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  1. SuperCrumpets

    Some thoughts on why i think bannerlord should become VR compatible

    I actually couldn't care less for Bannerlord VR even tho I have a HTC Vive cosmos. It's not the right type of game if you ask me.

    you wot m8, bannerlord is the perfect kind of game for VR.
  2. SuperCrumpets

    Sp movement creepily fast

    they could also make athletics increase acceleration instead of just speed itself
  3. SuperCrumpets

    Dear Taleworlds, Is there any way you can remove the 2048 unit cap on battle size for the game?

    it would be nice for 10yrs from now when we're all waiting for Mount and blade 3 with PCs 5x or more better than current hardware
  4. SuperCrumpets

    Someone finally managed to put Bannerlord in the right direction!

    we just need the ability to play as our whole family and freely swap characters like the outdated clan control mod
  5. SuperCrumpets


    no they should redesign the bad leveling mechanics and remove the forced minmaxing in the first place.
  6. SuperCrumpets

    SP - General Remote Commanding

    The difference there is that you've fully become that character then. You're basically supposing that you should be able to play multiple characters at once.

    And that would be even better
  7. SuperCrumpets

    Leveling and why it sucks

    If anything, Attributes should have a greater influence on learning rate (it's currently much less per point than per focus point), and/or limit how many focus points you can assign - for example, if you have Intelligence 1, you can't assign 5 focus points (more like Warband).

    Why though?
    Attributes dont need to exist because you have 2 mechanics doing the same thing, no one would notice a meaningful difference if they were deleted next patch and numbers tweaked to be the same as with them.

    In warband it actually would matter since they were designed and implemented alot better and actually did something.
    Though they were still flawed even then since they forced only 2 major character types with anything else just being a hybrid compromise.
    One being make your character as strong as possible with max str+agi able to solo armies and having party skills at 10 with companions.
    The other being int cha build with 14/10+4 bonus from your char having party skills and then just have a bigger army thanks to leadership to make up for having a weak combat character.

    Trading and smithing don't particularly fit together. One is buying and selling for a profit, the other is making stuff - and selling crafted stuff doesn't touch trade at all, as you didn't buy it so don't 'profit'. But people take this too literally (and over-emphasise the learning rate slowdown). But fundamentally, it's not very different to how it was done in Warband either, with skills limited to a proportion of the value of an attribute.

    It does lol, i just tested it on a new character with the console command and no perks and the difference between trade 1 and 300 gave me about 30% more profit for the first 1h sword you can craft. 196vs254/275/351 with appraiser perk and both appraiser/artisan smith.

    Trade skill reduces the price modifier penalty and works just like warband, youre thinking of the specific way you get xp for trading.
    which is another problem i have with bannerlord, I love that you can get xp without having to grind battles or quests and get quest/kill/partysharexp but now you have to grind even harder if you just want to increase 1 specific skill since there arent enough ways of increasing them now that you cant put xp into any skill you want anymore.
  8. SuperCrumpets

    Leveling and why it sucks

    rpg mechanics in bannerlord are so badly designed they actively annoy me.
    Attributes only increase learning limit which is already done by focus points, basically doing nothing except artificially limiting what skills you can choose to increase together for synergy.
    trade + smithing as an example, these 2 skills logically fit together. make stuff and use trade to sell for higher profit but being put under different attributes means it costs more points to max them both.

    they literally have no reason to exist as a mechanic and the devs could just delete them and increase max FP to 8 or make each FP give more limit.

    Then theres the perks, it feels like theres too many of them, most feel either like filler with too small bonuses to care or just disable features artificially like buying settlements.
    more importantly they cost nothing and you dont get to choose your own, youre forced to choose between 2 perks you dont really care about that are chosen for you and are mutually exclusive. what if i want my character to be a specialist in 1 skill and have both at the cost of being alot worse at everything else?

    What id do is completely untie skills from attributes and just have 8FP instead of 5 then remove perks from skills and tie them to attributes instead so you can basically focus in any combination of skills you want without any arbitrary restrictions while making attributes basically like the special stats of fallout.
    every level up you get to pick 1 perk and every attribute increase unlocks better perks making leveling actually feel rewarding instead of a punishing grind for a meaningless increase to a skill and a perk that doesnt do enough to care except for a few that do too much to the point you feel pressured to grind for in the first place.
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