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  1. Eddard8Reg

    Why Do We All Have Fake Names?

    Rolling for a nice lord lol
  2. Eddard8Reg

    Españoles por el PW-Vergüenza

    Español=Troll  Da pena pero es así, hay poca gente que se controle, da mucha lástima, pero hay que aprender a lidiar con ello :grin:
  3. Eddard8Reg

    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Val-ès-Dunes

    Sign me up (Eddard)! Rebel side, Gent de Costentin pls :3
  4. Eddard8Reg

    MP Sci-Fi SW: Bear Force II - 1.0 Released!

    Love ya Danyele <3 just awesome, sei un grande!
  5. Eddard8Reg

    1st Marine Artillery Regiment

    Who are we? History Roster
  6. Eddard8Reg

    North and South -0.4 [Released! - 0.401 patch released! Check your updater!]

    Nytech said:
    /update the screen

    Just can say this: ñalsjdfñljqw-e,mfasdfñkj
  7. Eddard8Reg

    Grant's Articles of War! Line formation guides.

    Seems nice and interesting!!
  8. Eddard8Reg

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Old Discussion Thread

    Just could say this when I saw it on the news: añsldjfñlasdjfñlwjer
  9. Eddard8Reg

    Progress Report [0.4 released!]

    This express my feelings in a easy way.
  10. Eddard8Reg

    [CSA] 8th Virginia Cavalry

  11. Eddard8Reg

    [CSA] 41st Tennessee Infantry Regiment

                                                  41st Tennessee Infantry Regiment Organized November 28, 1861; captured at Fort Donelson; reorganized September 29, 1862; finally formed Company "E", 3rd Consolidated Tennessee Infantry Regiment, paroled at Greensboro, North Carolina May 1, 1865...
  12. Eddard8Reg

    North & South: First Manassas [OPEN ALPHA RELEASED]

    pod455 said:
    Everyone does
  13. Eddard8Reg

    ¡El 8º Regimiento Ausona esta reclutando! (Napoleonic Wars)

    Todos aquellos que querais participar agregarme a steam:eddard96 o pasaros por la pagina:
  14. Eddard8Reg

    Napoleonic Wars - Meme Thread


    Best one evah!
  15. Eddard8Reg

    North & South: First Manassas [OPEN ALPHA RELEASED]

    The 1st South Carolina Infantry is waiting to play it :grin:
  16. Eddard8Reg

    Sneak Peeks

    Awesome man! Sounds f4cking great :grin:
  17. Eddard8Reg

    Sneak Peeks

    NightHawkreal said:
    This is understandable, but maybe you have something to tell us that it is possible to discuss anything other than nationalism. Or just break the silence. For example - Will there be sea battles or carts with guns?  :grin:
    +1 Show us something bro!!
  18. Eddard8Reg

    New Version of WSE

    The Tercio de Napoles is waiting that patch (and see maybe... naval battles? xD ) and is impatient to start hosting battles again ^^
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