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  1. bunions

    Patch Notes v1.2.9


    You're the first player VVL99 (and your alt account Seeking Logos) to make me make use of the ignore feature.

  2. bunions

    Why capes in this 1 dev game look a thousand times better than this 12yo mass produced game

    You mean the solo dev and his outsourced team.
    He has outsourced things that's true, my point stands however.
  3. bunions

    Why capes in this 1 dev game look a thousand times better than this 12yo mass produced game

    That's nothing I am waiting till the solo dev starts out producing Taleworlds in patch cycles / content additions.
  4. bunions


    ...Donkey Crew, are those guys beind cRPG and Strategus...?
    Indeed, the reviews / feedback is not encouraging based on those last projects. I am really hoping for success to drive competition in the space however.
  5. bunions

    Patch Notes v1.2.9

    Wow,,, I wonder why? I forgot how nice it looked.
    Probably performance or something to do with console parity, who knows.
  6. bunions


    Looks like its a direct competitor to Bannerlord, dropped today in EA.
  7. bunions

    Patch Notes v1.2.9

    I will choose to stay optimistic.
    You misspelled --> unrealistic.

    The only thing that is out of the hands of Taleworlds is timely, well crafted, concrete results. They are allergic to those.
  8. bunions

    Command wheel needs to be updated.


    Are you tired of commanding troops with F Keys? So am I.
    No, no I am not.
  9. bunions

    Just wanted to say thanks for update

    Well I can only speak for myself, I have plenty of harsh things I have said over time, but this is a good patch. If they keep up a series of patches like this (albeit not at the horrible timeline it took) the game might have actually realized it's potential by this time next year. Not bad for only 2 years after release, and an ungodly amount of time in development, right?!?!

    Regardless... I'd rather end this post on a positive note. Seriously - good job.
  10. bunions

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    I don’t think it’s greed at all. There are probably over 130 people working at TaleWorlds, all of which need to be paid on a regular basis. That doesn’t include any of the other overhead cost like hardware. All in an industry where the profits for said employees and overhead are tail loaded. And not tail loaded in terms of weeks or months like in other business but in terms of years. Development for this game is over ten years now. It’s very tough to do business like that. I know it’s frustrating but also entirely understandable.
    It's not greed its business, it's just a poor way to do business, probably forced by other previous bad decisions. Chronic mismanagement seems to be the strong suit of the studio; all the attendant mess is the result.

    Of course the usual disclaimer applies - this is all just speculation of course. However when you look at the current product, what other conclusions can be drawn? Bad luck? Nah.
  11. bunions

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    So safe to say that if we don't see the patch by next week we wont see it in December huh?
  12. bunions

    Taleworlds is going to release a post to let us know about their futur plans for the game. What are your expectations ??

    What they need to do is actually very easy but for some reason its taking literally years to do. Here is the basics:

    Diplomacy: Take everything from the Diplomacy mod and implement it, pay the modder what it takes and move on

    Peace Time Mechanics: Feasts and more interactive mechanics need to be added during peace time as peace time is the most boring since their is nothing to do

    Population: This is probably the one that should be implemented of all, let me explain. Wars need to be meaningful and make an impact on the economy and powerbase of clans. Currently a clan with high relations with villages and towns can lose an entire army and instantly replenish its troops. This is clearly flawed. By giving a village, castle and a city a population that function on an economic level and military level (aka troops to recruit) this will make battles meaningful. This would also impact the economy of each nation, that when losing an extreme amount of peasants in a war their economy slides to a griding halt.

    But if I am honest I think the Population mechanic will never be introduced even though the modding team behind the Jerusalem Mod is doing it. Some part of me believes that the dev team is amateur level at best given their previous track record, slow updates and lack of a clear roadmap.
    It gets even easier & faster when they could just set up a contract / consulting gig for Bloc and / or other prolific modders to add those features speedily and well.

    Problem is things like that make sense and are cost effective, when they could instead choose to:

    A - Be ego driven, cheap, not efficient at all, and not do anything with outside talent.
    B - Maintain their "whatever, it's good enough" attitude to all the halfass systems they already have poorly implemented, and game in general.
    C - Hire more interns and pretend like that's trying hard.
    D - Some nightmare combination of all the above.
  13. bunions

    Can you please enable removal of Order of Battle and set teams with numbers like it was before?

    There are a few instances where the OOB just straight up bugs out though
    More than "a few" my friend.
    I only needed to set two groups one heavy armor and high level the other throwing weapons. I was even capable of seperating my recruits out by making a third group and setting it to lower level and added high level to the skirmisher group.

    I usually play faction specific armies. High level Sturgian infantry troops have throwing weapons. There is no way to keep both recruits and high level heavies out of the skirmish line if you divide by level or throwing weapons or both. I've tried repeatedly, the system doesn't work well no matter how I set it.

    I want to specify just the skirmishers to the skirmish line - just Woodsmen and Brigands. I usually try to carry a contingent of those troops solely for that purpose anywhere from 20 to 40 depending on my overall force composition and size. I don't want the recruits in that line, and not the heavies. There is not a "rather easy" way to do that to my recall, and it's certainly not been a case of "absolutely can". You certainly need to "fiddle" with it quite a bit no matter what, every damn battle.

    Like I said, it's a lackluster system overall.

