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  1. Graphical Enhancement 2.5, version 3 is in Pioneer's Guild.

    Kekk said:
    Bummer, I was hoping for version 3.

    It exists on my old hard drive. It was almost crippled.

    Hegemon00 said:
    !!Archaeologist !!

    Anyone remember recommended settings for Graphical Enhancement 2.5?

    I don't recommend this mod as it is severely lacking in quality. Guitek's Polished Landscapes was far more "polished". GE3 would have been good though if I had decided to complete it. It was certainly looking far better; almost all textures were replaced, all interiors would be significantly improved, and I had created new buildings and wall models for proper castles and towns. The new models were very efficient, allowing for very large scenes (realistically-scaled towns - my alpha town included a relatively massive cathedral). Oh well.
  2. Renowned historian blames black people for riots

    Barky said:
    Orion said:
    It's not like we're being serious or anything, you moronic dolt.

    It's still offensive. Ironic racism is worse than actual racism because it still perpetuates racist bull****, but when you call people out on it they caw about how 'it's only a joke, god get a sense of humour!!!'

    I find your existence offensive.
  3. Favourite Porn?

    Seff said:
    ABC porn being? Oh, and welcome back, man.

    Orj said:
    Being able to have multiple orgasms without cooling down isn't as much fun as it sounds if your partner a) doesn't have the same capability, or b) has normal stamina. Trust me.
    You keep going anyway to make sure she has had the orgasms she needs. >:I It's called being a gentleman.

    ABC = American Born Chinese, so asian girls with American accents, usually talking so often and so dirty that I find it distracting.

    As for the second part of the post, they will take what they can get. I'm looking after myself and not in the business of pleasuring them, though we could probably work something out - my place needs a vaccum.
  4. Favourite Porn?

    Vadermath said:
    I watched some pretty ridiculous German porn today;

    German porn usually is somewhat ridiculous.

    Latina w/ latino often showcases good technique.

    East-asian porn audio is generally filled with annoying high-pitched cries that are potentially satisfying. ABC porn on the other hand is usually spoiled by too much dirty talk.

    I would watch anything that involves at least one attractive human(oid) female appearing to enjoy herself. As previously mentioned, stockings, heels etc are a plus.
  5. Japanese ship rams whaling protest ship, sinks the bow

    Greenpeace are a terrorist organisation.
  6. How do you treat junkies?

    Tidemand said:
    Good point Zaro, but there is still a difference between removing potentially dangerous groups of protesters who protests without permission (paradox there), and removing individuals solely based on their social position in society. Still a good point, guess I was a little naive.

    In theory we may have equal rights (I don't think that's the case at all, look at things like gender benefits and affirmative action), but in practise we certainly do not. Ironically, in an effort to make everyone more equal, society is now less equal than it was before (quite a feat).
  7. Racism

    Tiberius Decimus Maximus said:
    Zaro said:
    Omzdog said:
    I didn't say the black were lemmings.

    Wouldn't be wrong if you did, because most people are sheep.


    Of course most think that, and some actually are. Anyway, enlightenment is a scale, and I can with absolute certainty (something which I otherwise don't believe in) that I am far less of a sheep than most. At worst, I'm a black sheep.
  8. Post your Dream Women Mk.2

    God damn feet are ugly. Only extremely well looked after female feet can be somewhat attractive.
  9. Well that was a cock up

    Seff said:
    I'd say that the best thing to do in the military is whatever your skills are most suited for - don't go for the most 'heroic' thing if you're worth more in Intelligence.

    I'm going to guess that Intelligence provides better pay, conditions, and opportunity for advancement?
  10. Google cuts Chinese censorship

    We're okay as long as the west stay buddies.
  11. SP Native Graphical Enhancement 3 - updated 13/12

    Atomix said:
    I wanted to ask, if this graphical enhancement mod will ever be released or will it stay available only to a group of selected people?

    It will stay available to a group of selected people, namely me.

    unity100 said:
    is there any chance that our mods will flop while using it ?

    No. Whatever is released will be compatible with any mod.

  12. Post your Dream Women Mk.2

    Swadius said:
    I don't like hobbit feet.

