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  1. Monkey

    Resolved [1.5.8 BETA] AI parties moving with 40+ speed on the map when joining armies

    I'm 98% sure it happens in 1.5.7 also. It's not common but I've seen parties suddenly move at warp speed in the map and I'm playing 1.5.7 because 1.5.8 brought too many bugs. I couldn't tell if they were joining an army or not. When it happens, it happens to more than one party in the screen at once.
  2. Monkey

    Major Crafted weapon exploit

    Now imagine if TaleWorlds just disabled smithing and people had to actually manage their finances in the game.
  3. Monkey

    Recovering from casualties almost impossible in this game?

    I will never play ANY game on a difficulty that is not hardest. NEVER.
    I think you skipped several of my posts where I clearly said that the game is NOT hard. that's not the issue at all.
    You can beat the game and take over 100% the map without fighting a SINGLE battle, that's how not-hard this game is.
    My issue is that I feel like the game doesn't give you a solid way of replenishing your forces other than mostly tier 1 units, even in late game.
    But that clearly isn't the experience for some other players like @Apocal for some reason. He claims his cities are always abundant with t2-t3 units.
    You don't know half the story, man. @Apocal is the ****. He just comes into the village riding his Asaligat and all the notables scramble to offer him their hidden T5 horse archer daughters for battle or marriage. If you ever come into a Khuzait village and wonder where TF have the recruitable troops gone, now you know it: the notables are just hiding them for Apocal.
  4. Monkey

    Workshop upgrade

    I am sure down the road they will but at this time I highly doubt it is on their radar, bigger problems to fix that have been around for weeks and still not handled, if they do I would think it would be in development update vide
    It's not impossible that the upgrading of workshops (and other previously planned features) become a scrapped feature, despite how sad that would be.
  5. Monkey

    Can you still somehow upgrade bandits without the leadership perk?

    I've left recruits in my garrison for like 5-10 in game years now and they were never upgraded. Does that mechanic still work in 1.5.7?
  6. Monkey

    Bannerlord world map Pacman hunt

    I always pick the "easy" setting for map speed because otherwise I always spend so much time chasing other parties it takes the fun out of it.
  7. Monkey

    1.5.7 Companions' attributes need to be tied in with their skillset

    ok fair enough but the current system where leveling in 1 skill takes away from another is not one I agree with.
    Bannerlord's character development system isn't good. It's what we have, though, and they're not going to change it. It's too big a part of the game already and intersects with too many mechanics. The best we can do is persuade TaleWorlds to make it better. Wanderers need better distributed attributes. We should be able to pick all of their perks. There could be more ways to acquire more attributes or focus points too. The perks themselves can always use more love too but TaleWorlds is working on it at the momento.
  8. Monkey

    "i'LL MaKe OnE oF yUo bLeEd" says a group of 5 looters...

    Some small bandit groups just not surrendering regardless is OK and realistic. Bandits are crazy people, man. Some are crazier than others. Some just aren't going to surrender regardless.
    Usually by the time your party is large, the majority of looters give up. But occasionally they don't - and Murphy's law, you auto resolve and lose 3 Khan's Guards. Sigh.
    I always save before I auto resolve. I always reload if I lose even 1 Khan's Guard. Way less of a hassle to just reload than it is to replace a KG.
  9. Monkey

    Console commands - delete parties on world map?

    Though I'd love to have many more console commands, like one to effectively remove "failed" rebel clans from the game (not just "kill" and leave an encyclopedia entry) and also Family Feud and Missing Daughter "fake wanderers" while at it, I'm certain TaleWorlds has too much on their hands and isn't likely to work on implementing more console commands at the moment.
  10. Monkey

    1.5.7 Companions' attributes need to be tied in with their skillset

    Or have a permanent "university" where you can retrain stats and focus for everyone.
    Because retraining attributes and focus points doesn't take away your skill levels, that could be used to max out a character completely by maxing some skills and then retraining to max the other skills, so I'm not sure such a feature (the ability to retrain multiple times) should be in the base game. I'd use mods for that. I do think attributes and focus points should be irreversible once distributed by the player, but because of the current state of wanderers in regards to attributes, TaleWorlds should just give them to us with all of the points free for the distribution until they completely fix them.
  11. Monkey

