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  1. Rhudda Ar Clogyn Barfau

    3rd East Prussian Infantry Regiment (IIIte) (Recruiting NA/EU)

    *Hides in Cardboard Box*
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    North & South: Gettysburg - Announcement

    I sense some balance issues between smoothbores and repeaters... good luck.
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    Sneak Peeks

    I enjoy the fast, high damage knives already in the mod. I like being a battlefield assassin, dressing in dark clothes, hiding in bushes, sneaking up behind people and stabing them in the back with my knife. :grin: its alot of fun. So I would be glad of more knives.
  4. Rhudda Ar Clogyn Barfau

    Sneak Peeks

    Slawomir of Aaarrghh said:
    Simple new feature I believe a lot of people (admins) will find very useful: in-game server map rotation editor.


    edit: ver 2.0

    Thats spectacular.
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    Sneak Peeks

    Siberian Cossack said:
    I just can draw African in morion and say that the tribe Tumba-Yumba also wore morions ... bring me the facts that Muscovy wore those helmets ...

    Cossacks have always been very mobile and do not think they used some sticks props in urban combat or on the field. they used it during the siege, I admit, but not in urban combat

    I realise drawings are not the best source of evidence but you wouldn't have just accepted my informed comment it if I just said 'Muscovites had morions'. therefore I included a picture I know is from opsrey publications, a well researched series of books. Anyway everyone would have certainly used a prop for their guns especially in the feild. 

    And with a name Siberian Cossack I would assumed you are heavily bias when it comes to cossacks, so there will most likely not be any real debate with you. 

    But I could just take a photo of any old helmet and say it was from the yumba tumba tribe! But yes Muscovites used those helmets also, alongside morion styled helmets.
  6. Rhudda Ar Clogyn Barfau

    Sneak Peeks

    Muscovites did wear morion style helmets,

    And every faction would have used a stick/pole or bardiche to prop up their firearms, especially the cossacks
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    Sneak Peeks

    Oh ho ho ho, this is perfect,
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    Star Wars Mk. II Plot/RP Thread (Updated)

    The Vagabond's communicator buzzed into life

    ZZZzzzzZZzz... Sorry for the delay of communication. There has been a mutiny. I am fine and restoring the chain of command zzzZzzzz....

    Vun'katar wheeled his ship around piloting it back to the now allegedly secure Inquitous, he have a certain respect for this admiral, puting down a mutiny is no mean feat. Taking the long route around the chaotic battle, avoiding and destroying the odd fighter Vun'katar and his passengers finally made it back to the safety of the Inquitous in one peice.

    Landing in the hangar several recruits rushed out of the ship, vommiting because of their rough ride, that or their fear. Vun'katar and the other sith walked calmly off of the ship they were not phased by motion sickess nor were they troubled by fear, that was a feeling of lesser people.

    Csol knew the Inquitous was safe for now atleast, when he was captured by the sith he noted its strong armour... and tried to guess its layout and schematics for his eventual escape which in the end had never happened. Vun'katar overlyconfident in his safety, ignoring the battle going on around him slowly strolled towards Malus' quarters he had to find out more about this lightsaber and how to modify it.   
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    Star Wars Mk. II OOC Thread

    Come on whats happening with everyone?
  10. Rhudda Ar Clogyn Barfau

    Star Wars Mk. II Plot/RP Thread (Updated)

    The Sith, The Bounty hunters, Mandalorian and wounded alike cramed aboard Vun'katar's vessel. This was going to be a far wilder ride than the first. Igniting the antiquated engines of the Vagabond the ship shot out of the republic hangar as the Preserver exploded after the devasatation inflicted upon it by bombings of the turncoat sith.

    The Ship flitted between crusier and frigate distracted by the chaotic and collosal battle. Vun'katar raced across the anarchy of explosions and lasers, firing upon any Sith Model ship that crossed his path unaware of whether it was ally or enemy. Finally Vun'katar had reached a calm eye in the centre of the conflict, though his passengers appeared shaken he spoke calmly,

    'Inquitous or Flight?'   
  11. Rhudda Ar Clogyn Barfau

    Star Wars Mk. II Plot/RP Thread (Updated)

    Vun'Katar spun the lightsaber round in his hand and walked calmly into the fray, it was time to practice with this thing...