    With well over six billion people on this planet, you can be sure that someone does. Not only that, but there will be those who wank to hobbit-feet porn. Probably even some who dress up as hobbits to have foot sex.
  13. Well that was a cock up

    Alex_Augmented said:
    To me, going into the EOD is one of the best things to do in the military. You're putting your life on the line just so you can save others, every day.

    I don't see the attraction of it.
  14. Post your Dream Women Mk.2

    Silver said:
    Seff might be on to something though. Because even if you had vagina-fear and thought they looked icky, you might want to kiss it anyway. And be turned on, and icked out at the same time.

    I have a theory that gross stuff is a turn on. I provide myself as evidence, and also point out that most people are pretty perverted.
  15. Well that was a cock up

    Zyrann said:
    all i mean is that the humain race dont have any sense anymore

    Did you ever have any? I've lost some just for reading some of this thread.
  16. How do you treat junkies?

    Tidemand said:
    Explain how I'm naive for believing that everyone have the same rights to be in public places? Is this something we just have in Scandinavia? In that case, I guess I'm a little naive.

    You claimed that everyone in the West had equal rights. For that, I was calling you naive. And no, people clearly don't necessarily have the same right to be in public places, as shown by police combating protestors and moving along groups of youths it deems to be potential trouble.
  17. How do you treat junkies?

    Tidemand said:
    Zaro said:
    Tidemand said:
    Do they not have the same rights as anyone else to just strawl the city?

    Society decides who has rights and what the rights are, so no, they do not necessarily have the same rights.

    I thought most western countries had agreed on that thing... what is it called again ... equal rights?

    You're not that naive, are you?
  18. The worst swear words?

    Spook-knight said:
    polovolo said:
    What's the worst swear words according to you?
    I think it's  "mother ****er"..dunno why really, it just feels "bad" saying it.
    oh my ****ing god its worse that mother ****er: in the bible it says not to use Gods name in Swear Words

    Your statement may have made sense had "God" been placed within "mother ****er", rather than after it. I believe the bible suggests to not use "God's" name in vain, and not to not use in in "Swear Words" (why did you capitalise them?).
  19. How do you treat junkies?

    Taimat396 said:
    It wasn't mentioned to much, but I get the feeling you're against the idea of the NHS too. I'm dead set against a setup like what you have in America. It leads to people dying because they couldn't afford to pay for the cost+profit of the treatment. Hospitals/doctors and so on shouldn't be based around profit.

    I'm undecided on health care. I agree healthcare shouldn't be based on profit. I probably appear as a free market zealot, but this isn't true. The free market can be great, or horrible, like any other system. Every system has to deal with the human element, and every system is fallible. All systems look good until they are put into practise :lol:. This is why my own personal philosophy mimcs nature.

    No doubt that people would end up paying the donations eventually, but when the switch was made the immediate response would be something along the lines of 'Hey, we have less taxes, lets go spend it on all the expensive **** we couldn't afford!' and we'd end up right back at the people who need the money having none. It'd probably flatten out after a week or two when the issue got properly...Again, can't think of the word. Mediarised, Ill say. Think televised, but not just on TV.

    Some will, some won't, and I think that's fine. It would be no different than any other charity - people are largely indifferent, though many will act if there's a personal connection.

    With the voluntary welfare system you suggested, a good tie in would be a kind of ad mag that got sent around to the people with their money - They want something to do, other people want stuff done. Pick some stuff you can do, and get to it.

    Something the private system would do, that government would not. Many disabled people can work in some way, and many want to (as you said many are bored, and many want to feel productive).
  20. How do you treat junkies?

    The expanding bureaucracy quote isn't need, then? Shame.

    It's horrible. I mentioned the free market, and that kind of ideology prefers minimal government.

    About the money being in private vs public hands - I'm leaning towards it being with the government because frankly, the government is slightly less corrupt than the private hands the money would end up with.

    When money is transfered in the private sector, there is always choice. If your money ends up in the hands of someone wealthy and powerful, it's because you allowed it. When you pay tax, you have no say in where the money goes. Would you prefer to spend your money, or do you want the government to spend it for you, and be paid for the privilege?

