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  1. changing the guard

    does enyone know how to increase the number of guards in a town?

  2. Adding Npcs to scenes


    I'll check this out.
  3. Adding Npcs to scenes

    I've tried the search a few times, but it wasn't so lucrative I was wondering how to add a troop or character into a scene. if i for example would want to have more guards at the gate in a town could someone give me a link to a topic that has discussed this? or maybe a guide? or if someone...
  4. Naming your party

    Vilhjalmr said:
    You can't, unless you download python and the module system.

    i have python and the module system, and almost all the outher unofficial editors
    and ive made small mods for my own amusement.
    but i cant find these lines in eny of the .py files
    ive tried to search for them

    if someone could atleast say in witch file it is i would be forever in debth
  5. Naming your party

    The Mercenary said:
    Thank you for reviving a thread that has been dead for three months.

    we are truly sorry The Mercenary,
    but i really whanted to know in witch file i could find those lines KON_Air was taling about
  6. Two weapon fightin? (dual wielding)

    The Yogi said:
    Valaeryn said:
    Agreed. :3  We've been without a valid argument on the pro-side of dual wielders for a while.

    -ahem-  inb4thejinx

    Well, here's one to close the debate. No one has argued against the widespread historical use of the Sword/Buckler combo, also in war, during the time period modeled by the game. A buckler is a kind of shield, granted, but it's use could not be accurately modeled in M&B making it a shield becaue

    1) It's useless against arrows or other projectiles, too small

    2) You can't cover behind it, but have to make active parries

    3) It was used to attack, although this is also true for "normal" shields. The buckler in particular was used more offensively than the later off-hand dagger when combined with an arming sword.

    For those reasons, bucklers could only be properly represented by introducing dual-wielding mechanics into the game. Those would also allow normal shields to be more acurately represented. Now, I would like all those "gritty realism" defenders to come up with a reason why this particualr piece of reality should be left out, all in the interest of "greater realism". :smile:

    Exactly, its not suitable for the time period
    and if i cant have a Great lance then no buckler shields!
  7. Naming your party

    KON_Air said:
    (str_store_string, s5, "@my party name"),
    (party_set_name, "p_main_party", s5)

    There, done.

    In witch file is this, please tell me
    ive scanned true them all but i cant find it
  8. Techniques for a spearman on defeating a shield-bearing warrior?

    13 Spider Bloody Chain said:
    After watching youtube vids of mock-duels where a spear-and-shieldman was rendered worthless by a cheap shield, I have to wonder how the average spearman was expected to defeat someone equipped with a decent-sized (that is, covering most or all of the upper torso) shield.

    Any spear-wielding martial artists around?

    you poke him 'till he dies
  9. Top Five most influential

    1. Armagan
    2. The Royal Society of Watercolour Artists

  10. Bigger horses

    I agree about horses being too small,
    i would like knights to have huge crazy german warhorses that eat ppl instead of wheat  :wink:

    Specially the chargers, they are just as big as the outher horses
    so that menas they must be even punyer then the outher horses, as the plate must be atleast 1cm thick
    and talking about chargers, the texture is really ugly. sorry, but its true :sad:
  11. Land Transfer Recruits

    Dava27 said:
    but you dont train them, you just get volunteers, adult men who lived their whole lives like nords (or whatever) it would take months to retrain them. If you fight and hunt with bow and spear for 30 years you cant just begin to fight with sword on horseback...
    Quä?! Ofcourse you train them, you even have a skill called "training"

    i agree whit Jadow,
    as i said in a previous topic about this subject:
    just becourse a man is born a nord, doesent mean he has a sign that says "I cant ride a horse" on his fourhead
    whit enough whipping a man can become enything

    and whats the fix, please atleast say whitch txt file its in
  12. New weapons that you would like

    Doubble bladed throwing axes

    ive practised axe throwing a bit ( its quite a popular sport here in Finland )
    but ive never seen a throwing axe whit ongly one edge
    i know those silly sods in the dark ages used to throw one edged axes
    but it would also be cool to have a doubble bladed
    could have lower speed and wouldent fly so far
    but it could have a bit more damage

