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  1. lukkyb

    1.2.7 Battle initial deployment distance is too long sometimes (400/500+ feet/meter?)

    From a histroical stand point (yes i know this game ist 100% realistic) you wouldnt want to set up your men within enemy engagement range. most historic feild battles (sieges differ) this was the case. (Agincourt the french had to march to the english lines and the english long bows werent in range untill the french did start to aproach)

    it also gives you time to move men about if needed if say you find a better spot than where your men spawn.

    For why the enemy runs away it occurs if they are the defender and mostly when outnumbered and its usually the AI moving to a hill or better postion to defend due to being out numbered (a hill allows there archers to shoot your men longer due to being able to loose arrows futher than you can) a hill also makes a cavarly charge not as effective due to the horses being slowed on a hill
  2. lukkyb

    Siege towers destroyed before reaching walls

    True but if i wait to long a friendly AI army shows up and just takes over control of the siege and i cant then decide when to engage
  3. lukkyb

    Siege towers destroyed before reaching walls

    How do i deal with this as it seems its just better to not bring any siege towers along as they just get destroyed before they reach the walls? I have resorted to just having a ram and the two ladder points as it seems to work better
  4. lukkyb

    Revert back to the Warband System for Formations/Unit Assignments

    yeah as said above i like the newer system but could do with some tweaks like more control over filters for formations (i want an easier way to make a block of just twohander inf)
  5. lukkyb

    How can castles be made important in your opinion?

    they also need to make the penalties for owning a castle or town of another culture less as - 3 loyalty a day from diffrent culture is to much. it also means you cant build anything as you have to sit the town or castle on festivail and games to try and negate it
  6. lukkyb

    Any plan to update the banner editor?

    Currently and since Early acsess the banner editor ingame is rather limited (two colours and one design pattern) you cant do things like half and half and such or even have mutiple designs on there. could it either be changed so that this is the case where we have more freedom in the banners...
  7. lukkyb

    There should be so many more banners per unit on the battlefield compared to what can be seen in Gamescom gameplay footages

    So as someone who is part of a 12th century medieval reenactment group banners have a few uses

    mostly they are to show which lords and knights retinues who is on which side so as an example lord bigpants has a pink banner which i know is on my side while lord small pants has a red banner so is my enemy (banners could have similar colours on both sides which is where the desgins on them come into play but for this example im keeping it simple) this is then used as a rally point for that lord or knights men if the battle lines break and need to reform.

    lots of infantry and mounted soliders would have things called pennons on spears or lances (small banners) which again would coninside with there lord or knights heraldic banner. but a lord may only have a few main banners (usually a huge battle standerd to show who he is) and some smaller ensigns for if he has alot of men and wants to spread them out but allow them to find eachother again but you wouldnt have many of these.

    also something to remember is in the period bannerlord is set there is little to no plate armour so sheilds are still the main defenceive weapon and all of them would be painted in the lords colours to show who you were with. which also means you dont need as many banners

    so i think having the lords battle standered in game and maybe 1 or two banners per numberd unit in game would be about right but have lots of pennons and such dotted about
  8. lukkyb

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    Plenty more examples of this in that text. The highest quality mail armour with padding beneath it was considered almost arrow-proof. I think it's very reasonable, considering that, and especially gameplay balance to make this game have some semblance of tactical variety, to ask for arrows to take more hits to kill.

    I would like to build a balanced army and know that I'm not gimping myself compared to just spamming Fian Champions or Khan's Guard. Until armour is fixed, they will continue to be the best choice in the game by a long shot.
    yeah unless the archers were all using needle bodkins (which i dont belive exist in game) then arrows agaisnt maille will do very little even agaisnt a simple gambeson/aketon an arrow may penertrate but not kill the guy behind.

    what should be the case is that heavy armoured troops like seargants and heavy axemen should be able to take alot of punishmnet and deal it back as well while lighter troops should have the threat of archers still as they dont have that protection.

    this would encoruage you to have some elite troops (which could be made more expensive due to them being tankier) and the rest of the army be lighter cheaper troops who are your bread and butter.

    another thing to consider is that crossbows should be deadlyish as you could get really high poundage compared to a bow from one and they reqiured less training to use
  9. lukkyb

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    I'm about 40 days in a new game and encountered a Sea Rider incursion

    Not sure if this is intended or a bug. Those guys simply appeared after my return from Car Banseth back to Ocs Hall.
    ive noticed that when you destory a camp all the bandits near by will move to the new one that appears havent followed one fully yet though as they ussually swarm me before i can follow them fully
  10. lukkyb

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    @Terco_Viejo ive heard bannerlord runs better on Windows vista so maybe try that
  11. lukkyb

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    Anyone found that option to disable / enable death and birth? I created few chars and in no case i was able to find that option whether in sandbox or campaign case.
    its now a new module for some reason that needs to be turned on before game start which will allow the options to be selected
  12. lukkyb

