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  1. Neo Corricon

    Need More Info Cannot modify Banner Colour

    Summary: Cannot modify Banner Colour After Forming a Kingdom How to Reproduce: Join a Kingdom (Khuzait in my case) Complete the main quest line Leave your current Kingdom (I chose to keep my holdings) I sided with Istiana Speak with Istiana and form your new Kingdom My Banner is still the same...
  2. Neo Corricon

    Sigil Colour Bug?

    After assembling the 3 banner pieces and forming my own kingdom I am unable to edit the colour of my banner. I can change the sigil size and sigil colour but I cannot change the colour of the banner itself. Bug or intended? The colour is identical to the kingdom I left before forming my...
  3. Neo Corricon

    Executions and Traits

    Well Assassinations would be another thing of course.
    If that is possible at some point, deceitful would be a fitting description.

    But an execution of a noble is ruthless and honourless.
    If you're doing this on a regular basis you should be hated and feared among the other nobles.

    One can argue ofc how it behaves between the different cultures, but i could imagine that its difficult to get such a thing working and balanced.

    Yes! I would love to see the 'hated' and 'feared' implemented in their behavior in some way.
  4. Neo Corricon

    Executions and Traits

    "But my king! I'm not simply lopping heads! I'm lopping heads for science!"

  5. Neo Corricon

    Troop divisions

    This sadly seems to be bugged as it resets every time.

    I am having the same problem. Roles (Engineer/Medic/ect) also do not seem to 'stick'. They reset at seemingly random intervals.
  6. Neo Corricon

    Executions and Traits

    You sure khuzaits care about the empires social stratum ?

    Assasinations are in confirmed?!

    Assassinations? Unknown. Execution of Noble prisoners? Confirmed. I have been executing every lord I capture to determine the effects of said actions.
  7. Neo Corricon

    Got boring after 47 hours

    Even a super model girlfriend tends to get boring after 47 hours. :wink:
  8. Neo Corricon

    Its Raining Children......

    Only 18? Child's play!

    Heh, pun 100% intended.

    In all seriousness, it's madness. I hope a tweak is coming soon. I don't want a hard cap on kids or anything, just a rebalance of the birth rate and a way to control it. For example, my wife shouldn't be getting pregnant while I'm away on campaign.

    "'Should'nt" but you may want to have a word with your milkman.
  9. Neo Corricon

    Best wife

    I went purely on looks, but maybe that's just me...:grin:
  10. Neo Corricon

    Troop divisions

    In your party screen there is a little flag in the upper right of the character portrait. Click on it.
    (Not when in battle, before battle)
  11. Neo Corricon

    The Sturgians look ridiculous


    Armet of Henry VIII known as the Horned helmet

  12. Neo Corricon


    There might be a little too much RNG(RND) in the formula at the moment. I am having the exact opposite experience. I have more Fiefs than any other lord at the moment. 4 Towns, and 6 Castles soon after joining. I used my influence to get only 1 of them.

    I also seem to have noticed getting more influence every time I was granted a Fief, and not a little, creating somewhat of a snowball effect for my relation with the King.
  13. Neo Corricon

    Here's why you're not getting that castle.

    I agree with the OP 100% and hope that this does not change in the interest on kowtowing to a vocal minority over historical accuracy as many developers are prone to these days. TW has an excellent track record in this regard, so I think we are safe. :grin:
  14. Neo Corricon

    Executions and Traits

    is game create new npc to Replacement of deads for prevent lack of lords in the clans?

    That is an excellent question. In Warband the answer was no. There were some mods that addressed this, but my goal is to eliminate certain lords without them being replaced so I am hoping the answer is still no. I would fully expect to see a mod eventually to give us the choice of respawning lords however.
  15. Neo Corricon

    Executions and Traits

    Quite true, but all were long before the 11th century. By the time "medieval" society took root, the practice had gone out of vogue. Particularly when nobility became formalized and it was accepted that nobles were to be treated differently than everyone else.