    Its too late for prevention, so support is needed until the country/economy is stable enough for prevention to be viable

    It's never too late, people just need to cut back. Of course many are doing that now, but the lessons will be lost in the next boom, and the hurt will repeat. Support isn't needed. Without it, we could start with a clean slate, and be better off for it. Prevention doesn't require stability - in fact people tend to become responsible during instability. This cutting back certainly helps, because it is required the economy to sustainable levels. Now is the time for prevention. What to do with the unemployed? Well, the crash has told them that their jobs are not sustainable, so they should look elsewhere, rather than collecting benefits and waiting for a recovery, and then a return to yet another unsustainable job.

    People choosing sustainable jobs etc - Again, I agree. But it can be difficult.

    It's difficult because we have been groomed to expect to much. The majority can not get a good job, the majority can only get a mediocre job. The majority can't afford a big house, 3 cars, private schools etc. Society teaches all of the wrong lessons.

    The living month to month mortgage etc thing fits my older sister to a T - She got engaged, bought and mortgaged a house and had a kid, and now all she and her fiancee do is row. And the rest of their life is screwed because of it.

    Summarises the life of many people. Few people consider the cost of divorce, the responsibility of a mortgage, unemployment, the cost of children etc. These are all serious financial obligations, and when the financial climate heads south, all of these people living on the threshold are in for a world of pain. They're just lucky that the recent crash was stopped short through manipulation, rather than letting it run its course and achieving balance.

    Back at school we got nothing about what would happen AFTER school until around march, and then it was forced on you - In the whole 'plan the entire rest of your education out now or you'll fail' kind of way

    It's a significant problem. How many people need to recite Shakespeare or do trig calculations? I do think a certain amount of academic education is healthy, but education should mainly focus on the real world. It's quite amazing that someone can become a Physicist yet not know how to pay their bills. It's even more amazing that so many people are willing to slave to get and maintain a job, yet have no care in the world for how they spend that income. Again, we're being taught the wrong things. However, there are many who benefit from an ignorant society, and it would not be in their interest to see more appropriate education. There is also the problem of who and what is taught. Mathematics is easier, since 2+2=4, but real world education is highly situational, and just who is qualified to teach it?

    About families on benefits - I think with this bit it's good to make a distinction between people who ended up on benefits through their own ****ups and people who have no choice, most notably the disabled. Is it right that is a person becomes disabled to the point where they can't work, they should lose their kids? Hell, I'd go so far as to say it shouldn't happen period, at least not until the people who ****ed up have a chance to get back on track. I agree about the large number of people on benefits (Most notably jobseekers) who don't try or want to get off them, and a system should be in place to stop it - but again, distribution problem there.

    At the very least. Many benefits in many developed countries are quite ridiculous. Everyone on benefits should be put to work. I'd prefer welfare abandoned altogether, and then have voluntary donations for the "deserving". They would be supported and we would feel better about ourselves, as well as removing the unproductive sponges; or these people don't receive the support they need, they perish, and then we discover we aren't as generous as caring as we thought. In fact, many people may support welfare as saves them having to make the choice. I wonder just how many people would hold onto the money and look the other way. Many, if not most, I imagine. Welfare could exist only to make us feel better about ourselves. Many charities count on this desire.

    I will say that, at least in my experience, kids who grow up knowing they don't have money to burn tend to be much better as far as managing finances is concerned

    Yes, because they know how to budget, and know how little they really need to get by. One simple solution is to remove easy credit, and then almost everyone can experience this. Financial skill would skyrocket overnight if credit was removed. Either that or they go on welfare :razz:.

    I'm still in favour of the benefit system, but it should stop completely once you stop trying.

    The problem is that for many there is no incentive, other than pride. Why work for someone else, when you can receive a little less but do not work? If benefits were removed, this wouldn't be an issue. There would be less government needed, and more money kept in private hands. Again, people can choose what they do with it, and if they want to support others they can.

    I have a question to anyone who is in favour of welfare: why can't I choose whether or not I support someone else? I'm sure most people who believe in welfare also believe we live in a supportive society. If so, why would we need welfare from taxes, rather than donation? Charity seems to do okay, so I'm sure there will be reasonable support for the needy. So why is forceful donation through taxes necessary? Why can't we cut out the corrupt politicians and inefficient bureaucrats? Another argument for the free market.
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