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    EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup VI - Red Dot Edition (56/56)

    Name: Sindarin
    Nationality: roach
    Main Class: caV
    Steam Link: tba
    I confirm that I will be attending the draft cup itself (13.3.2022 at 17.00 CET)
  2. Fade

    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    I have a solution it's pretty simple since both teams in A and B are involved in this discussion here let's make a thread and have a vote whether other teams want WHEE in B or A. This is a community decision to begin with. If you do whatever you want the staff of BEAST will be hated because you are not treating the people right. We are not a communist state to worship you and let you decide without asking us.

    If you don't do that you are hypocrits and don't dare say stuff like: Show some appreciation for the efforts we put towards the tournament. When apri stopped making the BEAST Stats other people took over where he left and the same would happen with you. Everyone can be replaced so now it's the time for us to have a vote and all the clans involved in this matter to express their opinion.

    Clans that should vote are:
    Div A: DoF,Div,RM,SGM,DM,DR
    and ofcourse WHEE

    Also div B teams are not scared but WHEE is a top 3 team in the game and we are closer to skill with bottom A teams so top B team can have a chance to beat 5th and 6th placed teams in A. You haven't played the game for a couple month to have basic understanding of how skilled certain players are. All I want is for people to have fun and you ruining div B is unacceptable.
    I can tell you the result right now

    4 Yes, 2 No (DoF, DR) DIV A
    Probably 5 yes from DIV B

    But who fkin cares about the community? We already have our shepherds to lead us and decide for us.
  3. Fade

    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    frankly, after this ****show of a discussion, I wouldn't give you a div A spot if it was my choice to make. so much entitlement lol
    could've just asked normally but nah
    You don't know anything about this discussion. We asked to admins normally, we asked to teams and we took their approval. But STILL admins insist saying same things over and over again. From that point we decided to create this thread. So if you don't know anything about the topic just stfu.
  4. Fade

    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    I already told you that I agree that you guys have a shot at winning and generally performing well in Div A. I honestly do not care if you play in this tournament or in which division you are placed in.
    The only thing that is of any relevance in this case is that no team, regardless of who they think they are, should get an exception to the rules to play wherever they please.
    You're welcome to get a spot if there is an open one, but don't change the rules just because you don't like them.

    The reason I disagree with you and your demands is simply that BEAST provides some stability to the scene, a place for growth to new teams. And any team that rather creates shortcut instead of taking those that are already in place for them is only pushing for a self-entitled agenda that is contrary to the principle of this competition.
    Want to play strong teams, go for a scrim. Want to play in BEAST, play by BEAST rules.
    Dude, you are hilarious xD There is no connection between things you say and us playing in div a. I can't understand how we destabilize the tourney and prevent teams growing?
  5. Fade

    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    Stop acting like it is a elite e-sport tournament. We are a few people trying to enjoy this "EARLY ACCESS" game. I am just shocked just bunch of dudes talking about rules and sh*t. And i still can't understand how 7 team division A breaks the whole system. This is too much nonsense.
  6. Fade

    Tournament staff is not allowing new strong teams to form.

    We all know that every BEAST comes down to RM - DM finals. They even wanted to create an extra "S" division just for them. Now we've formed new v strong team which has a good chance to win the BEAST. The main idea of separation into divisions was proper competition. To let teams have worthy opponents. It is obvious for everyone that skilled players who were always playing in div A would never play in lower divisions. So by rejecting our team from playing in div A, you basically don't even let us to thrive as a team. And according to this precedent, new strong teams will never form in this game. Because you can't expect that anyone would want to wait 3-8 months (e.g they climb from the lowest division) until they'll have a chance to actually play in division that they deserved playing in from the v beginning. You also have to be realistic and realize that teams from lower divisions which already exist will never even come close to RM's/DM's level. So you will always have RM/DM finale and what the point of this tournament then? If other teams don't have a chance to even challenge them. The solution is pretty simple and won't ruin anything for anyone. Add an additional 7th team into division A. We already asked clan leaders of div A and most of them (4 out of 6) agreed to play additional 7th week just to let us in. We can prove it if you want. If anyone has at least a tiny speck of doubt that our team isn't competent to play in division A, we already won against some division A clans and score was 12 2 and 12 1. If you need proofs i can post them screenshots. Merely use common sense and follow the idea of competition and let us play in division A so we all can have the most exhilarating BEAST out of them all with more than two competent teams.
    n0 yoU haBe t0 eaRn thE Sp0t fiRsT ehehehe
  7. Fade