    As Vun'katar approaching the battle he analysed his new found weapon, it was unlike anything he had used before, the hilt was far heavier than expected and the shaft of green light that made up the blade weighted nothing at all, none the less he would use it to his upmost. As he came to the close quarters fighting a Jedi Knight suddenly arced his light saber towards Vun'Katar, slashing at his face. Just managing to block just in time, the jedi's blade sunk into the low intensity beam of Vun'katar's training saber barely protecting him from decapitation. The Jedi's wild swing left his body unprotected, countering the attack Vun'katar swung his muscular fist round into the ribcage of the knight, hearing the familiar cracking of bone. As the jedi reeled back in unfamiliar pain Vun'katar swung his blade at the knight's body. It just glanced off, burning the thick tan robes of the Jedi. The knight responded by utilizing the force to throw Vun'katar into a control pannel, its screens and dials shattering upon impact. Leaping up Vun'katar rolled towards the Jedi springing upwards at the last moment, forcibly jamming the emerald blade of his training saber up and threw the chest of the jedi, who winced before collapsing to the floor. and so the melee continued...

    Whilst, finishing off a republic commando a great crashing sound reverberated throughout the room. Vun'katar looked out of a port hole to see row upon row of inumberable Sith ships bombarding the fleet of Kharr... suddenly a Sith trooper turned the barrel of his gun to Vun'Katar's forehead, before he could pull the trigger he fell to the floor. Csol had with uncanny speed pressed his lightsaber against the armoured belly of the marine and ignited the blade. Vun'katar wheeled about to see the rest of the sith turncoats driven off by a loyal fireteam. 

    "Traitorous Sith, why should I be surprised..."

    Csol actually laughed inside, at his bizarre situation, the haphazard alliances of the Sith... lunacy...

    "...finish the Jedi!"

    Vun'katar stood over the broken and paralysed body of Master Drayen seeing the whole thing as a pity, he was a noble fighter. Slowly unphased by the Sith bombard, Vun'katar picked up a shard of glass, sliting the jedi master's wrists allowing him to die with some degree of humilty.

    'Now, what of those Sith?' asked Vun'katar signalling the three way space battle commencing outside of the ship. 
  12. Rhudda Ar Clogyn Barfau

    Star Wars Mk. II OOC Thread

    Oh Lordi that wasn't the twist I was expecting... but a good twist narrativly!

    on a side note, how long in rp terms do you think the first act took? like 5 hours?
  13. Rhudda Ar Clogyn Barfau

    Star Wars Mk. II OOC Thread

    Do what ever you please, but I think something important will be at the bridge of the ship and probably left for Judean to write about. If not im sure he will say.
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    Star Wars Mk. II Plot/RP Thread (Updated)

    "I have a training saber for you, my apprentice, but you are yet untrained in Force combat; today, for the last time, I shall ask you to rely on your ordinary weapons."

    A training saber... what did they think of him. Csol ignited the green blade of the saber and touched it. Without flinching his skin simply smoldered. This was no true saber, it cannot cut, it would just burns. In the end it is better for them to underestimate him.


    Good, no more of this hiding behind the force. However, he was out off ammo for his pistol. Quickly he stood up dodging three bolts and flung his vibrosword towards the rocket launcher weilding trooper. The blade flew straight, plunging into his chest. The marine collapsed to the floor bleeding and yelping. 

    Now unarmed Vun'katar was forced to ignite the incompetent padawan's training lightsaber. Despite being fairly untrained with a lightsaber, most of Csol's life was spent training and weilding melee weapons, not to mention his extreme reflexes and speed.  Vun'Katar spun the lightsaber round in his hand and walked calmly into the fray, it was time to practice with this thing...

