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  1. SuperPantMan

    What is annoying in Bannerlord in july 2022?

    Aside from the kingdom bugs and the things already mentioned they have never addressed from day one how punishing the game is when you lose a battle or a siege. I know save scumming will always exist but you would never be able to complete this game without save scumming. You always want to feel like you're moving forward in the game and losing a battle feels like you're going backwards. It doesn't have to be hyper realistic, I know rewarding the player for losing seems illogical but its a game and the more you save scum the more boring Bannerlord becomes as you repeat the same actions again and again. Just a few suggestions for what can happen after a loss:

    1) Options to negotiate your release, potential offers to join other kingdoms if you're captured by someone who is merciful or the option to just release you for nothing if you have good charm or relations with your captor.
    2) Ability to form an escape, this could be in the form of a quest.
    3) Don't lose all your companions and family
    4) Roguery could influence whether you will definitely be captured or whether you can escape the battle without capture (perhaps with some of your wounded troops)
    5) Some bonuses to playing ironman mode, steam achievements or multiplayer rewards or even ingame bonuses like starting with more SP.

    Getting captured/losing should provide you with ways to gain lots of SP and potentially new opportunities and rewards so that I actually WANT to play it out or at least don't hate playing it out.
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