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  1. Frequently Asked Questions

    Still around Naroghin? 

    In case you are, the only other leads I know of besides getting the module system as Lup offered is:

    1) To use the 'Cheats' menu to 'Downgrade' (It's an actual option if I remember correctly) the Economy and Military levels of Custow so that they are both at zero.  Wickedshot included cheats that allowed us to pretty much visit any settlement we like and change (upgrade/downgrade) their economy and military levels if we want to. 

    Then, to follow along your idea of making a 'Custow' like settlement someplace else, head towards a settlement you want acting as Custow did and upgrade the Economy and Military levels to the maximum possible -- that'll give it the same parameters/settings as Custow had to become a big city/town settlement. 

    Unfortunately, the new settlement you pick to replace Custow's effect on the early game will have it's own different hero parties attached to it.  Wirt of Gonace for example is always patrolling and returning to Custow, and the new settlement you choose to act as Custow will have different heroes patrolling around and dropping off prisoners, etc.  Thus, you'll most likely have different chances of certain factions starting up at your new 'Custow-replacement-settlement' than at the original Custow. 

    2) I'm not fully sure on this one, Lup_Alb or someone who knows the module stuff might need to clarify if I'm wrong or right, but I remember there was a program/method to moving around settlements on the map in a very simple point'n'click manner without needing to do any hex-editing of numbers in the python files/module for the game.  Lots of different mods change the location of stuff on the world map all the time, after all, so I vaguely remember doing a bit of research and finding out there's some kind of simple world map editing program they all tend to use to do that kind of work.  That's the best information I got on that matter, hope someone else can shed some more light for you here if your interested.

  2. Workers

    'Trainer' skill decides how many peasants will be trained each time.  At level 0 Trainer only 1-3 peasants get trained for a selected job (this might be what your other profile is).  Higher levels of the 'Trainer' skill like level 4 Trainer makes 6-7 peasants trained for a job. 

    There is no other way to decide how many peasants to train for a job except how high (or low) your 'Trainer' skill is.  (Except the 'Trade' skill also has some similar effects if I remember right, but not as important a change that the 'Trainer' skill gives).
  3. Lords

    The 'Frequently Asked Questions' topic has these answers:

    How do I make a Lord/Lady?
    After you've claimed other settlements, either talk to one of your companions at the settlement you want to give them, or inside your own castle.


    You can get lords only from turning companions (heroes) into lords, and in this mod you also have to have enough settlements under your control to make them lords.  If you only have two settlements under your control then you can only make 1 of your companions into a lord.  Keep gaining more settlements and you can turn one companion into a lord for each one.

    Companions (Heroes) are the only ones who can become lords in this mod, you won't find any of the original lords wandering around from vanilla Mount&Blade.  Instead, this mod uses about 150+ new companions (heroes) that wander around the map and belong to different factions (like Adventurer, Mercenary, Peasants, and Bandit factions).  When I took a look at this thread: 'Hero Submissions (4th Wave)' there is a list later in the post showing all the new companions (heroes) in the mod so far.  The empty spots look like maybe one day there might be 250+ new companions (heroes), so this is pretty much how the mod aims to replace all the original lords from native.

  4. How to make settlement scene?

    Berpol knows a lot about these things and still posts around here from time to time.  I ain't really an expert on settlement-making, but I'll offer what advice seems appropriate:

    1) Yes, the 'Edit Mode' on 'Configure' needs to be checked.  This lets you press CTRL+E ingame while in a empty settlement and will bring up options to edit the terrain and add objects.  (I'm not 100% sure this is what Custom Settlement mappers use, but I think it's correct).

    2) The full instructions/details/helpful info for editing settlements is here:,57442.0.html  Make sure to take a look again if you haven't already!

    Best of luck.  If you become serious about making a custom settlement and maybe want to submit it later to be added to the mod, make sure to check out this thread:,61126.0.html  It seems important to optimizing your settlement so it works for AI pathfinding.

    And be sure to check this thread too for a full list of settlements that are still empty to use:,68059.0.html
  5. SP Fantasy [W] Redwall: Vermin Resurgence [Dead]

    Jezze said:
    Quote Contest!

    We all know the hints from Native when you start up a new game:


    For the mod, we are looking to replace these native 'hints' with sayings/wisdoms/quotes from the Redwall series. We as the Dev Team thought it would be a good idea to ask our fans and followers of the mod to come up with some quotes, wisdoms , sayings or whatever you can think of, that is related to the Redwall series. Examples can be "The more 'otter it is, the more 'otter otters likes it." or as simple as "Eulaliiiaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!."

    On the internet you can find a lot of quotes and sayings, but it would be more original if you can come up with your own quote/saying/wisdom from the series. It can be copied straight from the book, come from the TV-series, or from your own mind, use whatever you want.

    The quote/wisdom/saying should not be longer than 120 characters. The contest will start today and will end next week Saturday 3rd of November. Eventually the best quotes/wisdoms/sayings will be picked by the Dev Team and be used in the mod. The creators will be credited for their efforts of course.