    [BEAST 6] Suggestions

    tbf I am absolutely OK with this team not playing, so as blackmail it is pretty poor. However admins will discuss & consider the points raised and come to a conclusion.
    Are you guys being serious right now xD Why do I even blackmail you? What kind of effect can me and my team make on your lives? You guys are being extremely dramatic. And aeronwen i don't know you and i don't care about you or your personal opinion. I am just hoping you guys stop making this matter overly complicated and just give us an answer.
  8. Fade

    [BEAST 6] Suggestions

    The only way is NOT making a Div A 7 teams, its either you earn a spot or not, i know your team is strong but you have no right for a spot there. I cant even imagine beeing so arrogant to blackmail the admin á la put us A or we dont play, its childish af.
    Blackmailing??? xD You should be kidding dude. I am just saying we don't have any intentions on playing other than div a. You are really absurd and your reply is cringe af. No one will lose anything if they put us in div a. We are trying to fire up the competition on Bannerlord MP. I am not saying we will win the tournament but atleast we want to have a chance to do it. I don't fkin care if you guys happy about repeating same tournament for sixth time in a row. And if they put us in div b what do you think is going to happen? There won't be any joy for those guys in Div B. The main idea behind divisions are divide the teams according to their skill level.

    "bLacKmaiLing" xD
  9. Fade

    [BEAST 6] Suggestions

    When the sign-ups close admins will make appropriate decisions about filling any gaps. If your sign-up is contingent on your team being placed in Div A please mention it in your sign up so we don't waste time and effort.
    :smile: Our main problem is there is NO empty spot in DIV A. All teams are gonna play. The only possible way is making the Div A 7 teams. It shouldn't be that hard to decide.
  10. Fade

    [BEAST 6] Suggestions

    To fire up the competition maybe the admins should consider letting WHEE in DIV A?????
    We already ask 4 teams and they are okay playing one extra week. So i still can't understand why this is still a problem for you guys. Everyone complains about DM and RM winning the tournament all the time, then people decide to form a team to challenge those guys but admins making everything so hard for everyone. I am sure DM and RM also want another good team to fight.

    This is my suggestion. Admins should create a group chat with all Div A team captains and make a poll for letting in the seventh team. If majority accepts then let us in otherwise don't let us in. We definetly don't want to play in Div B. So it will be nice for us to know if we are going to play this game or not.
  11. Fade

    EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup 4 - Sign Ups Open (56/56)

    Name : GoblinKing
    Nationality: Türk
    Main Class : Cav
    Steam Link:
    I confirm that I will be there on a draft cup itself (31.07.2021 at 17.00 CEST).
  12. Fade

    Beast #4 congratulations

    Gleedy Gobrins simply too stronk!
    Mad respect to Sindarin and Ancient working up from Division B to S Tier Cav.

    Furthermore I want to thank Inspire for being MVP of the tournament. I think its fair to say that the whole community is proud of what he archieved. ggs (:
    *happy goblin noises*
  13. Fade

    [BEAST#4] Division A - Weekly Match Results

    Unfortunately GGs-HINQ match won't happen. We claimed default.
  14. Fade

    Reminder that even with an overwhelming negative response to the MP, Taleworlds won't change any fundamental design decision.

    Just a quick word for everyone, TW wants Bannerlord to have "Competitive MP Scene", but they only employ half a dozen people working on it max. I can't see the logic behind it. If anyone can please tell me.
  15. Fade

    MP | A new feature: BannerLord Matchmaking, A tool that would allow you to improve the game in depth and quickly by bringing fun to play

    I agree everything he said. It is a torture to play solo skirmish. Either you get very strong or very weak team. And after some time people think that is a waste of time to play normal skirmish alone. Pickups were amazing and I started playing this game again because of that. Pickups are mostly gone, because they are too hard to arrange. So people that want to play the game competitively only can play in tournaments or be in a clan to be participate in a training match. And I know devs are working on it but this is too frustrating.
  16. Fade

    EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup 2 [BDC] (56/56)

    Name : Sindarin
    Nationality : Turkish
    Main Class : Cavalry
    Steam Link :
    TW ID : Sindarin#1214
  17. Fade

    Beast#3 Statistics | Player Stats (Div.A) | Faction Winrates

    Great work and effort from The Fruitman!
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