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  1. DrTomas

    Modification tools at the end of the month?

    first batch does not mean that you will have what you need to develop a total conversion mod. That being said, it's still a good thing to get some of the tools.
  2. DrTomas

    I simply don't want to play the game and that's sad.

    If they gave me the modding tools, I can make it fun again! (Disclaimer: no guarantie it will be fun for you, but it will probably be fun for me)
  3. DrTomas

    Bannerlord mod stuff

    Funny thing, I believe the community will find a way to mod anyways, so not releasing the mod tools/module system sounds a bit sad for me. Who wants to bet that someone will reverse engineer the C# dlls and make a community module system in the first week of EA?
  4. DrTomas

    SP Medieval [WB] 1257 AD - Enhanced Edition

    Hey, glad to see this alive and kicking! Keep up the good work guys :wink:

    YourStepDad said:
    One of the worst decisions DrTomas has made, among many, was the removal of companions.

    Oh man, if you only knew the half of the worst decisions in my life that I have made! :grin:
  5. DrTomas

    [SUBMOD] - 1257AD Reloaded v1.6

    Look at this sticky topic!
  6. DrTomas

    I've united Poland (and Europe by accident)

    Wow, nice one!

    This is first time I saw anyone uniting everyone like that. Hoped you enjoyed it!

  7. DrTomas

    1257AD, source code

    So here we are folks, the source for 1257AD. The source code is now opened source. Feel free to use it for whatever you want. Assets (models, textures, scences, other visual material, ect.) are not mine to give away, and should get permissions from the authors to use it. You are however, free...
  8. DrTomas

    Why do the Venetians have an Iberian roster?

    It guess it's my crooked hands is at fault - I left a bug. Not much to do, sorry.
  9. DrTomas

    Why do the Venetians have an Iberian roster?

    Which version are you playing? This sounds like a bug.
  10. DrTomas

    Modding Bannerlord - Questions

    Jackson ??? said:
    They've already confirmed you can load multiple mods at once. I believe it was also confirmed that the game won't ship with mod tools (because due to early access).

    They only said that they are considering early access, but no confirmation that they are truly going early access so...

    Jackson ??? said:
    In case anyone has forgotten, you can apparently attached classes (presumably C# ones) to entities and have them run along the lines of the component system in Unity. If modding is done with C# classes, I have to assume we'll have a great deal of access to the game's API.

    But it's not unity engine, so the way it works might be entirely different.
  11. DrTomas

    Modding Bannerlord - Questions

    Will we be able to lunch/select several mods (like elder scroll games) or it will be one module at the time (as Warband)?
    Will modding tools be exposed on day one for the community?
    Will battlefield AI (Both the troop AI and the strategic AI) will be exposed to modding?
    Will troop pathfinding AI be exposed to modding?

    Module system, presuming the module system will have C# syntax/.net integration:
    Will it be proper .NET integration (as in we can build and inject our own dll into the game in some way) or just the syntax of C# and the compiling will be done by some bannerlord tool instead?
    IDE? Can we use Visual Studio with Resharper (as an example), or there is an out of a box IDE with bannerlord?

  12. DrTomas

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Remember another game (Duke Nukem Forever) that was not going to be released until it's "perfect"? Remember how it turned out after the release? I `member....

    You know what might be great? Is to get the modding community involved and playing with their "modding kit" sooner rather then latter. After all, mods is one of the reasons both original m&b and warband did well.
  13. DrTomas

    FULL-Version+SUBMOD 1257AD 1.13AP Repolished 1.4 New!

    This topic has mysteriously became sticky. :party:
  14. DrTomas

    AI not showing heraldries

    Mod options -> turn off use historical banners.

    Historically armies at the time would not be uniformed and peasants would not really would carry their lords banner on everything.
  15. DrTomas

    Acritica 1257AD

    Great work - lets sticky it!
  16. DrTomas

    what is the new 1257 ad dev Edition?

    Yeah, nobody really cares tho about it, perhaps your the only one that does stevehoos (not including us).

    I'm personally too tired of this and have no stamina of fighting over all this ****.
  17. DrTomas

    B Medieval Medieval Conquests

    You do not have any permission to use my assets on this mod as well, this include (but not limited) scripts and scenes. Taking a whole mod (5 years of work) adding little bit of tweaks and releasing it as your own just like that is insulting to be honest.
  18. DrTomas

    Release the Sourceeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Hey Guys, if you want the source, just tell me so in this topic, after my post! Thanks!

    I don't read or reply to private messages, so don't bother with that.
  19. DrTomas

    A public, deep but needed apology

    Who are those people? Why should anyone care?
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