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  1. CesareBorgia

    I can't do it. Combat is too wierd

    +1 OP, this needs to be fixed.
  2. CesareBorgia

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    I just came back on the forum to see if any change happened to make the MP better. It doesn't seem that's the case.
    Are there any players left in MP ?
  3. CesareBorgia

    Siege - Warm Up Is Only Ending At 60/60

    No, you'll have to play the somehow ****tier version of TDM for 15 minutes before every siege and you'll like it.
    Not to mention the game will often crash before siege actually happens.
  4. CesareBorgia

    La Taverne : "Du rhum, des femmes, de la bière nom de Dieu..."

    Bannerlord est probablement le jeu le plus populaire de la série, mais ce n'est pas les gens du forum qui vont en discuter avec enthousiasme. Effectivement, on est pris dans notre élitisme, nos grand standards et notre superficialité. On est tout simplement trop bon pour aimer ce jeu.
    Sans parler d'élitisme, il y a largement de quoi être déçu, au moins en ce qui concerne le multi (système de classe décrié, combat pété par bien des aspects, équilibrage approximatif, serveurs pourris) qui par conséquent se vide.
    Le solo, j'y ai passé 200 heures avant d'arrêter, trop de choses manquantes notamment au niveau diplomatie (je crois que ça a un peu évolué depuis). Je reprendrai quand il y aura eu de grosses avancées.
  5. CesareBorgia

    RIP MP

    Personally i think the only way bannerlord gets populated again is with private servers with mods fixing the game for them, they mayaswell stop making mp content and put focus on server files as that is what every veteran and clan over the years is waiting for, new players will not enjoy this current state of the game.
  6. CesareBorgia

    RIP MP

    I completely disagree Younes. The issue is because the player base is split across multiple beta versions right now - I haven't touched MP recently not because I don't want to but because as I'm in 1.4.1 I can't play on the 1.4.0 servers.
    That's not a good point. We had a lot more players some weeks ago, even with multiple branchs already there. MP is just dying because the combat is bad, the class system is bad and servers are trash. Just playing MP is enough to see it. Every time you join a siege, there are some people already saying "hey guys, you ready to crash ?", "crash in 3,2,1...", etc. The bad shape of MP is on its way to become a meme.

    edit : but it stays dumb to divide the MP across multiple branches, i'll give you that, it's just not the main reason MP is empty.
  7. CesareBorgia

    RIP MP

    its fixed now
    The class system ?! Hurray !
  8. CesareBorgia

    Create Server feature help

    Well, that's disappointing.
  9. CesareBorgia

    Remove tdm_map_001_spring

    I'd juste like real new maps.
    And not always playing one or two of them.
  10. CesareBorgia

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    Is it too late to go closed beta again for MP ? Its current state is quite embarassing right now.
  11. CesareBorgia

    WHY is the class system staying?

    The FACT here Younes is that you, among many others here, are far too blinded by your love for Warband. And it's normal and nobody holds that against you, especially not the devs. Just trust in TW.
    I didn't play MP on warband, you don't have to be some warband veteran to dislike the current class system.
  12. CesareBorgia

    WHY is the class system staying?

    This message just to say that i'm part of the "tiny minority" that hates the class system, too.
  13. CesareBorgia

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    I don't get why there is so few maps played in TDM.
  14. CesareBorgia

    Massive issue ruining seige servers and driving away players

    server empty now :sad: that was soul crushing
    Yeah, it's a real problem. Not enough players to play most of the time.
  15. CesareBorgia

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    I'd love to play siege but lately there isn't enough players to do so most of the time. I hope you'll find a way to make everyone come back, somehow.
  16. CesareBorgia

    Happens to me all the time !

    Happens to me all the time !
  17. CesareBorgia

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    You really need to fix this server's problem, crashing at the end of the game gets really frustrating.
  18. CesareBorgia

    Kick par l'anti cheat

    Merci, si les serveurs veulent bien s'arrêter de planter... (deuxième siège ce soir qui crashe alors qu'on cap G)
  19. CesareBorgia

    Kick par l'anti cheat

    J'avais le même problème parce que je n'avais pas installé BattlEye.
    Maintenant, c'est obligatoire pour jouer en matchmaking ou en custom.
    Il est installé chez toi ?
  20. CesareBorgia

    Multiplayer is dying.

    Hello, how long did it take to open a game after it passed 60 players?
    I'd say at least 10 minutes.
    Also, the game just crashed on the very last point, during said game.
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