    The Romans were a bit 'special' in terms of how many of their leaders met treacherous ends.
  16. Neo Corricon

    Executions and Traits

    A few Japanese assassinations:

    456 Emperor Ankō, Emperor of Japan
    592 Emperor Sushun, Emperor of Japan
    645 Soga no Iruka, son of influential statesman Soga no Emishi
    1160 Minamoto no Yo****omo, head of Minamoto clan, father of Minamoto no Yoritomo
    1219 Minamoto no Sanetomo, the third shōgun of the Kamakura shogun
    1441 Ashikaga Yoshinori, the sixth shōgun of the Ashikaga shogunate
    1486 Ōta Dōkan, samurai, architect and builder of Edo Castle
    1507 Hosokawa Masamoto, shugo daimyō of Ashikaga shogunate
    1535 Matsudaira Kiyoyasu, daimyō, feudal leader in Japan
    1551 Ōuchi Yo****aka, daimyō, feudal leader in Japan
    1557 Oda Nobuyuki, Japanese samurai, younger brother of Oda Nobunaga
    1565 Ashikaga Yo****eru, shōgun, feudal leader in Japan
    1566 Mimura Iechika, daimyō, feudal leader in Japan Endō Matajirō and Yoshijirō
    1578 Yamanaka Shikanosuke, Japanese samurai
    1582 Oda Nobunaga, samurai warlord
  17. Neo Corricon

    Executions and Traits

    I beg to differ:

    Caligula: murdered by Praetorian Guard in 41
    Claudius: Poisoned by his wife Agrippina in 54
    Galba: Murdered in plot orchestrated by Otho in 69
    Vitellius: Murdered in 69
    Domitian: Assassinated by court officials in 96
    Commodus: Assassinated in 192
    Pertinax: murdered by Praetorian Guard in 193
    Didius Julianus: death ordered by Senate
    Caracalla: Assassinated on orders of Marcrinus in 217
    Geta (co-emperor): Assassinated on orders of Caracalla in 211
    Macrinus: Executed on orders of Elagabalus in 218
    Diadumenian (co-emperor): executed on orders of Elagabalus in 218
    Elagabalus: murdered by his troops in 222
    Alexander Severus: murdered by his own troops in 235
    Maximinus Thrax: murdered by Praetorian Guard in 238
    Pupienus (joint emperor): murdered by Praetorian Guard in 238
    Balbinus (joint emperor): murdered by Praetorian Guard in 238
    Gordian III: murdered? in 244
    Trebonianus Gallus: murdered by his troops in 253
    Aemilian: murdered by his troops in 253
    Gallienus (junior co-emperor): murdered by his generals in 268
    Aurelian: murdered by the Praetorian Guard in 275
    Tacitus: assassinated? in 276
    Florian: murdered by his troops in 276
    Probus: murdererd by his own soldiers in 282
    Carus: probably assassinated by the Praetorian Prefect Aper in 283
    Numerian (co-emperor): murdered? in 284
    Severus II (junior co-emperor): executed by Maxentius in 307
    Constans I (co-emperor): killy by Manentius in 350
    Gratian: murdered by rebel army faction in 383
    Valentinian II: murdered? in 392
    Valentinian III: assassinated in 455
    Petronius Maxims: Murdered by Roman mob in 455
    Majorian: Murdered by Ricimer in 461
    Libius Severus: Assassinated by Ricimer in 465
    Anthemius: executed by Ricimer in 472
    Leo II: assassinated? in 474

    Some well known assassinated English lords:
    Thomas Becket
    Giuliano de Medici
    Conrad of Mentferrat
    Louis I, Duke of Orleans
    John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy
    Philip of Swabio
    Kames I of Scotland
    Charles I, Count of Flanders
    Nikephoros II Phokas
    Vaclav I, Duke of Bohemia
  18. Neo Corricon

    Executions and Traits

    I have been executing quite a few enemy lords recently and have earned the trait 'Deceitful'. It caries with it an -2 Honor stat. (Can't find where my honor stat is displayed by the way) I am thinking that the Honor penalty is justified depending on what mechanics it affects. Hopefully that...
  19. Neo Corricon

    Heroes appear to be busy when trying to create Party

    I am having this exact same problem as well.
  20. Neo Corricon

    Found a second use for Create a Party

    I attempted to create a new party, but the companion in my current army shows "Busy". She has no clan role, is in my current party, and but still shows "Busy". Bug?
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