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    Calradian Demographic History Summarised — Expanded Map, Speculation, and Ideas

    Interesting. I'm glad you did the entire map and not only the playable section of it. Nice!I must point out just a few small inaccuracies:

    Aserai expansion started from Hubyar. The clan of Banu Asera in fact it is of Darshi origin or at least a Darshi-Nahasan mix, but not purely Nahasan.

    Considering the expansion of the Empire of Alixenus towards the Darshi Empire and the lands of Lokti, makes sense to point out ethiopians/cuchites as the inhabitants of the lands southeast of the Jabal Ashabi Mountains, but on the west coast, where you point the paleo-atlantic peoples, that could also be proto-vlandians and/or proto-larechians. Based purely on content removed from the game, I took the liberty to assume that Kingdom of Larechia rule those territories (c. 1257).

    Following this layout, knowing that Albion is nearby Larechia, the larechians could be cousins of the balionese or even something like the bretons. Knowing that, I don't think the mandigos are well positioned there, they could be positioned below or east of the nilotic peoples.
  2. Estus

    The Ancient Tribes of Calradia and Their Connection to Iron and Bronze Age Europe

    I've just finished my article studying the scarce lore of the Mount & Blade series and published it using Google Docs, here it is: The Ancient Tribes of Calradia and Their Connection to Iron and Bronze Age Europe
  3. Estus

    2000 to 0 BE - Timelapse of Calradia (WIP)

    Just a few notes about the first year of the Calradic Empire.

    Myzea kept its independence until 100 AE, where it would join the Empire diplomatically and peacefully.

    I took the liberty to assume that both Askar and Razih were governed by Shahs, since those where ancient cities long conquered by the darshi. Although it is also possible that the nahasi would assume those cities after breaking down from the Darshi Empire (then crippled by the calradians), meaning that they could be Sultanates and not exactly Shahdoms.

    The city of Husn Fulq could be an independent state, it's just hard to know exactly when Husn Fulq became actually Husn Fulq.

    The swadic tribes at the time didn't had a centralized government as shown in the image, I just drew the borders to highlight them.

  4. Estus

    2000 to 0 BE - Timelapse of Calradia (WIP)

    I started making this timelapse couple months ago and right now this is a mere glimpse of what's done. The low-quality .GIF below shows only part of the progress and the history surrounding Calradia from 2000 years Before the Empire until the year 1. The plan is finish it on 1257 AE, the...
  5. Estus

    Complete History of Battania! - Lore overview

    Took me a while to get this video done, but here it is :grin:
  6. Estus

    Map of the Primitive Tribes of Calradia

    Inspired primarily by D.Philostrate in 2021, I supplemented his research with some information pertinent to the primitive tribes that inhabited Calradia around 750 BE. It is worth noting that the names of the tribes are highlighted on the map, varying between three different colors. White is...
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