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  1. BUGS, PROBLEMS & PC CRASHING............

    I've been having a series of crashes in your mod that have made it unplayable.
    I started in one of the native american locales, recruited a couple of men and then went to fight some bandits... who didn't list any troops as part of the group. CTD on clicking the charge button.
    Quick battle works fine except some factions default to Cherokee (IIRC) for some reason.
  2. SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Yeah, it was just the wolf and squig riders that were hamstringing(?) my giant snakes and entire armies of dwarves (due to Warbands lack of formation mechanics I bet).
    Watching my horsemen get cut down by things in the undergrowth is still cool.
  3. SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    DL'd and played.

    Edit: Forgot to say that this is a brilliant mod so far, absolutely brilliant work.

    First Impressions:
    Lizardmen: Durable Saurus and light, fast Skinks. Great. Skink skirmishers require some micromanagement to work. 'Cold One' is two words, my brother called them 'coldones' as in calzones. A single capitisation error in one of the towns.

    Dwarves: Midget appearance not nearly as jarring as I expected. Good heavy infantry. Cavalry bait. As previously mentioned the lack of a step on siege ladders makes sieges impossible and makes the Dwarves very irritating allies to have during sieges.

    Tomb Kings: Necropolis Knights were an unexpected and suitably awesome elite troop upgrade. Seem to be surprisingly weak vs. goblins, explained below. Otherwise perfect. I look forward to Bone Giants.

    Forest Goblins: I've only fought them so bear with me. I have seen the green tide! It's actually quite brown and red actually (tide of shields, not really a problem :razz:). Wolves are well made and fun to use. Both wolf riders and squig riders are fast and will massacre infantry and slower cavalry (i.e. Necroserpents). No spider riders? In the Southlands? What heresy is this? 'wolfrider warchief'.

    Pirates: Appear to be the weakest and most divided faction right now. Makes them fun to raid. Haven't had much contact with them.

    Empire and Nippon: Haven't really fought them yet.

    Bandits: Nice variation. Would be nice if 'occupying bandits' weren't always Gorols.
  4. Mod idea collection: I want this mod.

    Aklis said:
    Aye. Only a fifth of the Highlander casualties in Culloden were armed with swords. However, historical accuracy would not quite be the purpose. There is just something attractive with the thought of rushing into a group of people, yelling, and then proceeding to whack the living **** out of them with a large sword.
    There can only be one!
  5. SP Other The Gathering Storm - A Wheel of Time Mod (Beta) Latest Version: V0.2.7d

    And by splitting the factions you have removed my only major nitpick. Great work!
  6. SP Apocalypse [WB] Post Apocalypse Mod - Pre-development

    I am starting a singleplayer mod based in a post-apocalyptic world. I originally planned on doing a Fallout themed mod but setting this mod in an original setting opens up new avenues that could be explored during it's development and allows for a wider range of existing assets to be used. I...
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