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  1. Wursti


    Na its just some ukrainian from NW, Obelix's english is better

    But I still can't understand that people actually defend him just because it didn't happen to themself yet. We literally just wanted to warn you about him but if you don't want to realize it or think that Obelix is telling the truth you got to learn the hard way and nobody can help you
  2. Wursti


    Can confirm

    He also threatened me in the FSE shoutbox today
  3. Wursti

    [EU/NA]Oasis Hosting - Biggest Mount & Blade Warband Server Host! - 15% off

    Captain Connner said:
    Payment methods like credit card, bank transfer and paysafe will be available when version 3 of our control panel launches.

    Is there any kind of ETA? :grin: looking forward to this
  4. Wursti

    OSP Code MP Whitelist system

    10/10 gute Ware 


    10/10 good stuff
  5. Wursti

    [UPDATED]Wanted - We want you!!![Need modelers]

    Sherlock Holmes said:,12250.0.html
    No Spam
    Spam clogs up the forum, makes relevant and accurate information harder to find and causes the forum to slow down for everybody. The definition of ‘spam’ includes, but is not limited to, the following actions:

    Posting twice with the same sentence or similar ideas — please condense these into one post
    Multi-posting — if you need to add something, and yours was the last post in the thread, edit your last post instead of adding a new one
    “Meme” images — especially when not accompanied by text
    Posting the same thing across multiple boards, whether this is the same topic across multiple boards, or the same reply across multiple threads
    Quote pyramids — quotes imbedded within quotes which serve no purpose

    It is better to post quality rather than quantity. There's an old saying that empty vessels make the most noise. A few well thought out, intelligent posts will do you far more good in the long term than a host of poorly worded posts. A high post count will not confer any special status on you — your fellow members will judge you by the quality of your posts rather than quantity. You will find the infrequent but intelligent posters are often accorded a lot more respect that those with higher post counts but little actual content. The best posts are those which provide something to discuss or add to a debate.

    so 1 post per week in the thread is spam? alright
  6. Wursti

    [UPDATED]Wanted - We want you!!![Need modelers]

    protato said:
    Actually you have 6 people in the dev team. Ive been in the dev team since the start, obviously this is pointing out bad communication within the team.

    Since when are YOU in the Dev Team? I dont even have your Steam or anything lol

    Lol Proton. Never realized it cuz I always thought you just ignore me :grin:
  7. Wursti

    SP Medieval [WB] The Liberation - Georgian XI Century Mod

    I really hate the fcking Bannerlord Release...
  8. Wursti

    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    domipoppe said:
    Wursti said:
    Does anyone know anything about a looting system for Multiplayer? Or could help me with that?

    What do you mean, there is no standard looting system. If you want one you have to script it.
    -> Percentage of looting
    -> Get random loot
    -> give it to the player / players inventory

    Of course it needs backend .php scripts if you want to create something like an "inventory".

    Yeah expected that :c
  9. Wursti

    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Does anyone know anything about a looting system for Multiplayer? Or could help me with that?
  10. Wursti

    OSP Kit MP Arch3r OS: Invasion mode - New expanded code being developed

    Ah okay, guess its easy to change the wave system anyways if you can just likely copy & paste
  11. Wursti

    Looking for Modders/Mappers/Web-Developers

    Bump, still crying cuz the_dragon  :cry:
  12. Wursti

    MP Info Module System Warband Modding: Server and Client Events

    Helped really much. I recommend it :smile:
  13. Wursti

    Looking for Modders/Mappers/Web-Developers

    The_dragon said:
    Namakan said:
    Wait, are working on a server-side-mod or on a "full mod"?

    Stop making me cri everidai :sad:
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