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  1. Why my scene loses its textures in editor?

    I wouldn't reinstall the Modding Kit as your new scenes seem to work OK. First, I'd back-up your original scene somewhere safe, then I'd export it's height and material maps from a copy you can butcher and then remove terrain. Removing terrain won't effect your entities or navmesh, but it will destroy your paint layers and terrain mesh. You can then reimport your height map. Next set up each paint layer in turn (you'll need notes for that) and reimport each layers material map so you don't need to repaint it. Who knows, it might solve your problem. PS remember to note down your height map's scale and offset when you export it (red numbers flash up bottom left of the editor) you'll need them to reimport your heightmap to the correct elevation.
    The problem had been solved, I downloaded the Modding Kit of version1.1.6 and find it can open the scene normally. There may have some bugs between my old scene files and new Modding Kit. At least I can edit the scene just by this version. Anyway, thanks for your help.(y)
  2. Why my scene loses its textures in editor?

    The black terrain suggests a shader error. You could try deleting the shader caches for that scene and reloading the Tools for the editor to regenerate them.
    Thanks a lot for your help, unfortunately, it doesn't work. Should I reinstall the Modding Kit and load the scene again?
  3. Why my scene loses its textures in editor?

    When I open my scenes in editor three months later, I find the terrain of my world-map scene turns black and loses its textures: and when I build a new scene, the terrain works normally: How can I fix the terrain of the former scene? Thanks a lot for any one's help.
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