    We wish you the best of luck and look forward yo your entries!

    A shame it seems like not many entries were submitted, at least not here in the public thread.  Earlier when you posted this I sent off a link to a particular Redwall community that concentrates on writing fan-lore and stories/literature based on the books.  It doesn't seem like (from the thread and where I posted the link on the site) anyone from there stepped forward -- but wanted to add in my strong recommendation to consider them a possible source of great writing/story/quest to add to the mod.  They have some quality writers and fans who really can write to the lore and even style of the Redwall books... here's one of their most current threads: Legends of Redwall Abbey: Stormhold (Latest post November 14th 2012)

    Lots of them may not seem to be gamers, but fan-fic writers (or roleplayers) can be curious creatures... the love of writing and a particular subject can lead to many things... helping write quality content such as quest/npc dialogue or background lore/story for the Redwall: Vermin Resurgence mod may be worth exploring with these folks (if they even want to of course).

    Just casting the line out there in case you fellers of the mod ever want to take up this lead.
  6. Version 0.675 NPC Heroes - Skill/Stat Effects

    Important Edit (Oct. 8th 2012): This thread was to find out what skills/stats already work for stewards as of Custom Settlements version 0.675, but I just stumbled upon a post today (something the Search Gods didn't show in the results!) that clearly answers that.  Berpol wrote: (Original...
  7. SP Fantasy [W] Redwall: Vermin Resurgence [Dead]

    Great to see the Redwall Mod has become more organized in structure and how things will get done from now on.  Question though, what happened to the work/connection between Ares007 and the things included from the old topic?  There seems to be an entire new spirit and volunteer force behind this mod compared to the old one, and so I was just wondering what the connection, and differences are, as well as the similarities.

    It is nice to see how far the original project has come in terms of support and popularity among the community.  Looking forward to the future.
  8. SP Fantasy Redwall Mod

    Tanit said:
    The biggest problem with making a troop tree for any group is that Brian Jacques basically has different weapons for every character in the books. There is very little sense of organization based on weapon type, more often it is based on rank, race or social standing.
    I quite agree.  Although it will be hard to identify the troop trees based on weaponry, it will still be possible to make distinctions (tell the difference between) different troop trees by their titles and stats -- which is something Mount&Blade does support in the modification realm of things.

    Tanit said:
    Rats are the most interesting group in Brian Jacques' universe of Redwall. This is because although they are often in positions of authority, they form the majority of the troops among vermin armies and can even be occasionally good, they have no special skill or group identity.

    They also use almost every weapon known to man in the medieval ages. Spears, javelins, slings, bows, swords, cutlasses, pikes, etc...

    There are a few types of rat however which can be identified.

    Sea Rats: The rats who rule the seas, most likely to be leaders, ever, most likely to use bows, most vicious, most feared, best organized.

    Tribal Rats: feral rats, fewer of them than other feral species, painted. In specific 'The Painted Ones' who are seen in many books. Use blowpipes, blunt branches and short spears.

    Common Rats: The soldiers, use spears mostly, also use slings. Come in large numbers, usually never amount to positions of authority. Can produce archer rats as well, of a sneakier, more pathfinder kind.

    This is a gold-mine of correct assumptions and accurate depictions.  Rats have always been the 'back-bone' of vermin forces over the course of time in the Redwall books, and Tanit makes a great point in observing that they could hold almost any weapon imaginable -- which in Mount&Blade terms means separating the different tiers of rat soldiers will have to rely once again on titles, as well as stats.  It should be able to work well that way. 

    Lastly I think the four categories of rats suggested by Tanit and Grumph pretty much make up the four main 'types/factions' of rats that could be created in the Mount&Blade engine; Sea Rats, Tribal Rats, Common Rats, Greatrats.  Perhaps a similar system could be applied to naming/creating troop trees for ferrets, foxes, stoats, weasels, etc?

    Tanit said:
    Hares: Some thoughts, lots of unique feeling here, will do rats tomorrow

    Leveret: March Hare or Salamandastron Hare
    March Hare: Mountain Hare
    Salamandastron Hare: Galloper or Boarder Patrol
    Galloper: Runner or Sleeper
    Boarder Patrol: Archer Hare or Long Patrol
    Long Patrol: Long Patrol Lancer or Hare Healer
    Long Patrol Lancer: Hare Officer

    Leveret: Sling and dagger
    March Hare: Big and strong, fists
    Mountain Hare: Claymore
    Salamandastron Hare: Rapier
    Galloper: Very fast, dagger, sling
    Runner: Better Galloper, sabre and sling
    Sleeper: Better Galloper, less speed, more power, sabre and javelin
    Boarder Patrol: Pike/spear and fists
    Archer Hare: bow, dagger or sabre
    Long Patrol: Rapier or sabre, occasional sling or javelin
    Hare Healer: Dagger and sling, high healing skills
    Long Patrol Lancer: Like the Long Patrol but with lance
    Hare Officer: rapier and javelins


