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  1. NewPlanet

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    If seen that list for the first time, well then the Woodelf name is Scarloc he also does not like Bugmen and  well the other way around, my guess they updated or changed it. They also added tons of Generic Heros. Maybe its a bug that Ozzy wont join again or maybe you had him so much traumatised that he might never ever forgive you  :fruity:

    I only could play the game itself to a certain point because I am busy with my studies, there be no more playing for me till like August... well maybe Nameless or Polloio can give a feedback on it. Sorry can not help on that one.

    It's ok. I ended up training skeezle the maladjusted skaven to be a doctor. He eats the patients sometimes but oh well.  :lol:
  2. NewPlanet

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    I think you mean  "style of leadership" and "choice of companions"

    Well I had him too and the Psycho Beorg, I had to say I really enjoyed the Monologues since there is no way to know how likes and dislikes in first place, I had to disband both to get later Oggy back, I have no Idea about Abdul but I am sure it would had been funny too. One thing is companions how they like each other like almost everyone liked Bugmen and the other is style of leadership the other thing is how you manage the troops and what you do like raiding Villages some complain like Adelyin how was Human, others on the hand like that Pirate Lady what is like Jack Sparrow as a female (forgot name) leave you if you dont raid Villages. I also had to disband Bugman for a while because I hired a Woodelf (forgot his name also) how did not share his Motivation for Alcoholism while travelling through the woods.

    Maybe they add later a option like in Viking Conquest where you can " Bribe " the companion with Money to get high Morale, like now its you pay them extra to stay a little bit longer.

    Here is what is happening: I had oggy in the party and used to have beorg too. I had to dismiss beorg to keep oggy but oggy left even though I dismissed beorg. Later I foung oggy again and even though I no longer have beorg and abdul in my party (which are supposed to be his dislikes according to the post below I found from waaay back) he still says he is appaled at the choice of companions when asked and is at 0 relations and about to leave! Which is not good since he is a good doctor. :eek: In my evil playthrough I even stopped raiding villages just to please him. Perhaps he dislikes when battles go badly for the party he is in? However his complaint seemed to be about a companion that is no longer there!

    Nameless Warrior said:
    Companion                 Likes                                                 Dislikes

          Gotrek:                                Felix                                                  Braganza and Skeezle

          Felix:                                  Gotrek                                                Ripnitch and Eketi

          Jalil:                                Thulmann                                              Beorg and Maephilin

          Oggy:                                Ripnitch                                                Beorg and Abdul

        Ripnitch:                              Oggy                                                  Maephilin and Felix

        Thulmann:                            Jalil                                                Sir Aristide and Eketi

        Braganza:                        Skeezle                                                Gotrek and Bug

          Mamexi:                          Sir Aristide                                            Volands and Skeezle

          Volands:                              Bug                                                Mamexi and Sir Aristide

          Beorg:                                Eketi                                                      Oggy and Jalil

          Eketi:                                  Beorg                                                Thulmann and Felix

            Bug:                                  Volands                                                Braganza and Abdul

        Sir Aristide:                      Mamexi                                                  Volands and Thulmann

          Maephilin:                          Abdul                                                      Jalil and Ripnitch

            Abdul:                            Maephilin                                                    Bug and Oggy

          Skeezle:                        Braganza                                                Gotrek and Mamexi

          Scarloc:                          Eleanor                                                  Adelyn and Bugman

          Eleanor:                            Scarloc                                                    Florin and Zincicha

        Nakwatcha:                      Florin                                                      Bastich and Zincicha

            Florin:                            Nakwatcha                                              Eleanor and Bugman

          Bugman:                          Bastich                                                    Florin and Scarloc

          Zincicha:                          Adelyn                                                    Eleanor and Nakwatcha

          Bastich:                          Bugman                                                  Nakwatcha and Adelyn

          Adelyn:                            Zincicha                                                    Bastich and Scarloc

        Erasmus:                          Thrud                                                    Uggluk and Lord Albertus

          Uggluk:                          Lord Albertus                                            Thrud and Erasmus

          Thrud:                              Erasmus                                                Uggluk and Lord Albertus

      Lord Albertus:                  Uggluk                                                      Thrud and Erasmus
  3. NewPlanet

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Actually its a Feature everything else would be Heresy  :iamamoron:

    Just kidding, Polloio said some 50+ pages back that its because they imported something not sure anymore if from Viking or another mod and the Models do not match or dont work properly that all I remember there was more but I forgot... it should be fixed in the next Version.

    Ok =)

    Btw this mod is epic, I always recommend it when ppl ask so thank you mod developers.

