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  1. Percussor

    Bannerlord - Spear Stances

    Apologies if this has already been suggested, I couldn't find it on the search function. This image got me thinking about the usefulness (or lack thereof) of spear-equipped troops in Warband, and how they could be improved in Bannerlord. The spear and shield combination in Warband is not...
  2. Percussor

    To kill or not to kill Musicians

    You don't kill musicians. Because they're awesome.
  3. Percussor

    How famous is the person above you?

    I only know you for your awesome-sauce avatar.

    Then again I have not exactly been very active in NW, or the forums for that matter...
  4. Percussor

    Napoleonic Wars - Meme Thread

    GoldenEagle said:
    Made in paint, but true:

    BetaKnight said:
  5. Percussor

    Napoleonic Wars - Meme Thread

    I'm a nationalist. Mikkel is a socialist.

    ...What does all of this mean?
  6. Percussor

    The weirdest country in scandinavia?/ Det underligste land i skandinavien?

    En trollface på en finsk tidning.

  7. Percussor

    banned because my little brother

    Your brother did it? You're going to have to try harder than that, mate.
  8. Percussor

    Favorite Weapon?

    I prefer the heavy cavalry sword above all.
  9. Percussor

    Napoleonic Wars - Meme Thread



    Barek needs to learn how to make memes.
  10. Percussor

    MP Fantasy My Little Pony skin [Released]

    About bloody time Mikkel says something!
  11. Percussor

    MP Oriental [NW] Boshin No Jietai: The Fall of the Samurai - Recruiting various positions

    Need a Japanese accent? Ask a Finn. I, at least find it rather easy to pronounce Japanese.

    Then again I don't know how many of us Finns exist on this crazy place called the internet!

    Oh, and good luck.
  12. Percussor

    Announcement! Release date Set!

    Please excuse me, I must go clean my pants.
  13. Percussor

    Napoleonic Wars : System requirements

    Volkonski said:
    Lag depends on how far away you are from the server(no matter how good your internet connection is), it has nothing to do with the actual pc itself.

    avion365 said:
    Woot woot,does this mean i nolanger get massive fps lag :grin:
  14. Percussor

    Announcement! The next version - Mount & Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars


    Noooooo! I have a PNG one! :sad:
  15. Percussor

    Your favourite firearm?

    The flag.

    Oh, what? Firearm? Well then, always the most accurate thing. Sometimes as a Cossack I like to go with two pistols, though.
    And swords are useless if you have a musket. You can just smack the enemy to death with it.

    mikkel the great said:
    Blunderbus. BLoody loved it in the earlier version where you could use it at long ranges and still hit more or less everything :3

    Stop trying to snipe with the damn blunderbuss, Mikkel!
  16. Percussor

    Most memorable moment you had in MM

    The 6e dragoons were fighting some regiment, can't remember which one.

    We charged the enemy line, and shortly afterwards Yuki told us to retreat.
    We did, but he got demounted. He managed to get away, and the enemies were either reloading or decided not to waste a volley on a single man.

    Anyway, being a worthy soldier, I turned my horse around around and when I got to Yuki I got off my horse and gave it to him.
    He thanked me, and I ran to the nearby woods. I actually managed to get a kill or two from there, with the enemy ignoring me.

    True story.
  17. Percussor

    What unit would you be?

    I would definitely be British guard cavalry.

    There's just something so irresistible in cavalry for me.
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