    Rat Recruit (Actually applicable here): Common Rat or Tribal Rat
    Common Rat: Water Rat or Regular Rat
    Tribal Rat: Painted one
    Water Rat: Bilge Rat or Sea Rat
    Regular Rat: Rat Scout or Rat Soldier
    Sea Rat: Corsair Rat or Corsair Skirmisher
    Corsair Skirmisher: Corsair Archer
    Corsair Rat: Trident Rat
    Rat Scout: Rat Archer or Rat Slinger
    Rat Soldier: Spear Rat

    Rat Recruit: Dagger
    Common Rat: short spear
    Tribal Rat: Blunt stick
    Painted One: Blowpipe and short spear
    Water Rat: short Spear
    Bilge Rat: pike
    Sea Rat: cutlass or axe or short spear
    Corsair Rat: cutlass, optional shield
    Trident Rat: two-handed trident
    Corsair Skirmisher: javelins and cutlass
    Corsair Archer: bow and cutlass
    Rat Scout: short sword or spear, sometimes javelins
    Rat Archer: bow and sword or spear
    Rat Slinger: sling and sword or spear
    Rat Soldier: sword, sometimes shield
    Spear Rat: spear and sometimes shield

    Once again this is some great material for character/troop tree designs.  I think it should be seriously considered for the mod, because it is quite a reasonable translation of the universe in the books into the Mount&Blade engine.  Nice work Tanit, really great resources to build on I think. ^^

  9. SP Fantasy Redwall Mod


    Would it be possible to add in the link to the website for this project to the original post?  Definitely a great way to get more support/community involvement for this project. ^.^
  10. SP Fantasy Redwall Mod

    xD Yeah, stones were like heavy weaponry in the Redwall stories.  Actually, when I first started playing Mount&Blade, when I saw those pesky looters for the first time tossing stones at me from far away, I was like: "Wow, stones are actually used as a ranged weapon in this game?  I better be careful, they might be as powerful as those slingers from the Redwall series."  xD  True enough, I did learn that stones can be quite deadly in the early stages, but later on I realized with a little bit of armor, there was no need to worry. =D

    Turning stones into a deadly ranged weapon of choice would be awesome to see. =D  (Perhaps that would just be as simple as amplifying the damage statistics for stones?) 

  11. SP Fantasy Redwall Mod

    Ares!  Last I saw you was quite some time ago was in this thread!  And man those screenshots look so great!  So that's what you've been up to eh?  You have my support mate, as I've already mentioned -- I really love the Redwall series.  The Mount & Blade mechanics definitely aren't far off from being able to suit the atmosphere of the Redwall lore.

    In relation to the poll on what the world map should cover, I think it should cover all of the Redwall locations.  My reasoning behind that would be too allow the mod to take place on a timeline past the latest book in the series.  Why?  This would open the doors for your imagination to come up with your own quest, storyline, villains, and generally just keep a lot of doors open for possible customization/improvement.  Why limit yourself to just one certain era of the series, when you can forge ahead and give yourself the freedom to almost create a totally new, dynamic, and imaginative storyline that takes place in the world of Redwall, but necessarily within a certain time period of the books.

    For example, there is an actual Redwall game being made by fans just like you and I.  Although they've seemed to be inactive as of last September in 2009, they have gotten extremely far -- far enough to show video previews of their work and progress.  Take a look at this video to see what I mean: A Tale of Redwall - Preview Video 29.  You can also see the thread where they originally posted their project and started:

    Take note that the way these guys choose to deal with creating a story/plot was to have the game take place outside of the time period of any of the books.  (At least as far as I can tell this is what they've decided on).  I've read through their original topics and also browsed through lots of other comments/sites they have posted their work on.  By deciding to have the game take place outside of any specific time periods from the actual books, they were able to conjure their own unique characters/quests/story plot that could make for a very fantastic adventure when played.  (If they ever finish+publish it of course).

    That's just my lonesome opinion though.  You've got my vote for this project either way, I hope things can get off the ground.  I think I've told you my limitations before, but if there are tasks you think I might be able to do, don't hesitate to contact me.  I'll get back to you soon as I can.

    For Reeeeedwaaaallllll!!!!
  12. Swadian Caravan FAIL

    What a bunch of conniving dastards!  Using trade as but a simple guise for destruction and conquest.  Never trust one named 'Wirt of Gonace', nothing but trouble coming from a Swadian family! 

    Alas, I can offer no help on the matter.  It sounds like a strange phenomenon indeed...having what seems to be a friendly trading partner plow a caravan of deadly intentions into your settlement. 
  13. Still missing after all these years and mods - Winning/Losing!

    MadRussian said:
    It's been over six months since this topic began.  Besides those mentioned in the last few post (thanks for those), what news on progress towards winning/losing (aside from perma-death) and scenerio-based mods for M&B?

    Also, anyone know of any mods that can end prematurely without the player dying?

