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  1. Hello all, looking for a mod)

    I've been trying Bannerkings and it's a lot of fun if you're into ck2 or ck3. In Bannerkings there's hierarchy, you can get a Lordship over a village which is really cool.
    I just don't feel that grand strategy fits a first person rpg. As in I don't find the ensemble view making much sense when I'm just a guy trying to live in Calradia. It's immersion breaking for me.

    Some would say that this is useless, but I don't care about meta gaming. I play for immersion and the challenge. I'm not the type to do the most optimal thing to win, like idk strafe vs ai in order to hit them like a noob.

    If you wanna understand why I find the village thing so cool for progression , watch an old Viking conquest video of SurrealBeliefs. There's this point, where the lord awards him a village, it's not much but it's his village and it's a very satisfying feeling until midgame and then late game ofc.

    But even Late game, it's jsut so cool to hand out village fiefs to people.
  2. Hello all, looking for a mod)

    That's an interesting one. In Bannerlord, the villages are bound to other settlements, castles and towns. You might be able to "unbound" them, but then you might need a mechanic to reconnect them. Or make sure all of the code looking for the expected connection to villages is updated too. And you would have to update the ownership of the villages. Each village would need a new property Ownership added to it. You would need to assign the ownership to lords. It should be possible.
    It doesn't look like it's very different then warband. i believe it's coded the same. In warband villages are tied to castles and towns. You can own a village for as long as your faction holds that specific castle or town. This made lords more likely to defend a castle and an area.

    This feature was also epic from a late game perspective. Say you're a king or emperor. You have lords and don't really want mercenaries . So you give the villages to your worst vassals, the ones with worst traits. This way if they betray you they can't take the village with them. The village returns to you because it's tied to the castle or town. I would never give a town or castle to a cunning or sadistic lord, because if they go crazy and are pissed off at me when they betray me I lose the castle.
  3. Statement regarding Singleplayer IV

    I have this weird feeling that the team has people who are into strategy games and people who are into rpg old warband/mods games. And somehow they clashed, like how the sun clashes with the moon. Except, instead of a synthesis we got an incomplete game.
  4. Statement regarding Singleplayer IV

    The "vanilla" game or even with a lot of mods, is still very boring. I've tried a lot of mods, when it doesn't bug, it allows for some extra fun options but it doesn't add depth to the game.
    Either the strategy has to be deep, fun, complex and interesting, or it's not.
    And if the general strategy and tactics lack depth, then you need a very developed lore with endearing and fun characters, a great main quest where you discover with pleasure colorful npc, with deep or funny dialogues or etc. In short, you need an rpg dimension that makes up for the lack of tactical and strategic depth. It is totally missed or rather non-existent.
    To try to make up for the lack of strategic and tactical depth, the repetitive side and the lack of depth of the lore and the non-existence of any romance, there is still the option of offering "branches" on which one could have different options (bandits, trade, warriors, governors, peasants, etc.) But again there is nothing.
    Taleworld hides behind the "sandbox" dimension to say "make your story", make the choices you want, parts that are not alike... It's a pipe. They took over the old Mount and Blade Warband version, they improved the graphics, they spent a hell of a time improving the battle system, and that's it, everything else, the main thing, they couldn't develop it. they believed that a "beautiful battle system" was enough to make a game. It was the only thing they achieved at the expense of everything else.
    There would simply have been a magnificent main quest with a real story, a very worked lore and funny characters and a real scenario, I would have nothing to complain about. But there is nothing here...
    Strangely, I like this game because it is full of potential. I would have seen a kind of medieval GTA with lots of strange, whimsical and dangerous characters. But...
    OMG, it's like you say what's inside my soul. Yes yes
  5. Hello all, looking for a mod)

    Basically, I like the way you get fiefs in warband. I like the progression for role play purposes. I'm looking for a mod where villages are independent like in warband. In warband, the villages were tied to castles and cities but could still be distributed to lords independently. As long as...
  6. Resolved Crash on sieges

    I read somewhere that someone had a similar issue in the past in version 1.6.4 I think. What he did is unninstalled and reinstalled. He said it could be an issue with steam not validating.
  7. Resolved Crash on sieges

    Is there a way to fix this. My log says the error is between the native and sandbox module.
  8. Resolved Crash on sieges

    Same exact issue. I first encountered it on a modded playthrough.
    I crash when defending Mecalovea Castle.
    Once they finish setting up sieges and I click attack. Game loads, but then boom crash.
    I've tested this on non modded, it happens on every siege.
  9. Resolved Clan role only possible for the first vassal

    Idk if this is a bug regarding companions in towns, but I have found the same issue. The first companion can't recall the other comapnions in towns.
    I found that most of your companions will be in the town tavern instead of the streets. And if you head in there you can call them all out.
  10. Resolved Istiana and Arzagos not in my 1.5.8 game save.

    I noticed other people have this problem but with a 1.5.7 save. I started a fresh 1.5.8 and reached the part where I have to talk to Istiana or Arzagos. I head to their door but can't enter their house. They also don't appear to be in town and have "Never been seen before" in Encyclopedia. I've...
  11. In Progress Player don't have access to settlement's prisoners

    Hello, yes the prisoners are high likely donated by other parties. But, you being unable to transfer those or other prisoners is intentional to prevent exploits.
    I guess that would make sense. It does sound exploitable ... I think?
    I thought it was a bug.
    I just recently won a "Sally out fight" it was my troops and my garrison vs 6 enemy lords. I captured 3 of them but the other 3 are in ym dungeon and I don't have access to them. I assume they were captured by my garrison?
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