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  1. Jozzzza

    Command wheel needs to be updated.

    Oookay, so nobody is saying anything.

    Does it mean you guys are not bothered with the current F key command mechanics??
  2. Jozzzza

    Command wheel needs to be updated.

    Hey! Are you tired of commanding troops with F Keys? So am I. Could we please get a possibility to press "remappable key in the settings" to open up a radial commands group circle, and then to be able to choose the specific command by moving your mouse Up, down, left, right.... at the command...
  3. Jozzzza

    4 Must implementations

    1 and 2 sounds great

    I hate 3. Too confusing, too much work. People don't seem to want to accept this but the core of Mount and Blade has always been fighting. Its just so fun and enjoyable. Adding these complications that are basically casus belli is just annoying and gets in the way of fun. All the extra stuff around that like assassinations is just too much Crusader Kings in my Mount and Blade. Let me fight whoever I want whenever I want. I'm not playing this game for a history lesson on medieval geopolitics.

  4. Jozzzza

    This mindless castle exchange

    Another option would be to add city-states (factions with a single town) to the game with very large garrison and high income (maybe those towns could have 4-5 villages bound to them) so that you can choose to challenge yourself by joining them as a vassal.

    Awesome idea!
    Maybe even have a special unit?
  5. Jozzzza

    About 1.2 combat AI

    I remember when I started a new game in 1.2.0 then eventually got knocked out mid-fight with some bandits and eventually my horseman and enemy foot infantry were 1 v 1 for like an hour and half.
    The horseman was just charging and missing most the part, other times the footman blocked all the spear hits lmao.

    But yeah, I saw that and was like what the hell, but still let the simulation(?) run just to see how long it takes.

    ONE HOUR AND 30 MIN, EPIC!!!!!!
  6. Jozzzza

    This mindless castle exchange

    Maybe a buff to siege defenders would make this whole thing more balanced?

    *Having a larger max garrison limit.
    *Increased possibilities to further reduce garrison wages.
    *Increased income from settlements. (Giving the siege a High-Risk = High Reward vibe)

    *Increased need for security in settlements.
    *Low security increasing the risk of rebellion at a greater rate. (To force the settlement's owner leaving more troops in garrison, possibly reducing snowballing)
    *Increased possibilities for Militia production (to cope with the settlement's need for security).

    *Increased construction times for Siege engines.
    *Increased possibilities for reducing Siege engine construction times. (Increasing the importance of Engineering skill. Possibly having to rework the perk tree)
    Increased possibilities for a settlement to receive food while under prolonged siege.

    This way the whole game in terms of conquering Calradia will slow down, giving a more in-depth meaning to Siege where you would have to think twice before trying to capture a settlement. (Hopefully the AI could be made to calculate better and not to suicide itself by entering 0-win-chance Siege).

    Also, to develop further.
    It would make it near-impossible to conquer the whole world in a lifespan of a single person, as it should be.
    But then again, imagine the system where one's offspring will get quicker learning rates for the skills their parents are good at. This would reduce the amount of attribute points needed for those skills for them, enabling them to MAX more skills.
    And lets say the great-grandson of a character X could end up being a near-maxed character, opening up so many possibilities for different playstyles and imaginations.

    Right now the problem with the game is, IT GETS BORING TOO QUICK!. From the moment you create your character, yea maybe you enjoy being a merchant,a blacksmith or a rogue raider for a short while, but then you get bored and start massing armies and conquering the world and that's when the game loses it's beauty. Yes you may enjoy the first sweet town you captured, but then it ends up being a massive grind, siege after siege, after siege, after siege. Both attacking and defending. During that phase of the game - Who cares about back alleys, Tournaments, caravans, workshops, or anything else at all?!

    So please, let's change that.

  7. Jozzzza

    Workshops what happen when

    So, if you use the warehouse system and you store inputs and take products to go sell high, will you gain trade skill for doing so? Or does it still deny you trade skill because you didn't "buy" the product?

    I've recently tried this, they unfortunately do not give xp, sad.
  8. Jozzzza


    In the 1.2.0 patch, whenever a new round in Tournament begins, all the AI is idling for couple seconds before doing anything. This gives me in ranged weapon rounds a massive advantage being able to throw / knock couple projectiles at the enemy before they even start moving. Yes I know I could be...
  9. Jozzzza

    Ambush Missions - It's a trap!

    So infinite siege ambush potentially ('til only you are left)? If there's no cost (ie hardwood) to continually build them besides time.

    I'm really liking the thought of Siege costing resources like HARDWOOD and TOOLS, perhaps even IRON, LEATHER and other.
    We have so many resources in the game, lets make a good use out of them rather than just trading objects.....

    To develop this idea even further, it opens up a whole new aspects to Smithing skill - What if you could actually smith AND CRAFT? parts for Siege equipment. For example, nails, brackets, axles, wheels, different reinforcements for rams and siege towers and so on. Maybe even being able to weave different sized baskets for my trebuchet to be able to fire More/Bigger stones with it. And being able to use Hides/Leather to make different straps for ballistas, bows and crossbows.

    Imagine, much like the current smithing UI, where you see the sword you're about to make, but instead see your Ram and choose with a slider how long of a Beam you want it to have. Oh let me make the longest and fattest beam possible since it will give me the most damage even though it slows down the ram quite a bit, but idc, I want DAMAGE!!!!!
    And since I'm already in the process of making a Fat boy Ram baby, let me add the reinforced steel head shaped as a ram the male sheep, or shaped as a dragon head, or shaped as... whatever I have unlocked.