    I would like to point out that one of the really early mods made for Mount&Blade (Back for the o.751 version) was called 'Storymod'.  Made by a modder named 'Yoshiboy'.  (I believe I've heard people asking to have his/her kids).  I'm not really going to say whether an open box with no concrete winning/losing is bad or good, but I will tell you that Storymod featured a full length story that brought together all the resources available to Mount & Blade at that time. 

    You start off as an adventurer, but through clever dialogs placed in newly-made NPC's scattered throughout the map (Especially in Zendar), you begin to learn of a mysterious political plot unfolding behind the major factions of the world.  (Remember that in the o.751 version of Mount & Blade, there were Dark Knights, and only Swadia and Vaegir.  Kergit only existed in the context of bandits).  Yoshiboy also added a completely new faction along with a new section on the map specifically to play a part in the story.  As you learn more about the intrigue going on all over Calradia, you eventually end up at a climax point of the story with you participating in this massive, multi-scene, multi-part scenario unfolding at a castle that marks an important point in the story.  The overall goal is to keep one of the factions from gaining hold of the castle (And remember folks, castles back in o.751 were nothing like what we have in 1.011 -- Yoshiboy made this Castle from scratch I believe).  But the way the Yoshiboy introduced you into the scenario was amazing.  You first go through some dialogue talking about how you have to access a secret tunnel just down the river from the castle.  After choosing to go through, you actually begin to load a series of indoor scenes that lead all the way to you infiltrating the castle itself.  There is one scene where you have to carefully tiptoe across the rafters of a big hall in order to reach a hidden doorway on the other side that leads onto the battlements.  Once you reach the outside battlements of the castle, your next objective is to reach the gates.  When you reach the gates, a dialogue is triggered that gives you the options to not only open the gates, but to also trigger a spectacular 'battle' scene where you actually see and are told the 'troops' outside the gates are on your side and you get to see them storming in as the you start one of the most climatic battles for the castle.  Victory (not being knocked unconscious) here results in an overall ending for the storyline.  You are treated to some very sweet ending dialogues that wrap up the story quite nicely.  In addition, the conclusion does leave you with the opportunity to keep playing like normal in Calradia, but for the most part, the key part of the 'story' in the mod is finished and done.  At this point you should be feeling like you want to restart the game to try the other paths in the story you could take.  (Yes folks that is right -- Yoshiboy actually made MULTIPLE ways to play out the storyline that have many other unique triggered events, etc)

    I have to say that whenever this discussion of 'Overall Winning/Losing' pops up, the really fun times I had with 'Storymod' for o.751 version of Mount&Blade will be up there at the top.  It was a really nice blast of deep story, character development, and immersive factors.  I enjoy sandbox roleplaying just as much however, but I do admit that if I'm going to sandbox roleplay my own endings/objectives -- the game has to at least provide a believable context and mechanics for it. 

    Anyways just my thoughts.  Props to Storymod and Yoshiboy for that mod so long ago.  Reading the OP's post reminded me again of how much that mod still remains with me today -- even though it did eventually end in terms of story.  It was a great story nonetheless.
  14. Endgame

    . . . Also, would be great to be able to get tasks from Elder Peasants and the like.  Both of those would add a reprieve from the only real pass-time while waiting for your settlements to build, which is running around looking for people to kill. :grin:

    I also have a question about balance-over-time (specifically end-game).  Early on, it's a REAL struggle to get things going the way you want, but once you have a city and a well fitted out character, I find myself simply buying out lords and conquering towns.  After a very sluggish and rather hands-off advancement to the Castle Town level, after that I conquer the map as if it was an epilogue to all that build-up.  It's almost as if the game is over as soon as it really begins.  Balancing the progression over time would be very nice, though I'm not sure how that would be implemented.  One of the things that contributes to this I think is that you can't manage your lord's and lady's settlement building...  Leaves little to do but conquer every other culture on the map.

    Oh, something I almost forgot.  The dependence upon slave-trade to make money early in the game... Having to slug groups of slaves to Ramun in Custow after every battle really contributes to the slow pace of the early game that vanishes later on . . .

    Would like to put my support and agreement to what Eca is saying here.  The middle paragraph applied to me a lot because I pretty much did the same thing Eca did:  After going through the long-winded journey of upgrading to a Castle Town, I started to just buy off other Lords + settlements as they popped up.  I know I could just apply some self-restraint and let them go, but for some reason I just couldn't.  Maybe that's a flaw about me; if it looks like I can get it all before the AI does, I'll go for it. ^^

    The slave-trade money making process is also notable for it's grisly and sluggish beginning too.  It's great to have Ramun present in Custow at all, but short of using cheats or risking death against too-powerful parties at the beginning (if you choose to attack Peasants, etc), the only way to make money early is the slave-trade.  Even after you advance to Em2 in your own settlement (Where you get a tavern), the fact that you don't get a persistent slave-trader in your own settlement forces you to always head to Custow to sell.  (While hoping every once in awhile that a Ransom-Broker will visit your settlement).  Unfortunately it adds to a slow and tedious beginning -- although you definitely feel like you put a lot of work in once you reach the Castle Town stage.  ^^