    Quick question: I have Oggy in my partyand I don't have the companions he dislikes (Abdul and Beorg right?) however he still says he is unhapy with companion choices? Could it be he dislikes other specific race or something else?
  4. NewPlanet

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    I forgot to mention that the sea battles are a bit problematic imo, but I guess the mod creators are aware of that? Many units fall down from the ships and sometimes it's not possible to go fight in the enemy ship since an invisible wall appears. Perhaps it would be best to make sea battles a map where both sides start in their repective ships and just have to cross over to fight from already placed ramps.
  5. NewPlanet

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    NewPlanet said:
    Btw is it just me or the dwarf faction feels weaker than the orks? Every battle appears to end in a bloodbath for dwarfs. I mean the orks are currently better... If you are feeling inspired maybe add some irondrakes (flame troops), ballista and gyrocopters in the mix.

    Yes I noticed that too and others as well, its because their Holdings are wide spread out, so basically they Armies get weaker on a constant basis when they move around for example to attend feasts or when going back. I was preying on some of their Settlements to wait to be taken by Skaven before reconquering it for myself as well, what I noticed is the number of troops of the Lords around where slowly going down over time because of the distance they travel I assume, once they hit a critical point overall the Faction disappeared by a few Days, it seems it was for others as well. Same goes for the Orks by the way in my play they been overrun basically by Kieslev how at the same time where driving Chaos back far into the Wastelands, others also said they to overpowered in the moment.

    I agree they could use more firepower, I am not sure if they will add things like a Canon/Ballista or Dwarf Artillery, but would be cool, I think they said same about Gyrocopters like for the Steam Tanks that they will not be any time soon in the mod if at all. If I recall it right there is a Ogre in the mod I think from the Pirate faction with a Canon that he uses like a Handgun to fire but I am not sure if he does Area Damage at all.

    You could always just join the mod team they looking for more 3D Modellers and just make the stuff you want in the game and send to Nameless Warrior

    I noticed too that several lords from both dwarfs and orks walk around with 40 or less troops! In my current game the dwarf king lost his town and is walking around with 16 troops only for a long time :eek:

    As for the units I guess it's too much to add ballista and other things due to game limitations. No problem though they could balance by adding halberds and another tier of elite troops for dwarfs like grey beards and elders if they agree it needs balancing. We do have acess to leadbelcher ogres but I was thinking about giving miners a blast charge that would be a throwing explosive weapon. The Old West mod has it for example.

    I can help only with hunting bugs and with balance in general like a fan of the mod since I have no modding skills.
  6. NewPlanet

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    polloio said:
    NewPlanet said:
    Possible issue in my current game: I'm trying to free the dwarven king from the town of Iron Rock but after I get inside the dungeon and talk to him there is no way out! There is no button to get out of the dungeon so I'm forced to quit the game via esc menu.

    We are aware of this inconvcenience and will be solved in the next update :wink:


    Btw is it just me or the dwarf faction feels weaker than the orks? Every battle appears to end in a bloodbath for dwarfs. I mean the orks are currently better than the dwarfs at basically eveything! Orks have weapons with longer reach, higher damage, trolls, cavalry and tough troops. Only advantage the dwarfs have that I can think of is firearms! Maybe you guys could add some dwarfs with halberds to improve weapon reach and change the damage of their top tier troops to pierce? You could also add some blast charges for miners (yes area explosive blunt damage). If you are feeling inspired maybe add some irondrakes (flame troops), ballista and gyrocopters in the mix.
  7. NewPlanet

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Possible issue in my current game: I'm trying to free the dwarven king from the town of Iron Rock but after I get inside the dungeon and talk to him there is no way out! There is no button to get out of the dungeon so I'm forced to quit the game via esc menu.
  8. NewPlanet

    SP Sci-Fi Fantasy PARADIGM WORLDS - Fantasy / Post-Apocaliptic / S-F mod

    MadGuarang said:
    Version 1.0 is coming!

    - One of the things I've done already (today to be precise) is that - you move backwards doomsday clock for doing quests, and forwards when failing

    - In a few days I'll write details what will be exactly in new version. I don't wanna rush too much, because I want to make it good.

    - Faction relations will be also chnged, in that case Star Gate will not have any good or bad relations with Sanitarium. As a supporting minor will be Desrt Abominations, they're hated by Techno Mages, so this should balance this region a bit.

    - BTW maybe just bribe Star Gate to be neutral?

    - Late game reinforcements to all parties will be also changed, to spawn better units, not just more the same. This would also help game.

    EDIT: Eliminating any faction... -100 doomsday clock?

    Imo you are right don't rush anything take your time!

    Do you mean the desert abominations? They are not the problem though since they spawn in small numbers. I mean the "strange armed man" that spawn in the area of the techno-mages. They help the Sanitarium faction making battles too unbalanced against the player.

    The strange armed guys belong to stargate faction?

    You could add leaders to the strange armed man so when we capture them we have the option to release them to reset relations like I was able to do with the undead if I remember correctly.

