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    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    TheFlyingFishy said:
    Actually, yes. From what I read the **** stain was a competitor in the tournament and had just been eliminated before he opened fire.

    The US holds some very interesting phenomena.
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    Yarn of insignificant questions

    célibataire volontaire macroniste said:
    Oh Allah!
    You just reminded me how I was watching a movie about Friday Kahlo (Kalho? Khalo?)
    The movie was in English, but they randomly added bits in Spanish.
    Hello Pedro, how's your mujer? Ahhh she is a puta xD!
    There's also a movie based on a book by Garcia Marquez and they do the same ****. people on the street all speak Spanish, but the main characters speak English. But they are not English or American or whatever in the film.

    There's a famous soap opera writer in Brazil that likes to give foreign themes for her soap opearas, so some have Turkish, Greek, Lebanese, Indian, etc... characters, all of which can communicate perfectly with the Brazilian characters for some reason except some interjections and little expressions in some of their languages and sometimes a really bad fake accent. I find it completely infuriating and cringeworthy.
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    General History Questions thread

    Wulfburk said:
    Most likely the regional powerbase wanted to keep their powers and so were against anything that went against that, such as a united spanish south america. Bolivar wanted a united league of some sorts but he didnt manage it.

    In brazil it was different because of how the independence came to occur. It happened earlier than having all these separate regions boiling for independence with success. Those independency movements before the actual independence all failed quite rapidly. So when we actually got the independence it was something pushed down from Rio, not the other way around.

    Even so there could have been quite a few more nations in brazil if it wasnt for Dom Pedro II the god Emperor or the Duke of Caxias, praetorian of Rio.

    But we had several independence movements in the 19th century, literally the only thing that kept the kingdom together was the army killing the separatists.
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    Upcoming games you nitpicky ****bags look forward to ***** about in the future.

    Scuba Steve said:
    Never hype. Hype only causes disappointment later.

    Words to live by. What often disappoints me in game is that you have these starting quests that are all fleshed out and ****, but the actual meat of the gameplay is boring and unidimensional. Take the citadel quest in the first Mass Effect, you have a couple of different ways of finishing it, you can go to the broker, you can talk to wrex or you can talk to harkin instead, you can go to the clinic or not, etc... But most of the quests just have a completely linear progression with a big choice at the end, and most of the subquests are simply "go to place, kill things inside". Even worse, in Fable, the first quest has a lot of stuff you can do, moral choices that are more interesting than anything the game has to offer with its dumb play (which I love). That's a reason I'm always skeptical about game footage, it's easy to do one cool quest with multilayered plots and differing solutions and outcome, but can the game consistently deliver the same quality of quests in the following hours of play? I tend to think most don't.
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    Dating Thread, v. II

    Big Bad Pent said:
    My kind of ex started messaging me recently and she says she's having relationship troubles and she also asked if I had "had feelings" for her and it's kinda weird. I don't know what the right course of action is here, although I'm fond of the idea of not thinking about it at all. That's always a good option.

    Oh man, I'd ****ing kill for this to happen to me. Losing my ex was literally the dumbest **** I've ever done in my short life.
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    What made you happy today?

    Five reais is enough to buy a 250ml cup of guaraná and six little packages of peanuts in the train in Rio. Alternatively, you could change those six peanut thingies for a sweet or a bootleg copy of potato chips or other types of brazilian junk food, they evel sell fried cow skin in the train, which goes for 2 reais. People who were born in the 90's still remember fondly how you could buy guaraná for just one real, with the price having doubled in the last twenty years, that, friends, is the real tragedy of Brazil.
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    Yarn of insignificant questions

    :lol: I see absolutely no issue in either of those goals. I really can't see what's shallow or bad about any of that.
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    Dating Thread, v. II

    Bromden said:
    Who cares what someone who doesn't hate women would do anyways?

    Someone who wants to attract women, presumably. I could say kurczak is exaggerating, but I've seen enough cases of men being absolutely, grotesquely inappropriate to women to know that there's a lot of dudes out there who really don't get this. I weep for the state of humanity.
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    Yarn of insignificant questions

    Bromden said:
    Yes, it's a matter of choice. But if you choose vanity as the main purpose, you are shallow as ****.

    Hey, I never disputed that :razz:

    But speaking of that I go to the gym because I want to be physically strong too, not just better looking.
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    What's on your mind?

    I never got this "sunny days are good to exercise" thing. Sunny days are the absolute worst to exercise, the only possible thing that's worse is rain, cause rain is uncomfortable. But seriously, sunny days are ****ing painful and the Sun saps all of my energies, on sunny days all I want to do is lie down in front of a fan and pretend I don't exist. Days that are on the colder side are much better to go out to.
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    Main Thread - 3.0 released!

    Download link seems to be broken. Probably an issue on my part, I think.
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    Dating Thread, v. II

    I'd like that.
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    What pissed you off today? v. VI

    Cyborg Eastern European said:
    Then again, maybe he's just smart enough to keep the kitten torture dungeon under wraps.

    If he had a kitten dungeon it would have flooded and he would have to swim down and get every single implement one by one because the passage isn't wide enough... or something...
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    Dating Thread, v. II

    Cpt. Nemo said:
    And a discord, as well.

    There is?
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    What pissed you off today? v. VI

    Farcdahaterz69 said:
    Man, your life and job sounds like a constant odyssey of pain and adversity. You're a good guy.

    This is true. It was true years ago from when I last remember Shatari and it's still true today.
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    Yarn of insignificant questions

    Can't you just be glad people are happy?
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    Dating Thread, v. II

    Bunny Cookie Canada said:
    I got a match with some presumable Turk chick named Cigdem, 7943 kilometers away. Luckily my penis is slightly longer than that so no problem.

    cigdem titties
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    What pissed you off today? v. VI

    Duh said:
    The strong identification and link that some turkish germans share with Turkey can be concerning because a) turkish politicians have been calling on them to get involved in german (and european) politics to pursue turkish state interests b) the conflicts within turkey affect the minority here quite strongly and have led to violent clashes in germany and c) the turkish state, the ditib network and local volunteers have quite likely spied (and may still be spying) on those turkish german citizens that are considered problematic to the turkish state.

    I see, then there's an actual cause for concern. What are these pro-Turkey politics, in this case?
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    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    The only of those sources I previously know is the Heritage Foundation and it has laughable work like their economic freedom index that places interventionist governments above free market ones if they're more developed, to fit a narrative that Europe is a free-market haven whe it's anything but.
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    What pissed you off today? v. VI

    kurczak said:

    Our German community was quite pro-nazi in WW2, one of the reasons Mengele came here after the war. Nobody was bothered by it, even if Brazil was forced to enter the war against the Axis.
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