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  1. | Blackwake - Age of Sail Naval Game | >Version 3.0 Released!<

    Backing is open temporarily! Probably the last chance to hop in before the final release on Steam.

  2. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    I think it is worth remembering that unlike RO2 and KF2, this game is not actually made by Tripwire themselves. They act as a publisher and probably give support when needed -like recording weapon sounds, which the devs said turned out to be quite a bit easier in the US (where tripwire is based) than in the UK (where AMG is based)

    Antimatter games did the original Rising Storm in the same style and it was in my opinion much more polished and just better in almost every possible way (like the level, sound and weapon designs). It also ended up winning the pcgamer multiplayer GOTY 2013, which I think was a well-deserved award

    AMG is definitely going a bit ambitious there with flyable vehicles, bigger maps and spawn tunnels and whatnot. We'll just have to wait and see how the game turns out
  3. Wolfpack (formerly known as HMS-Marulken)

    Kickstarter's still on, they are about 75k short, 5 days left. Go back it if you haven't done so yet!

  4. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    There's a sergeant(?) insignia next to Yoshiros name in the squad selection, so it might be possible for any class to be the actual squad leader. Not sure though, got to wait for more info on that one
  5. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    Some news from yesterday, featuring menu & weapon screenshots, a webm of the folding/collapsing stock and aiming down the barrel

    Yoshiro said:
    It is has been an exciting few weeks at AMG and TW.  Many placeholders are in the process of being updated and iterated on and things are changing daily.  Today I want to show fans some of those items (Remember that everything you are about to see is a Work In Progress and may contain placeholder elements) - menus.

    Rising Storm 2: Vietnam’s main menu.  The goal of this landing page for all players is to both inform them about things and activities that may be going on related to the game as well as provide them easy access to joining into the fray, taking a few moments to brush up on gameplay or editing their personalized controls to their liking.  While similar to fans of the series it has a new updated look and accommodates a news/community section. 
    (see if you can find my bad MS Paint skills in the next two photos)

    As players hop into a server they will be presented with the faction selection and role menus.  After choosing between the North and the South faction available on the map players will have to select their class, loadout and squad.

    We’ve talked about collapsible stocks and today I have a new .webm that shows off how that is currently working.

    The weapons team has also asked me to pass along some new weapon renders showcasing the M60 and the Baikal shotgun (have we mentioned that one yet?)

    To finish things off today I have a few more items to discuss:

    We will be at PAX East with an early build of Vietnam! Fans will want to drop by our booth and give us feedback!  Come and talk with our lead designer Adam, myself as well as Sturt, the lead programmer from AMG - we are friendly!

    And you can now find our new dedicated Twitter account for Vietnam here at @rs2vietnam

  6. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    A small update

    Hello everyone and welcome back. Today I want talk about refinement. One of the questions we have seen come up in the community is “What systems are shared between RO2/RS and RS 2?”. Previously, we’ve talked about new core mechanics and systems, so today I want to take a look at some of those that are similar to our past titles and how we are bringing them forward.

    While the complete list is much larger (obviously), I’ll just focus on spawn protection and HUD elements in this bulletin. Spawn protection is always a tricky subject as you want to reward players for doing well, pushing forward and taking the fight to the enemy, but not at a cost of spawn-killing. Nor do you want players having to be “red-screened” to death when spawns move up. In Rising Storm 2 we’ve been experimenting with a new type of spawn protection that does not kill off the player (or even tint their screen). Instead it will lower the player's weapon into a non fireable state until they leave the spawn protection or out of bounds zone. We are continuing to look at refinements to this system as we playtest in different types of maps and modes but overall our goal is to make this less frustrating and obtrusive to players who find themselves in it, especially if it has recently moved.

    Another point where we’ve been making changes to improve the experience is in the HUD. Players can now customize their hud in terms of opacity and scale to find their own optimal client settings. Along with those changes we have been iterating on tactical view with icons that scale with distance and fade when iron sighting to make sure that it isn’t obtrusive to the player while continuing to provide useful information at a glance.