    Lastly adding some more 'Settlement-based' interaction features will always (and probably is already on the list of things to do) a welcoming opportunity.  Like I mentioned in another thread; things that made you want to stay and interact or hang around your settlement really makes it more fun.  The (now non-existent) feature of being able to lure enemy parties to a certain range of your settlement and then having the battle take place with your settlement's map was really fun, and adding in additional tasks/events/activities while hanging around inside your settlement is definitely fun too.  Adding tasks or functionality to the Elder Peasant would be grand. ^^  Lots of people have already made numerous suggestions on additional features that could enhance the experience while inside your own settlement so I won't bother talking about it any more. ^^ 

    I'm confident that these things have already been considered at some point or another, and if they have been tasked with being implemented, then it's only a matter of time.  Just wanted to bring up Griskard's points because I thought he put it really nicely. 

    I enjoy the mod a lot, and I have been really inspired by the amount of creativity when riding around the different custom-made settlements.  It's like really stepping back in time to when villages, simple settlements, castles, forts, and medieval towns were real.  No matter how many documentaries you might see on television about ancient history or something, the splendid grand-scale detail and immersion just from exploring the user-made settlements simply can't compare to anything you'll ever read in books or see on educational videos.  And who said videogames can't be intellectually-enhancing!  ; )

    Keep up the great work.  I will look forward to keeping up with the Mod.
  15. Request and Suggest

    @ Wu-Long
    I'm not sure what the difference is myself.  I've never used either mod yet, but I was asking the same questions myself about whether both are maybe the same thing.  Both mods seem to have been posted within 4 days of each other. 

    @ muwahahaha
    Ah, I see.  That is unfortunate.  I should have remembered that glitch myself.  I do remember now that it was quite an unbalanced trick.  Nevertheless, ever since I posted about it yesterday, I've been feeling a great sense of loss at not being able to lure enemy parties close to my settlement and have the battle take place in my settlement.  I actually really miss this feature a lot.  It really gave me some good reasons to focus on being around my settlement on the world map.

    @ Gillan
    I like the idea of adding in that next level of defense after waiting about one week.  Wooden palisades, or anything of 'temporary' defense at all would really add a new level of dynamic immersion to camping.  However, I personally wouldn't want this idea to turn into another way to start a settlement.  Fortifying your camp should be the only temporary benefit you get -- all the settlement-related parts of this mod should stay with the way things are now.  It would simply be neat to be able to somehow (and fairly) implement a way that you can camp and have defenses setup so if your surprised by an enemy attack, you will at least get some kind of benefit for camping.  (Mind you, this could be exploitable.  Not sure how to fix that)

    Add more hostile factions

    This suggestion is mainly derived from the fact that early in the game there is very little 'source' of hostile factions to encounter.  I know you can do some of the following in order to get some hostile conflicts happening:

    - Attack mercenaries early and get a bad reputation with their faction (Benefits are you now have a faction to fight against early in the game for loot, money, prisoners, etc)

    - Attack peasants early and get bad reputation with their faction (Same benefits as mercenaries, but downside is that almost all the peasant heroes and parties will be hostile to you; It will be hard to find new people to join your settlement as well as the map now pretty much being entirely hostile)

    - Attack Custow and whichever faction rises up there (Benefits are similar to the above, but the major downside is your now closing the door to the facilities Custow offers early in the game; Ramun the Slave Trader, Weaponsmith, Armoursmith, Horse Merchant, etc)

    - Attack the bandits faction early

    Note that the first three all involved degrading your relationship with some kind of major 'superpower' early in the game, and therefore creating a much more difficult environment to play Custom Settlements.  (At the moment, the mercenaries faction doesn't even interact with any of the other factions -- they don't join in on any fights, nor do they attack anyone and nobody attacks them either.  My current game has a stack of 1000 mercenaries running about near Custow.  It seems since mercenaries as a faction aren't set to be hostile with anyone, they can grow if the player doesn't make enemies of them.)  For the last option, attacking the bandit faction as a source of early battles, loot, and money -- this seems to work at first.  However, as time moved on, I kept encountering this one problem -- all the bandit party stacks always spawned in really small numbers, and if you wanted bigger bandit stacks, then you had to wait a longer time for them go spawn.  It really is difficult to attain money or loot this way, and it's equally as hard to level up at all when the battles are so scarce.  Also, one possible exploit I've found is that I can ironically end up recruiting bandit factions heroes if I keep fighting them long enough.  I'll explain below:

    - I take a settlement between Custow and Charfield; Griffinhill for it's proximity to the bandits and Custow (Where I can sell the bandits for extra money to Ramun the Slave Trader)

    - I head into the open plains around Charfield on a regular basis to 'seek combat' with bandit parties in which I club them on the head and then proceed to drag them to Custow to instigate them into the ring of slavery (serves them right!)

