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  1. NaglFaar

    Bannerlord Early Access

    Härligt att höra! Götet står kvar ännu. Coronan har inte tagit över riktigt än men det kommer la snart. Ingen stress, så att säga.

    En reunion hade varit skitkul. Har ett gäng med gamla medlemmar på Steam som säkert hade varit intresserade.
  2. NaglFaar

    Bannerlord Early Access

    Så du lever, Uffe. Kul att se dig igen. Hoppas livet leker I Americat ?
  3. NaglFaar

    Einherjar {Closed}
  4. NaglFaar

    Vikingr 1.0 Download released!

    I can't download the file. It says "File not found" in my web-browser. I've tried both Firefox and Explorer, both with and without proxy (incase the site would be blocked in Sweden).

    Hopefully the alternative downloadlinks come up soon.
  5. NaglFaar

    Einherjar {Closed}

    Ooh, my love...
  6. NaglFaar

    Einherjar {Closed}

    And your mom is one of them, giving all of us reason to think that you're a girl.

    Now shut the fu*k up and show me girls! If you have any in ****ugal?
  7. NaglFaar

    Einherjar {Closed}

    Dude! We're not talking about taste. We're talking facts here. Ffs!

    Everyone! Post your countries babes. And I don't want ugly ones :grin:
  8. NaglFaar

    Einherjar {Closed}

    Pff! Dutch girls are nothing compared to Swedish girls.

    In honor of the match between Sweden - England
  9. NaglFaar

    Einherjar {Closed}

    SGT.BLASTER reporting for duty, SIR! Noone may ever play AVP without me! This is common knowledge and common sense. You can't survive without me.
  10. NaglFaar

    Einherjar {Closed}

    Blead said:

    Yay, my awesome video. How can you not know that it's me? I also made the Vikingr Trailer that you have there and "Wild life of KOcken".
    How we planned "Wild life of KOcken". It took hours to make that one :grin:
  11. NaglFaar

    Einherjar {Closed}

    You dare question Angie? Really?

    I see that my fight-list grows...
  12. NaglFaar

    Einherjar {Closed}

    Kretti said:

    "In vegetable oil and... own juice"

    Mmm, juice... Fishy juice... Rotten juice... ***** juice...
    I love juice...
  13. NaglFaar

    Einherjar {Closed}

    I do...  :cool:
  14. NaglFaar

    Who are these banned/muted/warned people? (Discussion thread links in OP)

    Kretti said:
    Homo- and xenophobia are serious conditions. What's next, is Harkon going to get watched for a fear of dark? Schizophrenia? Depression?
    Does this mean you can't post on Taleworlds from the looney-bin?

    If there's one thing I truly hate in this world, it's racism.
    And niggers.

    Hmm, so that is the reason? Well, well... I personally found it hilarious and don't see anything offensive with that.
    But thanks for the quick respond, Moss.
  15. NaglFaar

    Einherjar {Closed}

    Hehe, I'll try and give you guys a heads up next time.

    Next time is coming up. TODAY! 4 in the morning I'll probably be on and extremely wasted, in every way.
  16. NaglFaar

    Einherjar {Closed}

    Yeah, tried Ts...
    Not a single soul for me to devour....
  17. NaglFaar

    SP Apocalypse Lifeless: Zombie Apocalypse - Permanently Shelved at the bottom of the ocean.

    Very sad to hear. I'd like a Zombie Invasion mode, holding a house against hordes and hordes of Zs.

    Well, it very sad to hear, but I don't blame you. The curse lives on and it cannot be broken. You tried... kudos for that!
  18. NaglFaar

    Einherjar {Closed}

    All I hear is bull****! You weak mofos... Drink beer/ booze and shut the **** up!
    Bang your heads like there is no tomorrow. The gods will only be pleased, the more **** you stir up.

    I wish that I can have the opportunity to celebrate my next Midvinterblot with you guys. And here is a song to remember it by:
  19. NaglFaar

    Einherjar {Closed}

    Ooh, Titan...

    You penis :grin:
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