    Female Relatives Are Worth Less Than Half As Much As Males

    It's getting off topic at this point, but it would be nice if we needed to have "noble" armor crafted (or "adjusted"?) instead of browsing it on the market square stall being offered for pretty much a third of the price of the whole ****ing settlement. Maybe we would need to find (rescue or whatever) the appropriate smith from the desired armor's culture in order to have it crafted. That would add a whole new level of "end game content" to the acquisition of noble armor without the need to simplify, making it as expensive as a whole castle.
  12. Monkey

    1.5.7 Companions' attributes need to be tied in with their skillset

    Alternatively it would be great if you could just give them attribute and focus points appropriate for their level to assign as we wished.
    It would also be great to have some low level characters (like 1-3) that we could shape as we see fit. That wouldn't work on the skills like medicine that don't really level in the game, but would be great for some of the others.
    And you just pointed out a second problem: Medicine and some other skills don't level fast up enough.

    Besides the speed at which skills level up, TaleWorlds needs to fix the attribute and focus points distribution of wanderers so they make sense. Skill values and focus points seem to have been adjusted, but attributes still quite often don't make sense. Since they seem to be busy with other things, until they make the time to fix it, they should just make it so wanderers come with all attribute and focus points reset so we can distribute them as we see fit.
  13. Monkey

    Loot from battles need some kind of rework

    I mean, imperial armor is the best for a reason, it is the best developed nation in Calradia. Some unwashed barbarians from Battania should not be able to have the same kind of stats with their clobbered-together shabby armor, even if it is a matter of visuals for the player.
    For what it's worth, the Empire currently does produce the best in slot chest piece (Imperial Scale Armor), but Battania produces the best in slot helmet (Highland Noble Helmet with Feather), gauntlets (Highland Warlord Bracers) and greaves (Highland Warlord Boots). Battania used to produce the best in slot shoulders (Highland Warlord Pauldrons) too, but that position now belongs to the Aserai (Southern Reinforced Brass Scale Shoulders). As a matter of fact, many Imperial armor pieces were nerfed in the most recent patches. Lamellar Plate Gauntlets and Boots and Imperial Lamellar Shoulders are now worse than quite many other options for their slots now.
  14. Monkey

    Noble Troops are worth their weight in gold. I re-set if 1 lose a Khans guard. Concerned about notable system

    When you take into account the effort it takes to build up relationship in order to be able to recruit one or two extra noble troops from the few towns who produce them, grinding that 150 in leadership for Veteran's Respect becomes a no brainer. That's not even accounting for the fact that if you recruit bandits of high enough tier (steppe bandit raiders in the case of Khan's Guard) it's one less war horse that you will need to buy in order to promote them the rest of the way to the top. Getting noble troops out of bandits is too much better than recruiting them off village notables. I don't think Veteran's Respect should be nerfed. Noble troops should be more abundant in villages instead.
  15. Monkey

    Loot from battles need some kind of rework

    This is not Assassins Creed Odyssey where magic exists. This is a big no-no to me for bannerlord.
    A weak-looking armor, that does not cover your body should under absolutely no circumstances give you a protection of high-grade multilayered set of armor.
    This would be an absolutely atrocious move, and I'm strongly against this kind of shenanigans.
    You're right. I agree with you in regards to the possibility of making peasant clothes protect as well as Imperial scale armor. That shouldn't be possible. I wouldn't like that to be possible. What I'm talking about is more along the lines of being able to throw a rough bear skin over my Highland Warlord pauldrons for the looks without losing its stats. I might also want to use the Highland Warlord armor (to match the arms and the legs) without feeling bad for not using the more protective Imperial scale armor. Say I'm actually just crafting an as protective chest piece, but with a different design instead. If you think that's also absurd, then I can only politely disagree.
  16. Monkey