    In good faith, I haven't played since December of last year, because of how rich and feature complete the game currently is. So maybe I am missing your point somehow or they worked on the OOB unbeknownst to me. As they say around here, can you provide some pictures or video of your process?

    If I am wrong I will happily admit to it. It would be one less thing to complain about at least.

    *Edit* - Decided to see for myself, so I fired up Butterlord in skirmish mode, so not perfect army comp, but I was able to tease out just a skirmish line from the troops supplied. So I certainly stand corrected there.


    I then tried to tease out an "only polearm line" a main infantry line (without polearms) and a "shock" line as well.... ROFL

    Good frickin luck having those levels of distinction. I even locked my damn skirmisher line while trying to make those other distinctions and that line kept getting polluted with other troops as I tried to make those distinctions.

    Yeah I admit I was wrong, apparently now I can tease out just skirmishers, but the system still sucks. Nothing about it is easy at all, and none of it allows for fine distinctions to any degree. A real shame since TW is bound and determined to date to not include any meaningful levels of depth, diplomacy, or late game activity so one would hope the "fast paced battles" aspect at least would be satisfying.
  14. bunions

    Can you please enable removal of Order of Battle and set teams with numbers like it was before?

    I think you're in the minority on this angle with OOB better because you want to assign your best units as your bodyguard vs at the front line. I think a good chunk usually assign their companions to play that role. Which, to your point, that still can be done with this new system afaik.

    What I can't do now, and I think most do similarly, is organize units by tiers/culture. I can't easily create a line of T5 imperial infantry, then have a group of T3 sturgia infantry in another to play a different role on the field. ONLY if they have a different loadout assignment (and hoping TW coded it right so it actually worked that way with the sliders).
    Can't have a pure javelin / skirmish line either, rendering a portion of the Sturgian troop tree far less useful bordering on useless - just like the stupid OOB itself.

    A real shame too because the faction is supposedly designed around strong infantry and would call for that tactic.

    Players, myself included, have been complaining about OOB since it was (Poorly & halfheartedly, a TW specialty.) implemented. It's fallen on deaf ears. Whether it's because of some stupid sunk cost thinking, or thinking they know better than the people who actually play the game there is no telling.
  15. bunions

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    As the scope of v1.2.5 grew larger than expected - we postponed our release. Most of our fellow forum members want to see more communication and we have been working on that - including patch release estimates.
    I'm of 2 minds in this case...

    The immature petty and embittered side of me wants to lol at this announcement and crow how "I knew it" all along. That's not productive, or generous at all.

    The more mature and thoughtful side of me realizes that not so long ago there would have been no statement at all. Whether due to cowardice or ineptitude there would have been radio silence. So with that in mind, this announcement is a step forward and I will take it as such.

    Thank you for the communication. I hope things continue to go in this direction. Have a great day, and I hope you guys manage to squash any bugs before Christmas.
  16. bunions

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    I wasn't out to "tell" you anything. Just gave an example.
    No, you were out to defend Taleworlds by trying to nitpick selected parts of my argument, instead of addressing it as a whole and the picture it paints.

    Trying to convince someone who wont engage in good faith is pretty pointless... hence my sarcastic remark.
  17. bunions

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    By your take, no game studio would ever start work on a new game after they release one? Refactoring the code is not something unique to Bannerlord or TW. How many times do you think Bethseda refactored the code for their creation engine? Speaking of which, they cut down the people working on Starfield from some 450 to 250 post release.

    Release a game on console is just sound business. Be happy the game wasn't primary developed for console and then ported to PC, of which pc users suffers quite a lot by these days.
    Wow you sure told me.
  18. bunions

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    Just talking points, or do you got acutal examples to show too? I mean you seem to give the expression you have a lot of inside knowledge on what going on inside Taleworlds?
    I have no more idea of what goes on inside Taleworlds than any other forum regular.

    As for actual examples what more do you need? Have you not witnessed the glacial pace which the company works at? The need for multiple refactoring of the code base? The seeming inability to maintain quality control from beta to beta constantly reintroducing bugs? The utter lack of urgency to meet any timelines excepting the rush to release a console version because more $? The utterly half assed implementation of oh so many of the games systems?

    I'm sure there are many fine individuals in the company, but to my mind it's glaringly obvious they are mismanaged.

    I mean there is that old chestnut of a saying: "Don't ascribe to malice what can be explained by incompetence." So apply that as you will, I suppose. I prefer to give the benefit of the doubt, and not ascribe incompetence on the devs side. I choose to think the problems are more organizational.

    To top it off (Again speaking without insider knowledge) the most plausible explanation for their current snail's pace is the fact they are working on a new title with a bare bones crew dedicated to Bannerlord. Of course I could be very wrong about this point, but with the stellar track record of communication from them, we are left with little but time to speculate.

    Am I taking crazy pills?
  19. bunions

    Beta Patch Notes v1.2.0-v1.2.6

    Comments like this would incentivize me as the developer to relase on Nov 30, 11:59 pm as well as giving me an incentive not to continue to put any effort into this game.
    I'd be fine with that, but we all know the rife levels of mismanagement present from the very inception of the project won't allow for it.

    To spite release at the last available second, you'd have to have organizational clarity, focus, and competence.

    As for incentive, they already have our money, they "released" a pretty lackluster and flawed product already. What makes you think they will ever achieve anything satisfactory long term - the evidence? Unless you already find the current game satisfactory, which says more about you than them at this point.
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