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    Devs - What are you even doing?

    guys don't even bother writing in the forums, devs haven't read the forums for years

    they probably don't even know that streamer Asmongold has caught up on Bannerlord Multiplayer mods and the game is getting really bad pr atm because the taleworlds servers keep crashing while he's streaming :ROFLMAO: what a joke

    idk if TW even reads these but.. remove Loot system

    loot doesn't even matter, custom servers can add/change gear and colors if they want to, plus you have mods like crpg and PE that absolutely blow any customization talesworld does out of the water.

    but if you want loot, join duel and sit in spectator so you don't get kicked, afk til the game ends, and repeat.

    why is skirmish/captain matchmaking not working in multiplayer

    check out mods, that's your best bet.PE, full invasion and crpg are options, otherwise put on dedicated server helper in the launch menu and check to see if people are playing a group fight server or something, native bannerlord is kinda empty.

    Can you fix Multiplayer already?

    This is one of those posts where I briefly considered giving you an actual reply but it's clear you're not interested in that so it's not really worth my time. Here's a tl;dr for you, now kindly stop wasting my time:
    1) You're the one that started posting bogous claims with no facts beyond "oh a logo was removed", and couldn't even tell whos logo it was.
    2) "Why don't YOU prove MY points" might be the dumbest post this forum has seen in months.
    3) Thinking you need a 3rd party company to collect basic match data from Multiplayer is ridiculous. It's a rather simple feature anyone with some experience could create in fairly little time.
    4) Thinking a logo removed from a Clients loading screen means that they do not collect server side statistics is olympic gold levels of jumping to conclusions.
    5) I would like to share more information with you, but its source is not public knowledge for all I know, so I won't. You should be aware that the forums are not the only place TaleWorlds might share information through :smile:

    I don't think I'll be responding any further here - you've made it clear that you have no idea what you're talking about and don't care to prove your bogus claims.
    wow, a bunch of nothing as well. Sad!

    Is there still any MP dev checking?

    If TaleWorlds were able to see the content of this thread, they would realize that it's crucial for them to make a statement regarding their multiplayer plans. Players can't anticipate the future.
    Here is your statement bro.
    Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!

    Is Vlandia still op in TDM and siege now?

    Maneuvering, also I'm pretty sure riding skill. Don't really play cav that much anymore but from what I hear those are the biggest things to go for. Lance length is nice for trading blows, but if your opponent can bait your stab timing to be early or late it doesn't matter if your Lance is longer.

    Is there still any MP dev checking?

    You can choose any class in the game and i'll beat you as a recruit 99 times out of 100. You're a brainlet tdm player that has no idea about the game.
    he's going to say no, flashnoob is very much against players getting free kills.

    Is there still any MP dev checking?

    • Why are people allowed to join the team they wish, why is there no team balancing?
    • Why is friendly fire off?
    TDM and siege are casual game modes, you can group up with your buddies.
    friendly fire is on because TW servers crashed with them on and they never bothered to fix the issue/left it off.

    Ideally, the 80-100 cost units should still be at least strong enough for late joiners that they can still overcome a power level difference between paid units. This is less true for some factions than it is for others, and the Taleworlds community would rather keep it this way because it allows for matches to snowball to the point where the underpowered units become actually unplayable.

    On top of me wanting all 100 cost units to be a viable pick, I feel like there needs to be more options for counterplay when Aserai or Sturgia are up against Vlandia or Battania, because we all know how the sharpshooter/Sergeant deathball with fare against Aserai's overreliance on Tribal Warriors and Sturgia's lack of maces
    the 100 costing units are viable, ive top scored on tdm only playing 100 gold classes, they are pretty much the same just with less armor and needing to hit a few more times, pick up a weapon from the ground and use that, or take a spear or mace/hammer for damage types that do well against armor. Perks don't make or break a class. Your biggest issue right now is having troubles with mobs of enemies, because friendly fire is off they do not have to worry about watching their swings so it is definitely harder to deal with group fights. play smarter, wait for some allies then go in, or run away and get a few of them to break off and fight you.

    Is there still any MP dev checking?

    Because people seem to only care about multiplayer as a vehicle to farm free kills from the weakest units in the game while playing as the stronger units themselves. Yes, people would be upset if it shuts down cuz now they'll have to play a game where they'll need to work for their wins.

