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  1. Yiig

    Future Plans

    Hopefully not the last of their plans, but a good look so far. The game has has so much potential.
  2. Yiig

    Take As Long As You Need

    How long is "as long as you need"? :<
  3. Yiig

    Lord's Changed (secretly)

    I honestly thought maybe the nobles appearance was RNG after starting my second playthrough.
  4. Yiig

    Where's the patch, TW.

    Even if they patch daily, there will still be some conspiratorial discussion about the "State of the Game". The gaming community being involved daily is a great thing, but then there is also the chance to become very toxic.

    I can understand developers being very careful when they post updates or statements as to not create false rumors and such. I don't read much into it. If they don't post in a few weeks, I will worry. However, right now there is a lot going on in the world that is outside of our control. A game is just a distraction from this, so maybe think about the big picture and play another game in the meantime.

    When I purchased as EA I considered ahead of time that I could be disappointed. It's a bit of a risk to buy any EA game. Whether I'm disappointed or not about where the game will go in the long-run, I just saw I already put in over 100 hours. I haven't finished my 2nd campaign yet, as I am waiting for yet more patches. So I check here daily looking for another status to encourage me to play more. So you could say the patch updates do effect my willingless to continue to play... but it didn't stop me from accumulating over 100 hours of playtime from the get-go.
  5. Yiig

    Patch Notes e1.1.2 & Beta Hotfix

    • Pregnancy chance has been lowered.

    Thank God, my character just got married and already pregnant again
  6. Yiig

    A response to all the complaining about the recent economy changes

    Are you even try to play the game with the new changes? The economy is pretty much the same than before. I am getting +500 from tannery Workshops and 500-1000 from caravans. I have not Lost any single caravan in 150 days. Armors looks like are cheaper now, at least the chest piece. I am again rich at day +200 and have more money that I can spend. What are you really complaining about?

    Same. I have not used caravans yet but workshops seem to be producing about the same amount of cash. It might be they patched "outliers".
  7. Yiig

    Romance and Marriage is sad :(

    Yes, I don't like time limited, both for male and female.

    I kind of understand for females especially for establishing progeny. However, no reason you can't go in a village to save it (or raid it ^-^) and "adopt" somebody's now orphaned child. Fr male characters, makes no sense short of allowing enough time for a child to "grow up" so you can take over on next play-through if that is the plan. But damn, let an old man die happy (or sad, his choice) and continue to have kids as long as his Charm skill is still working. Seems plausible.
  8. Yiig

    A response to all the complaining about the recent economy changes

    It's not easy to please anyone as a developer. There are products I have followed for multiple years that are pretty ambitious that still see a long list of complaints. Particularly acknowledging and ignoring bugs for years on end. They address those bugs, that's pretty important. Maybe the economy changes were made so soon because they saw how easy on YT for instance, you can realistically breeze through the game with lots of cash. Maybe they think it will help people be more patient. Maybe it's just to give them some sort of baseline so they can further tune the other game if they are adding other features that work based on economic conditions. Don't know, just throwing that out there.

    I think no matter what order things are done, people are going to have their expectations shattered. Like, I expected a finished game after patch day 1. */s* Seriously, I've never played a Bannerlord-ish title. My husband and our buddies were excited for EA. I saw husband play, it looked fun, so I picked it up. Yeah we poke fun at some of the bugs and some of the odd glitches (The back and forth "Family Fued" between the same two people), but other than that, we've enjoyed it.

    I actually made a spreadsheet through my first play-through to give a crude idea for myself and friends of general prices so I could buy low, sell high. It also helped to pick up the map relatively quickly since I had almost no knowledge of prior lore/general geography.
  9. Yiig

    Romance and Marriage is sad :(

    As a player, you must marry by age 35 I had read for female chars (too late for me, I had to restart my last campaign :razz:). Anyway, if you happen to not talk to the person of interest for less than a day, they are "angry" with you for not talking to them recent enough. Which is kind of...
  10. Yiig

    Beta Branch e1.1.0

    Maybe when I restart a campaign I'll enable the beta... but would be so nice to be able to run these side-by-side. For now, my stuff hasn't snowballed and I'm just trying to "finish" my current campaign :/
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