Week 4

    On the screens that i received, it is obvious that we offered you Saturday and Sunday. You offered us Friday. Yes we played scrim on Friday but we missed some key players. Stop acting like a little kid. Your pings are 10-30, ours 50-100 the lag in the servers will obviously affect us more than you. So you had a higher chance to beat us today. We do not care the days you offered during week we always miss some key players. We offered to play in Germany server with that lag or wait to go on France server. You did not want both and left. It is our right to demand default win. Some team played with the lag and finished their match. We will not accept to play 2 official matches at 1 week and we will not play on weekdays.
  5. Menethil

    [NC2019] Group Stage Week 4

    France 1 is available now. Dont play its too late card. If match started at estimated time, it would be played now. We are ready on FR1
  6. Menethil

    [NC2019] Group Stage Week 4

    No we are gonna play today either now on germany servers or 30 min later on france servers. Weekdays are not working for us. Your choice.
  7. Menethil

    [NC2019] Questions & Suggestions

    Blade is playing this game for long time. But lately he was really toxic to everyone for no reason. We are playing this game for fun and this guy was ruining it for me. I am glad that he is banned. This game will die soon, lets have some fun without toxic people around.
  8. Menethil

    [NC2019] Final Nation's Cup Announcement & Signups

    Samsara said:
    Middle servers won't work too. In the Nation's Cup of 2018 the turkish players complained and the americans had to play in a german server. Nothing will work out. That's why only LAN tournaments are the most successful.

    Turkey vs NA played in UK server.
  9. Menethil

    Top Infantry Through the Years

    I wasnt dominant in 1v1s. I was pretty solid in inf  fights when cav is involved. Of course i am not in top 10 or something. But some people on this list is just names. They are not better than me in general. Just my personal opinion.
  10. Menethil

    Top Infantry Through the Years

    Good list. Lists should be done like this. Also why i am not mentioned as a infantry on those lists i dont know. I know my main class is archer but I played enough tournaments and matches to be mentioned as infantry.  :???:
  11. Menethil

    Who Would be in Your Dream Team?

    Infantry (5): Napoleon, Rempica, Scar, Charlini, Arni
    Archers (3): Leroux, Rayden, Tirtil
    Cavalry (4): Vivar, Peter, Relaks, Ciiges

    Even thinking of this team gave me chills.

  12. Menethil

    Top 100 Warband Players (A Spectator's List)

    Wow, what a great effort you put in this. Well done!
  13. Menethil

    The Athenaeum

    Wow 8260 hour in one thread. Feels weird. Awesome job bro!
    Also would like to see some stuff about Nation Cup's  :grin:
  14. Menethil

    Top Teams of All Time

    Condemned Bas said:
    Guy Fawkes said:
    Charlini said:
    WSC1 WNL6

    Pretty much undeniable if you consider Unity Castellan AE GWB.

    No offense, but Unity, Castellan and GWB are not on the same level that KURWA and F were. They did not have the same chances of winning as AE and FT had. Anyway, this subjective, no need to go further.
    Unity beat KURWA
    Wonwokie beat F
    Unity beat Wonwokie
    FT beat Unity

    so? :grin:

    Unity beat Kurwa
    F beat Unity
    Kurwa beat AE
    AE beat Kurwa
    AE beat F
    F beat Kurwa and AE

    As you can see single matches are not important in general

    What Napo said is right maybe Unity at their prime  time was  close to ECS2 Kurwa AE and Freelancers level. Others cannot even compared. It is really hard to choose top 4. FT had a good opponents aswell but it cant be compared to ECS2 etc. But still they won a lot and dominated a lot and we should respect it.

    I see you guys discuss about not losing a set during group stage in WNL etc. As i remember Freelancers only lost 2 rounds until the final with AE. Opponents werent that hard tho but still it is something.

  15. Menethil

    Current battle player ratings

    Hey Kane good job with this list. I have some suggestions you might be interested. Since you are a main archer player maybe you can detail some archer powers. Like awareness, pure aim, melee, decision making, positioning and you could even show something like special power; leading while playing or potential of getting early kill etc.

    I see that in your post you said you mainly focused on statistics. I have never been good in statistics and yet you put me 1st in archery. It might seem a bit weird. Also i saw that Rayden's point is extremely low in my opinion. He won NC18 and won another tourney with DOPEY vs FT and he always performed good also generally led the matches and he deserves more  in my opinion.

    If someone having a problem with Scar having 100 point then they didnt play with Scar at all :grin: That guy is insane I played with maybe all the best infantries in this game but Scar is a fullpackage. Other rankings seems fair to me. You are doing great job dont mind the trolls.

    Edit: Please dont exaggerate the NA players in your eyes. There is a simple logic when EU players play in NA tourneys (serious ones) we did gave them a really hard time with (140 ping). I remember EU archers were kicking asses of NA's archers John, Lagstro(highping) Jeffrey etc. Dont get me wrong NA has really talented players like cru vinny and ppk  but you guys never made the same impact in EU tourneys as we did in NA tourneys. No drama pls just opinion. I think Roberta should make a only NA players all time rankings. If admins let him.
  16. Menethil

    List-Maker Election

    I appreciate the effort from admin team but this looks like a garbage idea. %80 of people in vote section are not qualified and most of them are trolls anwyays. Lets see how it goes. I would vote for M if he was up there. And if the things M said is true if he got excluded because of 1 warning then its bull****.
  17. Menethil

    List-makers Nominations

    I dont have interest aswell.
  18. Menethil

    List threads

    Scar said:
    Weeks ago I send a PM to Callum suggesting a seperate subboard dedicated to discussions on multiplayer, the response I got only a few days ago was disappointing to say the least. It is unbearable that it takes weeks each time to come to a decision on a multiplayer related issue.

    Callum! "the community manager who knows nothing about competitive" also we know nothing about him and we saw him one time after he got the job! Atleast Lust was trying some stuff. Callum is totally useless.
  19. Menethil

    [WNL7] Division A - Week 5 | Deadline: 07/04

    ME 10-3 Unity


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