    What I personally want from BL MP is for fights to be fairer across the board, and that can still be done while maintaining faction identities. Since people here seem to want OP units to stay OP units while the easy kills stay bad, I think it's fair for me to say that Bannerlord's multiplayer is a lost cause if TaleWorlds thinks that they should continue to cater to people with egos so fragile that they need a PVP game to hand out free wins.
    you need to stop playing TDM, it's rotting your brain, go play some modded MP, or better yet, find a different game.

    South America Official Server When?

    SA = South America or LA = Latino America
    Thank you for clarifying, knowing tailsword we might of gotten south african servers before south America servers. But in all honesty with the lira dropping in worth its looking less likely to happen.

    Reintroducing bastard weapons into MP

    Good luck killing a Sergeant as Aserai, then.

    Also explain why I would ever use Rhomphalia over Improved Armor as a Savage.
    Improved armor doesn't do much, slashing still is the best damage against low armor, and the rhomph is a better weapon, leading to higher damage, better chance to 1 shot.

    U kill sergeant with a mace, otherwise chip at em with the Kaska because you have good range and speed with it. Throwing and pierce do work as well.

    1.1.4 multiplayer fixes

    you really want is a regular server that works just as all the other servers.
    This, I don't want tapeworm to touch MM, EU and NA already have MM servers hosted by players and is more accurate than what trimwood has done.

    South America Official Server When?

    I've seen multiple people begging for a SA servers for about 3 years now, good luck.

    1.1.4 multiplayer fixes

    Do you even know how a matchmaker works? Without rankings, how would you suggest the MM to match?
    Like it was before the ranked system got implemented, so other people can join mid game and so matches don't get canceled because someone left after waiting 5 minutes for anyone else to join. They had the skirmish mode set up perfectly before they broke it. Now if you wanna mm you gotta join the discord and use the player made mm system and play on custom servers.

    Why are there so few maps?

    I want players vs AI in siege mode too. How many AIs can your team repel or slaughter while attempting to get/save G
    thats called singleplayer. or nord invasion mod.

    Reintroducing bastard weapons into MP

    2h weapons need a length and damage boost, or a special attribute buff like Shield Breaking or Calvary Crushing.

    Right now a 1h sword can deflect a power blow from ANY weapon that isn’t a pole arm (consistently). With that much versatility and speed, PLUS the ability to single blow kill, is too much.
    you were not around for the crush through era, what you suggest took 6+ months to fix with absolutely broken 2h weapons that would give free damage just by overhead swinging. they already have more range than 1handers, they have less weight than sword and boards thus making them faster movement speed for the user, and doing 40+ damage on a glance swing is way better than 1handers have. if you want better 2handers play cRPG, but dont complain to me when you cannot block.

    End the character size clown fiesta

    If bigger person meant proportionally longer arms too, I wouldn’t mind. Seems like hit box grows faster than reach since reach is also stung by weapon reach (which is too favorable to 1h swords)
    that is how it works, although the buff to it is minor for most players, if you can make it work it will to your advantage, keep in mind you are more likely to get hit by arrows because of the larger hitbox. larger character affect your range and kick reach slightly.

    1.1.4 multiplayer fixes

    Fianns seem to be the least problematic of the 2handed weapon users in the archer class. For me personally, I think it fits the Battanian ranger, since the Highland Hunting Bow is the weakest shortbow in the game, but the Ranger makes up for it by having exceptional melee damage for an unarmored ranged unit.

    Khan's Guard is probably the worst offender since they're basically half heavy archer half heavy inf half shock trooper, though the Palatine Guard more or less needs to be as strong as they are to make up for the increased pressure to play perfectly or not at all as Empire.
    the fk are you talking about, all three of the factions mentioned have great archers, each one is decent as a light inf. they have just about equal bows (also aserai archer but noob doesnt include that.) battania has 2h because of the slower but higher damage bow to fit the loadout. sure 2h is nice but if they dont have a shield or a weapon that can use a shield they will die to other cav and archers/xbows 75% of the time. unless you are absolutely crazy with a 2h this is not a problem. plus empire has the best heavy inf in the game with the axe and melee expert so there is no reason to give the best inf class a top tier archer as well, hell their coursers are worse than most of the other light cav while cataphract can keep up with real cav classes, the archers are able to keep up with other good archers while inf cleans up and heavy cav dominate. at this point its the players not the classes.

    1.1.4 multiplayer fixes

    Would you have any balancing suggestions?
    Enable team hitting and auto balance player numbers if the teams have a 6+ player difference.
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