    - Over time, in addition to encountering the small bandit parties, I also encounter the initially more powerful stacks of bandit heroes around Charfield.  (Zeena for example).  At first, fighting them is a good challenge and source of loot, money, and prisoners (Assuming I don't get beaten in battle)

    - However, as I fight (and repetitively beat) the bandit heroes, I end up gaining positive relation with them (Mainly because I'm a die-hard honor fanatic and I always let them free to go after each battle -- I hate doing the 'bad' things in M&B ^^)

    - Because of some kind of separate bug that makes the heroes always chase me a few times after beating them, I end up racking up relation pretty fast.  Soon enough I get the option to 'I want you to join me'. 

    - I take the option and soon the former bandit hero is now in my party (since I just can't refuse the opportunity to add more people to my eventual goal to rule Calradia -- more the better right? ^^)

    - The major problem with this is that without the bandit heroes actively recruiting the bigger bandit party stacks around Charfield, there is now no more major threats around Charfield. 

    - What happens now is that the faction at Custow now begins sending regular raids into the Charfield area which kills off all the smaller bandit stacks --> which leads to almost no source of hostile factions to fight against

    - Also, the peasant faction begins to frequently crush all bandit parties as well.  I always see messages saying 'Hero of Bandits has been taken prisoner by Peasants'.  This further reduces the chances of the Bandits faction ever really becoming a major threat.

    - What ends up happening is that by the late beginning of the game, there is now almost no source of hostile conflict for players to engage in.  Unless your willing to take the risks of attacking the Custow faction, the Peasants faction, or the Mercenaries faction

    My request & suggest for this then, is to add more hostile factions from the start of the game.  The bandits faction is already a good step forward, but it lacks the power to actually pose a constant threat or source of conflict for the player.  You have to purposefully wait and let the bandit stacks grow before attacking them, and during that waiting time there is very little else to do except camp outside Custow trying to catch those traveling peasants as they spawn.  (This is actually sort of like a mini-game -- waiting inside Custow or your camp and watching for traveling peasants to spawn and then immediately clicking on the map to try and catch them before they disappear from your view).

    What seemed to work well in native (original) Mount&Blade is that stacks of different 'hostile' bandits spawned all over the map at frequent intervals.  They had the following characteristics:

    - Spawned in reasonably large stacks according to your level (Provides a good challenge as well as dynamic combat)
    - Spawned fairly quickly on their own (Didn't rely on settlement in order to spawn -- they spawned on their own)
    - Spawned in several different troop trees (Forest Bandits, Mountain Bandits, Looters, Sea raiders, etc = Diversity)
    - All these bandits were hostile to other factions (Swadia, Nords, etc.  This means you aren't the only one they will attack)

    This is just a simple observation and suggestion from me.  It would be nice to just somehow have some more stable beginning sources of conflict to start off the game -- because having to go make enemies out of the Peasant faction, mercenary faction, or Custow faction just harms you a lot in the long-run.  Having some sort of stable yet dynamic 'hostile' faction that actually grows adequately to be a threat to everyone on the map constantly would be a nice 'side-source' of combat and loot.  That's how the bandits were done in the vanilla (original) Mount & Blade.  Perhaps certain parts of that could be re-applied here.  It certainly would speed up the beginning process as well as adding more fun to the process of growing your settlement in the early stages.

    (Note:  Yes I know that I can use the 'Cheat' options to send waves of additional bandits, upgrade towns faster, etc, but I would like to see a solution implemented without the need for cheats once the more advanced versions of Custom Settlements are released)

    Most importantly though, I completely understand that this may/may not already be on the list of future things to do, and that right now isn't the right version for this to be worked on.  Just wanted to put out there as a friendly piece of feedback from a Custom Settlements fan.  ^^

    I'll continue to post feedback, bugs and suggestions, but I fully know they won't all be solved or implemented right away.  Indeed, some suggestions might not be part of the final vision that Custom Settlements is looking for.  I completely understand, I'm just adding my own thoughts and opinions -- for whatever that is worth to anyone.

    There are a lot of other suggestions made by a lot of people in this entire sub-forum section that I would also love to see considered for the final stages of Custom Settlements.  Particularly lots of 'mini' mods that people have talked about that could be great additions to Custom Settlements. 
  16. Request and Suggest

    Folthrik said:

    I've always felt unsafe camping out on the world map in Custom Settlements during the earlier stages of the game (When you have literally no protection or funds to recruit a decent military force).  Even when I later got myself a bunch of loyal troops to accompany me around on my travels, I always still have the faint haunting fear of being approached in the middle of the night and being ambushed.  Would love to see some concepts from the links above be incorporated in some fashion.  Keeping in mind it shouldn't take away from the fun of managing your own settlement.  It would be a nice immersion factor to be able to lightly fortify your position temporarily whenever you camp for the night though.  Nothing too hardcore or specific -- just some light benefits/defensive mechanisms to give you an advantage for taking the time to actually setup camp for the night and allow you and your fellow companions to rest; instead of rampaging about night after night like immortal undead champions. ; )

    The 'Rangers Company' seems to be a very neatly packed addition as well.  I imagine it could add a lot of political faction-faction interaction once things are ready for development in that area.  Handy link to keep in mind.

