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  1. eyrawn

    Need More Info couldn't receive login result form server

    Getting the same error right now.
  2. eyrawn

    RIP MP

    Wait, so a big part of why MP combat is so shïtty is because we have "realistic blocking", and the developers can turn this off with a click on their mouse as we speak?
  3. eyrawn

    TW, how to save multiplayer while you can - with minimal effort

    TW, Considering the current state of Multiplayer and that it gets ZERO love whatsoever by your developers, the least thing you can do is to save it while you can before it goes into the grave and is a memory long forgotten. Here is how to save it with very minimal effort with 2 simple steps: -...
  4. eyrawn

    Trolls in the Oceania Siege Servers

    TW should enable friendly fire and why they haven't is beyond everyone's understanding.
    That's the real issue here.
  5. eyrawn

    MP Disable jump mid-air swinging

    It's the only way to effectively kill cavalry.
  6. eyrawn

    Resolved Login issues

  7. eyrawn

    MP Modified Combat Parameters

    TW, if you don't want a split community you better listen to our advice.
    You have been warned.
  8. eyrawn

    Resolved Constant stuttering

    Hi, I have a 6600k overclocked to 4.5ghz and a RTX 2070 and also experienced severe stuttering in large player battles when I was fighting intense battles.

    Changing from "borderless fullscreen" to "Fullscreen" solved my issue to somewhat playable along with ragdoll count to 0 + static shadows.
  9. eyrawn

    Is matchmaking good for Bannerlord?

    What is lacking with having only dedicated servers is the progression of your multiplayer profile unless you are playing a mod or something. That's where matchmaking could potentially be better. It opens up for a competitive ranking system much better. I liked c-RPG in that it gave means to grind game after game (leveling progression). But as of now, leveling serves no purpose and there is no "higher cause" for grinding. I don't get "just one more game" urge.

    Without something to aim for (be it profile level, badges, ranking, unlock skins), it is way too casual and matchmaking serves no purpose really. Then you could simply have dedicated servers you could casually hop into for a game or two like in Warband native.

    I really hope they expand on a ranked or a similar competitive focused system where you effort and performance gets noticed. That's the only reason you have matchmaking.
  10. eyrawn

    We need duels now

    Give us duels
  11. eyrawn

    Multiplayer is entirely unrecognizable from warband

    I reckon it's alright, hopefully within a year we'll have custom servers and modding which will bring back the Warband feel that we all love.

    It's just sad to see how multiplayer gets so neglected in favor for singleplayer in terms of patches rolling out on a daily basis.
  12. eyrawn

    MP Ranged Classes - My Thoughts So Far

    With a strong arrow, I think a headshot should grant you one shot kill. The fact that it is not currently is absolutely ridiculous considering how hard it is already.
  13. eyrawn

    TDM Combat

    Major problems are the delayed swings and slow parrying..
  14. eyrawn

    MP Skirmish

    Please remove mirrored factions. It creates confusion and frustration. Or just let people pick whatever faction they want.
  15. eyrawn

    MP Hitting people who have been knocked to the ground


    TaleWorlds, just hire Noudelle and listen to him. Seriously.
    Keep up the feedback mate. Let's pray TaleWorlds listens.
  16. eyrawn

    Spectating other players

    Can we please have the option to spectate others instead of being thrown into to the class screen in 10 seconds? Sure, you die, then you spectate players for about 10 seconds. If I want to spectate a specific player in a TDM or Siege, there is currently no way to do it?
  17. eyrawn

    Are there no other playable factions? Or am I shadowbanned?

    This is why we need dedicated servers.
  18. eyrawn

    Thrusting Spear -> Charging horse = joke?

    Well, the horses have immense armor and takes forever to kill. If i shove my spear up a horses ass it doesnt die until like 10 swings. not realistic at all..
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