  15. Rhudda Ar Clogyn Barfau

    Star Wars Mk. II OOC Thread

    I think we might need to centralise the characters abit more, we have so many plots going on in this battle, which I don't mind its interesting, it just discourages interaction a little bit.

    plus this is the hilt of the padawan's lightsaber, its blade is green.
  16. Rhudda Ar Clogyn Barfau

    Eras: a Story of Creation

    Diputs said:
    A little simplistic, but there's not much to tell about them yet, they'll be more important after the little tribes get a chance to expand.

    Its the same for us all,

    I will write more of my people, treat my first 'history' as a messy application and a muddle of ideas that form the basis of my civilisation, my posts will be more professional.
  17. Rhudda Ar Clogyn Barfau

    Star Wars Mk. II Plot/RP Thread (Updated)


    The battle was in full swing. Swarms of fighters fought tooth and claw out in the void, lone ships dogfighting, dueling mano-e-mano unaware of the the destruction surrounding them. The two great metal walls of cruisers exchanged fire at an unimaginable rate, laser and rocket flashing through the dark of space. One Sith frigate had made a death or glory attempt at raming a republic cruiser only to be obliterated in the charge, being left nothing more than a lifeless husk.

    Vun'katar knew it was time to give battle. Without thinking of instruction or whether the Sith where prepared he flared up the antiquated engines of The Vagabond and shot out off the hangar bay into the great chaotic nothingness. Wreckless in his approach Csol crashed through clouds of shrapnel, paying little attention to fighter or missile.

    The Outdated Vagabond was far from fast enough, a swarm of republic fighters trailed Csol's ship like hornets. It was looking grimm, the ship had picked up far to much attention and sustained far to much damage. Was this the end. Suddenly a squadron of Sith fighters swept round destroying the tailing republic ships before flying off making bombing runs on the Preserver's turrets of sheild generators. That prirate turned admiral was good, rather good...

    He had done it. With a laser cannon blast to the Preserver's Hangar sheild generator The Vagabond flew in to the enemy ship, grinding along the floor, barging republic fighters out of the way.  As Republic marines began to gather outside of the downed ship, Csol unholstered his Cortosis Weave Vibroblade and heavy pistol whilst making his way to the landing ramp.   

  18. Rhudda Ar Clogyn Barfau

    Star Wars Mk. II OOC Thread

    Well, Im going to stick out till the end. I will not abandon the DS, It will not die, I have just discovered it (like a post-apoc baby  :wink:). 
  19. Rhudda Ar Clogyn Barfau

    Star Wars Mk. II OOC Thread

    Sorry for the late post, reality came a knocking on my door.

    As for which basilisk the first comic (?) version one looks much more interesting. The other one is just grey and armless. 
  20. Rhudda Ar Clogyn Barfau

    Star Wars Mk. II Plot/RP Thread (Updated)

    Whilst the two Sith Lords spoke Vun'Katar looked out of the hangar at the first stages of the oncoming battle. Volleys of torpedo and cannon fire, brief skirmishes between Sith and Republic fighters. Vun'katar looked forward to the mad rush through the battle into the very heart of the enemy ship, 'The Preserver' the name of the republic flagship embodied the republic's love of the status quo that Csol so dreadfully despised. Vun'Katar was deep in thought about the comining battle, multiple scenarios rushed through his mind, even his own death. However, most importantly Csol Pictured all the fire and shredded steel of the approaching fight with anticipation.

    Then without hesitation Kharr boarded the ship.

    Vun'Katar snapped out of his thoughts of battle and followed Malus onto his ship. He was sure the Sith would be unphased by the quality of his ship like the engineers were. Csol quickly swept debris and momentos of his kills off of an unused sitting area of his ship onto the floor, simultaneously indicating with his hand for the Sith to sit. Vun'katar sat in the cockpit of 'the Vagabond' realising he would have to wait for the battle to fully comence before making his dash for the Preserver flagship, if he were to attempt to soon, before the republic forces where fully distracted the ship would be obliterated or at least stunned. Destined to float off into space like one ship he spotted out in the void, strange, it didn't look like a sith ship nor a republic one for that matter. Turning his mind to more important matters, Vun'Katar said:

    'Ready. Give the word'
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