    Now moving on to a separate suggestion I'd like to make...

    Re-implement the 'Battles nearby take place in settlement with help of settlement troops' feature

    This excerpt below was taken from the 'Custom Settlements Original Thread'.  In the earlier versions of Custom Settlements, the ability to have battles near your settlement actually take place inside the settlement (with the help of garrisoned troops) really did happen.  For me personally this was one of the huge benefits and 'fun factors' that made me want to always stick around my settlement area because I could interact with it by luring enemy parties nearby and then unleashing the might of my settlement's noble garrison upon the unsuspecting foes.  The resulting auto-imprisonment that happened from knocking unconscious troops inside my settlement scene was another welcoming bonus.  See the following below.

    [quote author=wickedshot url=,53036.msg1367856.html#msg1367856]
    Settlement Main Features:

    Growing world.
    Patrols, Caravans, and Peasant Parties
    Turn 1 hero into your steward
    Settlement AI for lords
    Multiple Settlements
    Turn Heroes into Lords/Ladies
    Customizable and upgradeable
    Troops can be garrisoned
    Can wait in town
    Battles nearby take place in the settlement with the help of the settlement troops
    Different scenes for each combination of economy and military upgrades (9 different outdoor scenes)
    Indoor scenes for tavern (requires economy level 2), manor (military 1), castle (military 2), prison (economy 1, military 2)
    Chests you can store items in (1 to start, another one in manor and one more in castle)
    Troops in scenes are actual units in the garrison and are active: prisoners run about gathering resources, peasants visit others and spend time at home, troops attack enemies and then return to their post
    Occasional random encounters: travellers can visit, looters can wander near and become a nuisance
    Time spent in settlement outdoor scenes improves your parties morale (they enjoy the downtime) and your reputation with the settlement
    Time spent in settlement indoor scenes has benefits as well depending on building
    Patrolling the scene can lower corruption.
    Ability to set up mock battles using wooden weapons (got the idea from Lancien) under "Organize Population" menu (adds XP and upgrades to garrisoned troops based on training skill)
    Can spend time training workers (upgrades peasants into crafters, increasing productivity)
    Can spend time training recruits (upgrades peasants into recruits)
    Personal food stores aren't used up when near settlement
    Talk to Peasant Elder to get some information about your Lords.
    Talk to your lords/ladies to give them orders.

    Supplementary Features:
    Talk to village elders to convince some of the peasants there


    At the given moment, I've played the current .675 version of Custom Settlements all the way to the stage where I've grown my settlement to a Castle Town (The last and largest upgrade for a settlement), and and every other settlement on the world map at this stage is either a village or a manor village.  In my entire playing so far, I have not ever once had a battle on the world map take place in my settlement.  I've tried many times to lure enemy parties close, and then to begin combat, but it always takes place outside the settlement -- even if I'm right on top of the town on the world map.  Was this feature removed in the recent versions of the mod?  If it was removed by mistake, I think it would be a great feature to bring back.  It really added incentives to 'stick near your settlement to do fun stuff'.

    I'll try a re-download and re-install to see if maybe I just got my mod package corrupted or something.

    ~ Lord Naismith

  17. Custom Settlements 0.675 Bug Report Thread

    Townsmen and Townswomen Glitch

    Greetings fellow Custom Settlement fans,

    Just noting that there seems to be a residual glitch/bug from previous versions of the mod in regards to 'Townsmen'.  From my experience over the last bit, there are two main categories of 'travellers' that can visit your settlement while your actually in the scene.  (aka, your inside your settlement running about and doing stuff; Talking to merchants, patrolling the settlement, etc)

    Two Categories:
    - Military Troops (Adventurers, Protectresses, etc)
    - Citizens (Townsmen/Townswomen)

    I performed a test by leaving my computer on overnight while inside my settlement scene (Settlement for this test was Griffinhill).  When I woke up in the morning, there was a large crowd of Adventurers mixed with Townsmen and Townswomen.  A large crowd in this case is approximately 30-40 of them all crowded around.  Talking to the Townsmen and Townswomen gave me the options to 'Why don't you stay at my settlement?' dialogue.  They accept with the standard 'This place is amazing and so welcome.  I will bring my family here!'.  Once I finished doing this with all the Townsmen/Townswomen, I exited the scene, and to my disappointment there were no changes at all to the settlement population. 

    - No 'Townswomen/Townsmen' were added to the population at all
    - No additional Peasants were added
    - No additional Lumberjacks, Quarrymen, Farmers were added
    - Entire non-miltary population of the settlement remained unchanged

    I believe this may be the remains of the old Custom Settlement versions -- where Craftsmen used to exist as well as Townsmen.  With the new changes and additional roles such as Lumberjack, Quarrymen and Farmer, there new ones are supposed to replace the 'Townsmen/Townswomen' I think.  Might be something that needs to be quickly tuned up, but then again I'm not really sure if this is a problem.