    Loot from battles need some kind of rework

    I suggest adding a repair function in the smithy to repair damaged high-level loot.
    The ability to repair and improve weapons and armor through smithing (removing bad prefixes and adding good prefixes) is a no brainer. I'd take the ability to do that over the possibility to create my own frankenstein weapons in a finger snap. Being able to "transmog" (create armor that's as protective as, say, Imperial Scale Armor, but looks like rough bear skin) is a necessity. Currently we need to choose between wearing the most protective gear or giving our character the looks we'd like to give them. I'd pay for a DLC that would let me repair and improve weapons and armor and, especially, transmog armor.
  17. Monkey

    High tier equipment as a goal for end game

    If you have to lock up an item it should be by skill level (like weapons, horses, etc) as it has always been done, not by exorbitant prices.
    Locking gear behind skill (or level) requirements is a much better idea than just giving them absurd prices if the goal is to make top tier gear an end game thing.
  18. Monkey

    The 'Consolization' of Mount and Blade and Bannerlord

    I was just randomly browsing the forums when "Consolization" and "Bannerlord" made me jump from my chair. After having read the thread and things like "we're reducing AI calculations to meet console requirements", I just wanted to say a couple of things.

    I had no idea TaleWorlds had plans to port Bannerlord to consoles.
    If I knew that, I probably wouldn't have bought Bannerlord in the first place. Consoles can go ? themselves for all I care.
    I'm all for supporting development of such a great game, but we all know how planning for consoles ruin PC games and we all know what's going to happen next. Let's face it. Money is the ultimate goal and consoles pay more (bigger crowd I assume).

    I really, really miss the good old times when people made games out of vision and passion, and not to maximize profits, and those games ended up selling way more than if they had been made to maximize profits.

    I have almost 800 hours in Bannerlord and no plans to stop while I'm still having fun, but if I see console ? in the game, TaleWorlds won't see a single additional cent of my money. Go sell to the consoles.

    That kind of decision always comes from the higher ups, though, who probably don't even play games and only count money, and I feel bad for the developers. I'm no developer myself, but I bet none of them like it when they're told they're limited/restricted because they need to "meet console requirements". I guess that's life. How could we tell good from bad if we didn't have both in the world. I came for Mount&Blade, skipped Warband for unrelated reasons and came back for Bannerlord because of how much fun I had in Mount&Blade. A "consoled down" version, or should I say a Cyberpunked version, of what could have been an epic game in its full potential will be a last goodbye.

    Now I'll just go back to playing and pretending I never saw this thread in the first place. Let me continue to believe that TaleWorlds is one of those good old companies that are in it for the vision and the passion.
  19. Monkey

    In Progress I can't assign my brother's role through the Clan Parties UI

    I have had the same issue since I started a new game in 1.5.7. I can't assign any positions to my brother from party tab in clan menu.

    What is even more interesting is that through the talk menu I can assign him multiple roles. Only the last one shows in the party menu as his title but his stats affect every role assigned unless I manually remove them from him through the talk option.

    I started a new game in 1.5.8 beta and played it until clan lvl 2 just to check and the problem persists from the start in 1.5.8 as well.
    That's quite funny, but IMO that's how it should be. We should be able to assign multiple roles to the same hero. After all we do fill all roles until we assign them to other heroes. Heroes also fill all roles when leading their parties. I don't see a reason why we shouldn't be able to delegate more than one role to the same hero.

    The UI would have to be "reversed", though. Instead of listing the heroes and a dropdown beside each, it would have to list the roles and the dropdown list the available heroes, who could be selected for any or all roles.
  20. Monkey

    When you rebalance leveling speed, use Riding/Bow as your benchmark, not Athletics.

    Medicine is for me the prime candidate for tweaking as without exploits it is impossible to level up, especially if you are a player who actively tries to not get your own troops injured.
    I'm glad Khuzait Horse Archer cheesers like us (who got used to steamrolling the map with no troop losses) aren't the people the game is balanced around. In my experience the leveling of Medicine is more or less alright (at least compared to others). Try simulating more (maybe all) of your battles (so you actually take losses just like the AI). There are other graver offenders.
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