    Oh, and speaking of unlocking parts for smithing, I don't wanna stay in a town for half a year smithing sword after sword after sword to unlock... MORE SWORDS!! damn, what a waste of my life. Besides unlocking parts by smithing relevant items, Please let me unlock smithing parts also by Raiding caravans and looting their resources and getting lucky by them having... an awesome blueprint in there. Or maybe I fight with an enemy lord who happens to have some blueprints too, which I can learn and then being able to craft that weapon part as long as I have the skill requirement to do so
    OR to make visiting towns more reasonable, you could walk the city streets, go to local blacksmith and pay him a big coin for him to teach you the making of it which takes you to a little minigame.

    In the minigame you are in front of a furnace and anvil, you need to add stuff in the furnace, pump the air blower, keep the right temperature, take the iron out at the right time depending on how it glows, start hammering it at the correct part of the anvil, correct amount of times, being able to use bigger/smaller hammers. All while doing so, you have little side bars in the UI guiding you the status of the object in making (resembling the blacksmith dude teaching you) And if you fail, you're gonna have to pay again.

    Obviously this requires a massive rework in the smithing skill, starting with mechanics, i.e being able to generate stamina whilst moving on the world map, much like health generation works. And completely reworking the perk tree.

    Maybe by implementing the idea of Smithing skill being used more for your own good, we could get rid of the fact that Smithing with it's current mechanics is a big exploit in the game, pretty much a money printing skill.

    Just my thoughts in this, feel free to judge and criticize!

  10. Jozzzza

    Ambush Missions - It's a trap!

    Yea I had it happened to me when I tried the ambush mission for the first time and after that I simply lost my castle bc it ran out of food causing the main part of the defences to simply starve lol.
    Never thought of that much until I read your thread and wow, it's just such a Taleworldsy thing to do if you think about it.
  11. Jozzzza

    What feature could Talesworld add to make bannerlord even better in your opinion ? No wrong answers

    I think Siege in general needs a lot of things to be reworked / added in order to not be hellishly repetitive and grindy.
    I made a thread about it, but nobody replied, maybe it's just me with silly ideas. But anyway I will copy paste a fraction of that thread over here.


    I just had to go and help defend my castle with my fresh party meant to be trained up. The castle had a nice garrison of 100+ khans defending it, but eventually they all died / got wounded to starvation whilst in my personal inventory, I had food for thousands of days causing me to lose the siege and getting taken as prisoner.

    Also, please correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't been in this situation a long time, but I'm pretty sure that while defending a town during a siege, you can't also access markets nor can't do ANY management in the garrison, for example, go to dungeon and recruit prisoners in the last hope of defending.

    I didn't live during middle ages, but I'm pretty sure people back then didn't just sit on the walls waiting for starvation or until enemy finally started to engage them, so I suggest some major updates in Siege:

    *Being able to contribute food!
    *Being able to access dungeons to recruit prisoners
    *Being able to change troops between garrison and your party as you would normally.
    *Being able to change governor. Perhaps in the time of siege you would want someone else as governor considering their perks.
    *Being able to access the settlement building menu and do some critical changes. Maybe during a siege you would like to cancel your Aqueducts construction, instead focus on granaries or getting more militia.
    *Add new construction called Secret Tunnels which, under a siege, enables you to receive secret food deliveries from bound villages, as long as they haven't been raided. (Ideally that would be a little mission style feature, like sallying out or ambush. But a simple +X amount of food to settlement supply per Secret Tunnels level would work too)

    *Bonus idea: Can we also be able to "Take a walk in the settlement" during a siege just for the sake of immersion. To be able to go on the walls and see massive enemy siege camps with all the torches outside your settlement during a night, or your own settlement's streets all barricaded, night guards patrolling the walls..... That is a dream!
  12. Jozzzza

    1.2 - party expenses doubled when i bought 2nd workshop - why? Also - can't see expenses detailed...

    Maybe your workshop is not making profit? This happens sometimes and then money gets deducted from your treasury.
    You can check that if you open up clan page by pressing L ingame, choose the tab where u see your workshops and see if the workshop is making profit or not.
  13. Jozzzza

    Siege needs to be updated!

    Hi! Isn't it a bit silly that you can't manage or do any activities in your settlement while it's under a siege? All you can do is starve and wait for the engagement. I just had to go and help defend my castle with my fresh party meant to be trained up. The castle had a nice garrison of 100+...
  14. Jozzzza

    Improvements to Physical Character Creation?

    I was thinking the same thing just as I created a new game for 1.2.0

    Maybe we could have hair/facial hair creation in the same way as the face. You have the different hairstyles PLUS then you could change the little details with sliders. Such as the length, thickness, and many more.

    This way you could have pretty much indefinite variety of hairstyles which the automatic generation of NPC's could use making the characters in game look much more diverse, not only having 10 or so types of hair / facial hair.

    Just my thoughts in this.
  15. Jozzzza

    Single Warmup spawn

    Hi! Can we please get only 1 warmup spawn instead of spawning throughout the map. Right now it's ridiculous to spawn all around the map, makes it hard to find enemies.
  16. Jozzzza

    MP Auto connect when free player slot

    Summary: Can we please finally get a Tickbox option to be able to auto connect to specific server when a player slot becomes free. It is so frustrating to manually click connect and hope for a free spot... How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs...
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