    And to finish things off today I have something new to show! As always keep in mind what you are about to see are Works In Progress and may contain placeholders and may not always be fully representative of the final product. With that in mind I would like to introduce you to another of the primary weapons of Vietnam the Type56:
  7. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    Their latest update:

    Today we want to give you a look at one of the core game mechanics we have been talking about as well as introduce you to another one. As always keep in mind these are works in progress and subject to change as we iterate with the systems and find out more about what works and what doesn’t.

    With that in mind, here are some additional warnings on the topic: In the following WebM you will see a snapshot of a development build with non-final numbers and settings, showcased on an early block-out map that has little-to-no art (and any art you see is most likely placeholder).

    What you’ve just seen here are changes we have been experimenting with on how weapons handle with full-auto This includes ironsight misalignment and how the ironsights and weapon behave during recoil which are different from past RO/RS titles. To reiterate: The goal of these systems and experiments is to make sure weapons still feel good in the hands of the player, but behave and encourage a more authentic engagement between sides in a firefight. You may also have seen some other additions we feel fans of the franchise will enjoy.

    Another core design goal of the game we’ve been working on can be summed up as:

    One mode of play
    An authentic, immersive tactical shooter
    One game with some server and client settings - the game should always play the same across servers
    The majority of which we are currently looking at being visual aids
    We feel this will help newer players without diluting the core gameplay experience or jar them from one mode to the next

    We are looking to show more details and examples on other core systems as they come online. Right now there is a major focus on UI and Menu work heavily underway.

    Some interesting things in that webm. For example the new misaligned sight system, bayonet attaching (a thing people really wanted which wasn't in RO2), same for the semi-auto/full-auto switching animation.
  8. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    Rising Storm 2 didn't make it to the livestream for 'technical problems', so the stream was only kf2 related stuff.

    They were going to show live gameplay from RS2 but because the game didn't launch, they said they'll do another stream very soon once they get it fixed
  9. | Blackwake - Age of Sail Naval Game | >Version 3.0 Released!<

    Fan-made Blackwake footage mashup

  10. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    Captured Joe said:
    but why isn't this named "Red Orchestra 3" instead?

    Probably because the name 'Red Orchestra' sort of requires Soviets versus Germans in the WW2 eastern front. Also, this is only an expansion, not a completely new game (as far as I know)
  11. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    Today, while appearing onstage at the inaugural E3 2015 presentation of The PC Gaming Show, Tripwire Interactive and Anti-Matter Games revealed that Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, the sequel to 2013's critically acclaimed Rising Storm, was officially in development for the PC. To accompany the...
  12. Red orchestra 2!

    F.F.C._fritz said:
    Actually it must have been a couple of months ago, in the 29th inf. server. :wink:

    Oh, okay. It's funny because we played that map (Stoumont or Cheneux) on the DH Fightnight and with mostly the same people. Oh well, I guess this games overall player base isn't too big, which isn't a surprise
  13. Red orchestra 2!

    I recognize some names there, was that yesterdays DH Fightnight?
  14. Elder Scrolls 5:Skyrim

    "All Geared Up" also makes most weapons show on character
  15. Naval Action - New Multiplayer Age of Sail Game

    Pre-ordered. Can't wait for the sea trials to begin
  16. Bloodborne

    First proper gameplay

  17. Project Beast - new Souls game?

    Leaked video

  18. Project Beast - new Souls game?

    A game by From Software. as far as I know only for PS4, though mouse cursors can be seen in some screenshots
  19. Dark Souls 2

    Someone already found a way to extract the files and everything from the game.. including music and dialogue
  20. Dark Souls 2

    Well, todays beta is over. And damn was it amazing. I don't know if this is a spoiler, but did anyone fight the chariot executer? After the red phantom enemies? I think it was the best bossfight since Smough and Ornstein, holy hell was it intense

    Dark Souls 2 = 10/10
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