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  1. Ferix

    What isn't being included in the early access exactly?

    I wonder about seasons. I remember beeing told it wouldn't be in the game right away.
  2. Ferix

    Jómsvíkingar [Víkingar based Warband]

    Glad to have you with us Végærð :grin:
  3. Ferix

    Jómsvíkingar [Víkingar based Warband]

    Thanks mate :grin:
  4. Ferix

    Jómsvíkingar [Víkingar based Warband]

    I got to go to work on the coming Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, But Friday is the one that suits me best.  :smile:
    It depends on when we are planning these sessions though, after 17:00?
  5. Ferix

    Jómsvíkingar [Víkingar based Warband]

    I too think we should have some occasional training, the question still is then, how often?
  6. Ferix

    Jómsvíkingar [Víkingar based Warband]

    1. were are you from? Middle Norway (Trønderlag)

    2. how much will you be able to play (how many times a week) Uncertain, Definitely most days a week, will surely be able to meet whatever demand there should be to activity

    3. how long have you played vikingr/warband? I am relatively new to the Vikingr-mod, and look forward to playing it

    4. what does you're name wanna be ? (historical old Norse viking name) Orvar Erikson, Orvar was a random generated name, and my name is Erik irl so.. you have a mic and teamspeak 3 ? (we have a ts3 channel)  I do have a microphone, and teamspeak, even though i haven't made much use of it before..

    6. will you respect our member as you're brothers? Yes, I try to always play nice, and to have a positive attitude towards other players, And will stand trustworthy by my shieldbrothers. will stand trustworthy by my shieldbrothers.
  7. Ferix

    The Shieldings: Sister Clan to the Einhärjar Clan (Recruitment Opened)

    NaglFaar said:
    He's right. It does look like a penis. If you ever get a chance to look at a Euro you can see that Scandinavia look like male genitals.

    But of course.
    After all, we áre the balls of Europe
  8. Ferix

    The Shieldings: Sister Clan to the Einhärjar Clan (Recruitment Opened)

    Hi i wanna apply to be in The Shieldings,

    Age: 16 Years old
    Beta: yes, I'm in the beta
    Online Name: ErikFess
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