  13. Two weapon fightin? (dual wielding)

    Merentha said:
    WarCleric said:
    Has enyone here practiced sword fighting? not fencing, fighting whit medieval european swords
    "Fiore dei libre" is the sports name i think
    Fiore de Liberi is an Italian author who wrote Flos Duellatorum, a rather important work for any student of medieval combat in 1410.  Most people who study longsword or combat, however, use Liechtenauer, since he was both earlier and started the German school of swordsmanship.  Further, while Fiore wrote one book, Leichtenauer spawned a whole host of other masters, including Meyer, Doebringer, Ringeck, and Danzing. 

    edit:  So, yes, I've done some work in the field, using both the Leichtenauer tradition and drawing from Silver and de Liberi as well. 

    ive been on a few lessons and i think it was really great and i learned alot

    have you noticed that some moves in M&B are pretty close to the italian postas,
    when you stabb whit two handed sword it looks like the "window guard"
    and sideways almost like Posta de donna

    enyways, my point was that i think enyone who have practiced longsword fighting could agree that "dual-wield" is completly silly

  14. Two weapon fightin? (dual wielding)

    Has enyone here practiced sword fighting? not fencing, fighting whit medieval european swords
    "Fiore dei libre" is the sports name i think
  15. New fighting moves-please add your own ideas!

    Kraven said:
    WarCleric said:
    give me an example of a country/culture where men acctually marched out to war whit "dual wield".
    A man on a battlefield whit two swords in his hands is silly completly unrealistic
    i cant get why people are so fond of it

    No cultures did it, a few individuals has been said to have done so though.
    Unrealistic? Very very few people are ambidexterous, personally one of the few, those few people it isnt unrealistic for, (gotta admit though 1 handed and shield is a stronger combo).
    Fond of it? Well cause to be able to is always nice, not needed, but the choice is still nice.

    even if it is not unrealistic for these very very few, why would these very very few run arround whit two silly swords
    it gives no advantage, rathen disadvantages
    and i would hate if dual wield combat would be implemented in M&B
  16. regarding recruits

    rageshrub said:
    I find using a mix of troops from different factions is better, because while Nords have good infantry, Swadians have good cavalry and Vaegirs have good missile troops. So personally, I'm against this idea.
    If you look at it from a realistic point of view, it would take decades of occupation to make an impact on a culture, not a few days.

    maybe dacades to change culture, but if whit enough whipping a man can become enything
    and just becourse a man is born a "nord", doesent mean he has a sign that says "i cant ride a horse" on his fourhead

    and the building idea is quite good to,
    then you could decide witch way you would want it
  17. New fighting moves-please add your own ideas!

    Pistol Crossbows? they would be quite unsuitable for the time period

    I got quite irritated when they took the Great lance away coz "it was not suitable for the time period"
    so if theres no great lances, then there should defenetly not be eny dual-wield-pistol-crossbow-poisoned-fire-arrow s**t

    give me an example of a country/culture where men acctually marched out to war whit "dual wield".
    A man on a battlefield whit two swords in his hands is silly completly unrealistic
    i cant get why people are so fond of it

  18. regarding recruits

    Mad Skillz said:
    Hardcore made a script that makes captured villages produce new owner's troop types after a day of ownership. not sure where you could get it, but you could find it then put it into Native, I'm sure.

    what??! are you sure you dont know where to find it?

    are all the changes that are gonna be made to version 1.0 allready decided or is there
    a chance the game developers could consider this suggestion?
  19. Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Is there enyway i can make the game read the letters ÅÄÖÜ?

    if i change for example a troop name to "Brüder" it will be spelled "Brder! in-game
    or a citys name to "Åbo" it will be spelled "bo" in the game :/

    can i change this somehow?
  20. regarding recruits

    but you really dont need horse archers running arround and making a mess when youre trying to charge whit youre knights

    atleast the culture could change after a while in a village if youre a generous and good govenour,
    and after a month or so the people could accept they're goveners culture and let themselves
    be trained into whatever kind of warrior that pleases they're govenour

    my own factions villages cant ofcourse spawn there directly, but whit enough whipping even a nord can ride
    a horse whit lance and armour :wink:
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