    Resolved 1.8.0 After a battle and once past the Loot stage screen is black (but has UI on it) for 5 seconds

    Summary: After battles my screen is black but has the Ui on the bottem of the screen with pasued written there for like 5 seconds How to Reproduce: finish a battle and exit the loot stage Have you used cheats and if so which: no Media (Screenshots & Video):
  13. lukkyb

    Resolved Castle has an invisble wall at top of stairs

    Summary: Gaos Castle has a stairway on the right side (defenders viewpoint) where troops get stuck on an invicible wall How to Reproduce:Go to the stairs and walk at it Have you used cheats and if so which: Nope Scene Name (if related): Gaos Castle Media (Screenshots & Video): Can be done not...
  14. lukkyb

    What Realistic Changes Could be Made to Make 'Late Game' Less of a Dumpster Fire?

    Make the NPC lords have to do things *this means moving on the map spending time TW* and have real consequences *this means loosing something TW* for not doing them. If I hunt down an entire faction and carry them around in my prisoners for 5+ years they still have their fief in tact and plenty of money, they even get married and hire mercs while everyone's poisoner. It's so fake and cheaty ?️‍??‍♂️:poop:! They should be having rebellions everywhere, no tax payment from any thing, having absolute no money or man power if they're all in prison for too long. I want to see them completely ruined and unable to function being caught by looter as soon they spawn in thier ruined territory.
    And absolutely nothing should happen for the AI npcs without them spending time and money, no remote hiring mercs or marriages or vassals changing faction.

    Giving the AI endless cheat Band-Aids to prevent snowballing and pad the game is the worst change they've made.
    TW promoted the game saying "NPC will behave just like the player" but then they actually made it much worse the warband, because in warband ruined lords would GO AWAY and some lord would volunteer to join you, neither happen in Bannerlord.

    If you want the AI to be more challenging actually program them to be able to use good tactics and strategy.
    If you want the game to last longer add more content.
    DON'T just make the AI not use any of the game mechanics and have a pile of cheats, that goes against the whole point of playing a game like this.
    while i agree with this it shouldnt be so bad that an empire can be crippled the whole game by sending them into an economic death spiral they should while at peace and as you said with a bit of time be able to fix most of the rebellion issues and money issues.

    im not saying they should be as strong as before but it shouldnt be one good war and bam that faction is out game over otherwise we have snowball 2.0
  15. lukkyb

    I Wonder if Every Castle Will Actually Be Unique?

    Castles I don't think so, I think they might've already ditched that idea even before ditching the village management. Thing is, it's no longer just one scene, it's 3 scenes per settlement (one per tier). They might introduce variations of generic castle maps, but I really doubt we're gonna see unique castles. Unique towns are another story, they're sort of starting off there
    i do belive they have added some unique castle scene already (i could be wrong)
  16. lukkyb

    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.1

    Ok, just did a few more sieges.

    1. You no longer have time to starve out a garrison.
    2. You no longer have time to destroy walls.
    3. You no longer have time to clear off all ballistas from the walls.

    Please, please, TaleWorlds revert that change. Let us add influence and cohesion to our armies during sieges.
    it says only disabled kigdom and clan screen so cant you still open the army screen to add infulance?
  17. lukkyb

    Anyone else feel onagers seem to snipe there ram

    Like in most of the sieges ive done recently i have had to fight enemy castles with onagers which in its self isnt an issue mu issue though is in 9/10 of those sieges one of the onagers (dosent matter if theres all 4 or just one) will snipe my ram and destory it which means i then only have...
  18. lukkyb

    In Progress Did a capture settlement quest but it failed even though i won and captured the castle

    It would be great if you could send us the save file before the fight begins.
    that should be done now
  19. lukkyb

    Patch Notes e1.7.0

    Is anyone else is experiencing an issue after the update, that when in siege battle on the defending side, after putting groups of troops on particular spots (the walls) and starting the battle they move to wherever they feel like instead of standing where I put them?
    The "delegate command" option is toggled off
    Also pausing the battle and alt+tabing the game, causes the game to unpause even though its running in the background.
    yeah sieges are kind of weird in that the AI auto takes over even if commanders take over is off

    however there is some good to it when defending as you cant be everywhere at once and trying to know if a wall has fallen and needs troops is diffucult when you dont have a birdseye view of the battle while the AI commanders will move more men to a wall that has a siege tower or rasied ladders

    i would however like more control over what happens though
  20. lukkyb

    In Progress Did a capture settlement quest but it failed even though i won and captured the castle

    Summary: I was sent by King derthert to capture a castle via a quest so it marks on the map where the castle is so i raise an army and go siege it however the defenders retreat to the keep (didnt happen the first time but reloaded the save due to being annoyed at not completeing the quest)...
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