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  1. Has anyone seen any Rhomphaia or Noble Bows for sale in 1.4.3?

    Why can't we get the generals gear when we take them prisoner? Maybe one piece each victory. I have never seen that bow or decent gear. I know that I can make a javelin and sell it for an unreasonable amount of money. I make 2 handed swords and polearms that sell for 70-120k. I make money as a smith first thing and that way i never have issues with money in the game. The only issue is selling them
  2. Villages not burned down

    This needs to happen for sure!
    I am so frustrated with having everyone try and raid my villages connected to my town and there is no punishment for that. I do not raid villages as I want to help the common man. I get enough joy from destroying armies on the field. I think if a general raids villages then after so many, execution should not generate penalties. Or make them more cruel or bad rep to keep them in check somehow. I get it, they are scared of losing as i have defeated them over and over. I took their town, because even with over 6k prisoners I can't build my own!!!! I should be able to buy a castle or land. I make 117k off of one pike or 87k off of a javelin. I'd like to make a bow or armor as well or find a way to enjoy the game as a merchant or workshop lord.
  3. Is it worth coming back to the game after two months?(SP)

    I think the comment of a battle generator is on point. I'm looking for more of a sim and not sure if thats possible. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the weapons, armor, large field battles, and trashing the economy by making weapons that sell for over 100k. I get wealthy around level 5 and sometimes just off javelins. The potential is here, but the frustration is real. I really wanted the marriage and children thing to play a part, but it hasn't in my 6 attempts. The more I do results in an AI avalanche. Execution seems to be the only answer, which then causes it's own problem.
  4. Ongoing War challenges in Campaign

    Old Bull, its not that fast, but today I defeated a general and in less than a day he was back raiding my village while another general's army tried besieging the castle. The other general had been a prisoner, but somehow escaped. Maybe I should get some better or clearer defined explanations. As a player it is my least favorite aspect of the game, while I enjoy mild challenges, this just creates frustration. I'd like to have the war somewhat slowed down and to also have factions votes for where to attack. Like having Derthert say, let's focus on this front. It's tough taking castles then having another lord get the castle and then having the faction that lost it, take it back within a day and also after having an army of 1k get defeated, I just don't know where they get the troops so quickly as it takes my prisoners a long time to convert. A tier 6 general should have way faster prisoner conversion and a month in the dungeon, you'd think the imprisoned troops would go nuts to get paid to be in the army.
  5. Ongoing War challenges in Campaign

    Replacements system is working properly now, so clans are now able to lead armies with different members if some of them get captured. On the other hand, snowballing is still an issue so not sure if It is the best moment to Increase prision time for AI lords.
    Snowballing or an avalanche occurs for sure, how does prison time effect? Should i make them prisoners in an opposing faction castle that i am not at war with?
  6. Ongoing War challenges in Campaign

    It's a little better in 1.4.3, I see them walking around with small parties for longer time before they army up again. They also stay in prison longer overall.
    I think there should be threshold where after enough losses the enemy sends you a message offering peace and it lasts for two seasons or so and no vassals can propose war with them. Also the AI should leave you alone or be very unlikely to declare war on you if you're not on it's border or took a fief from them.

    And I gotta state it's really just that after becoming a Kingdom you can't do anything else in the game but fight constantly. It's not hard to wipe out the AI armies but it's just takes away player agency to have vassals proposing war constantly and not helping with anything while you do everything.

    i'm actually a tier 6 vassal of Vlandia, I currently hold 4 towns and 3 castles. Prison time has been hit an miss. The empire seems to stay in there longer, but the khuzaits and sturgians get out so fast and mostly escape. I took Lochansa, built it up then Balgard, Tavok, Vanopoval, Tyal, then Ursikala, then Amprela... I have been voted out on the other castles i take and then their lords don't do much with them and its hard to run around defending. Sibir goes in and out of control and they never vote me in that place. I enjoy the challenge of Khuzait as they attack in the way I enjoy; heavy horse and hit and run style. I'm currently enjoying rushing the line, taking out a general in the beginning. It'd be nice if my prisoners chose to defect due to my war style. When you take out a general in the first minute of combat, youd think they would scatter and run especially non natives to the general.

    I agree that the armies seem to be a little less. I wish i could tell my heroes to strictly patrol my settlements and give them money to recruit troops. I'm a master smith, so i never have to worry about money. Yes! after defeating all or almost all generals of a faction, you'd think they'd want some peace. I must not be too good at the game as I'm struggling on reducing the empire. On my first run thrus it was easier as I executed generals after so many attacks. My relation to my own faction was horrible and i couldn't get married, so this time no executions. thanks for responding! af
  7. Ongoing War challenges in Campaign

    Dev Team, thank you! I'm loving the game. I have taken several towns and castles, but rarely have time to enjoy them. I decimate my opponent AI armies and before I get to rest and repair or enjoy the spoils of war, they already have a huge army to take over in retribution. I get their...
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