  9. NewPlanet

    SP Sci-Fi Fantasy PARADIGM WORLDS - Fantasy / Post-Apocaliptic / S-F mod

    Btw I got to around doomsday clock 600 now there are sooo many parties on the map my computer can barely handle it in low settings. My computer is dated but I guess if we could reduce the doomsday clock some more and make some of the parties disappear alongside that? The SG2 Science Squad (strange armed man) are no doubt the worst! They are spawning outside the desert area now (basically everywhere) in parties of at least 500. I own the town of Sanitarium and the lords of that faction are besieging it. Problem is the said science squad guys jump in to help them :???:. Last time it was a 1000 garrison vs 8000+ enemies to beat.
  10. NewPlanet

    SP Sci-Fi Fantasy PARADIGM WORLDS - Fantasy / Post-Apocaliptic / S-F mod

    I got it from the "find an item" option in a previous version :lol:. Not sure the full name of the mount really is.

    BTW I found a small issue with version 0.92: when in battle and my horse is knocked out the message "You whistle for your horse" keeps showing up in the message feed and the character keeps making some noises.
  11. NewPlanet

    SP Sci-Fi Fantasy PARADIGM WORLDS - Fantasy / Post-Apocaliptic / S-F mod

    This mod is great, has everything I like from fiction to fantasy and some historical flavor.

    Only in this I can ride a mech, fire a machine gun and use renaissence armor at the same time  :eek:

  12. NewPlanet

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Congrats for the mod, its good to see it actively being developed. It is, in fact, one of my favorite mods.

    So with that out of the way why was fight as a soldier in a lords army (I think it is "freelancer mod") removed? I used to like to just join a lord and fight battles for the many empires. Any plans on bringing this feature back?
  13. NewPlanet

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Birger Jarl said:
    The thing is also that neither Slaanesh and Tzeentch followers wouldn't be nearly as much fun without some sort of magic system (which Warband doesn't have). Khorne, on the other hand, has followers which are very, very Warband-friendly.

    I guess you could do Nurgle followers by giving them tons of health/Ironflesh to make them really, really durable and as a compromise you'd give them lower Power Strike/weapon proficiency.

    For Tzeentch minions you can go around the game restriction by giving them a throwing weapon that looks like a spell (high damage and super fast projectile)  :grin:
    For Slaanesh minions just make them faster than regular bots.
  14. NewPlanet

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Great mod! Some thoughts:

    -Orks get rekt by empire, their 2000+ army just steamroll them. In my current game (as soldier in empire army), with more or less 80 days, Orks have no holdings anymore;
    -Chaos not scary, also get rekt by empire;
    -Playing as dwarf soldier sometimes units get stuck when climbing ladders;
    -Add more options to attackers in sieges (more ladders);
    -It would be fun to add more roaming hostile armies, as you know there is so much variety in this setting;
    -Add customization for tournaments, at least the possibility to spawn with melee weapons only. Also some NPCs are too tough due to high armor I guess;
    -New faction: Sylvania.
  15. NewPlanet

    [S] A New Dawn

    Yokoshima said:
    It's a quest to kill a named bandit. Makes a lot of towns and villages like you plus pays ~ 18k. I suggest doing it and just paying for peace (it costs about 3k I think).

    I decided to kill the black khergit fellow too, I attacked him while he was in battle with others and to my surprise I got no penalty with his faction after defeating him :eek:. After that I was able to complete both quests and I got tons of cash and xp.

    BTW do you know the purpose of the armory we have acess to with the constable? There are some items there, not sure where they come from.
  16. NewPlanet

    [S] A New Dawn

    King Jerry said:
    Maybe the second quest will disappear if you defeat the bandit before talking to the the guild master.
    I didn't have a preexisting quest, but I turned down 2 'kill the bandit leader' quests(my party was wimpy). Shortly afterwards I killed both bandit parties but wasn't rewarded for the task. The dialogue wasn't there.

    Problem is he is asking me to track down and kill Black Khergits that are already a faction in my game so it would mean war with them! If theres no fix I'm probably just forgetting the quest and moving on.
  17. NewPlanet

    [S] A New Dawn

    Hi there, I think I found a possible broken quest from Guild Master:


    The quest has been completed but when i return to him he gives another similar task, I cant finish the previous one:


    I cant complete the quest through the "About that job you offered me?" option in dialogue too, so there is no way out.
  18. NewPlanet

    [S] A New Dawn

    Deathwhisper said:
    Have you got patch 0.6? It should have fixed that issue.

    Yep, the issue remains though.
  19. NewPlanet

    [S] A New Dawn

    Hi there, I'm playing your mod and I'm enjoying it a lot so far. I found what I think could be a bug so I thought I'd show up to report it. So I helped a Rhodok noble (I'm swadian and they are neutral to us) fight some warmaidens and rescued him, after that I got the usual relationship boost with him and his faction but I also got this screen that I cannot exit from afterwards (it seems another person has the same issue^):

  20. NewPlanet

    Anglo-zulu war are way too underpowered

    Agreed about the rifles mate! They are well... crap. I think it's henry-martini rifles with 19 weapon speed.

    Here is a video with a guy loading a henry-martini (super fast):

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