    Just thought I'd report it anyways.  I really enjoy Custom Settlements.  There are a number of holes scattered throughout the mod, but there are twice as many wondrous improvements and fun additions that make up for it.  Looking forward to seeing Custom Settlements continue improving in all aspects.

  18. Redwall Abbey: Lord Naismith's Unofficial Settlement-Making Challenge

    . . . You can still roleplay a warrior mouse if you want :grin: Get a steel shield and bastard sword and don't ride your horse.

    +1!  =D

    The placement of the merchants sounds good enough.  I especially like the reasons the general merchant will be by the pond.  Put a wheelbarrow of apples and whaaazaamm!  --  He blends perfectly into the scene.  Err, that's how I see it at least. ^^

    Hmm, the banner idea as a substitute for the tapestry is a good idea.  (Imagine walking about Redwall and seeing Martin the Warrior all over the place on the walls! Not just in Great Hall! xD).  Using banners will definitely open up doors to getting it done -- we can ask one of the many 'banner' modders around in the community to make one -- someone finds a good image of the 'Tapestry' with Martin in it, sends the image to the banner-maker to use, and bam, home-made Martin the Warrior banner/tapestry!  Nice thought ares.  Definitely see that working.
  19. Redwall Abbey: Lord Naismith's Unofficial Settlement-Making Challenge

    My how fates collide!  That Redwall video is the exact one I watched just a few months ago -- it's the exact video that reminded me I have an awesome series called Redwall sitting on my bookshelf.  In fact, I bet that was the video that eventually led me to rekindle so much passion back for Redwall that it led me to conjure up this Settlement-Making Challenge.  Truly, it is quite a wonderful video, I even got the song on my MP3 after listening to it the first time all those months ago...or as Redwallers would many seasons ago...  ; )

    Yeah though Dain, I too am disappointed with how the animated series does cut out a lot of the detailed parts the books covered.  There are so many adventures, sub-plots, and finer descriptions in the book than the animated series covered.  Personally, I wish the scale of the battles were more accurate to the books.  In the books I get a sense of real fighting; full-fighting regiments of shrews to actual squirrel archers to actual fighting forces of otters and woodlanders.  Notice in the animated series the most number of creatures we see in any fight only numbers twenty or so?  From both the woodlander's AND villain's side.  I always was confused at how such massive fights in the books became such small-scale -- it's no fun seeing battles in books describing scores of stoats, weasels and rats fighting against ranks of woodlanders, archers, and otters and then suddenly seeing that entire battle be narrowed down to maybe three woodlanders, two archers, and the odd otter.  That's an army?

    But...I can see now why they probably did that.  Money and funding, and also the animated series probably just couldn't support artists to draw and animate that many figures on a television show the way the books did.  Still, I quite enjoyed seeing different aspects of Redwall at least brought to life via visual scenes and backdrops.  ^^

    @ Ares

    Wow!  I'm liking how the overall structure of the main abbey itself is coming along.  The screenshots you took show a pretty good progression of how your constructing it.  I would say that expanding the abbey to add in upper dormitories would be a really nice addition.  The infirmary also resides up here I believe, as does other rooms probably deemed as sleeping quarters or perhaps miscellaneous rooms.  Seeing how Cavern Hole looks, it would be quite neat to add another level, a manor would definitely be able to fit too.

    Haha, I already am itching to see what you've got Brockhall looking like.  =D

    I don't know if you have it on your list of things to do already, but I think the walls of Redwall could contain a few more towers dotted about.  I've seen a lot of variety in towers for Castles in Mount & Blade, I'm sure there are quite a few that could come close to replicating some of the 'normal' towers Redwall had.  (Mind you, I'm not talking about the gatehouse area).  Right now the walls look a bit...empty without additional towers.

    For the Merchant, Horse Merchant, and Prisoner area, this is where I think we have to be willing to sacrifice some of the reality of Redwall for the sake of the game mechanics that Mount & Blade demands.  I'm sure if you just put a typical stall for the merchants and horse merchant somewhere inside the walls of Redwall it wouldn't be that awkward.  Knowing how much people probably know Mount&Blade more than the Redwall series, it'll look normal to them. 

    For eye-candy, I have a few.  The tapestry for one is definitely something I'd like to see (Even if it seems its highly unlikely we can get a tapestry texture at the moment with high quality, etc), I also would like to see the 'Redwall' letters engraved on the steps between Cavern Hole and the Great Hall.  You know where Matthias, Cornflower, and Methulsulah uncover the hidden steps to Martin's chamber?  Where they find the belt and shield?  Thats the place I'm talking about.  (Foremole also helped them take away the stone slab hiding the stairway).  I think for Cavern Hole (Or where-ever the Redwall series hosts feasts), there is a special place where the Abbot resides.  I think it's much like the chair from say where Dumbledore sits at feasts in Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series.  Not sure if the Abbot's chair area is anything fancy, but it would be nice to see that little piece of eye-candy when visiting Cavern Hole/Great Hall.

    And haha, I actually thought this would make a great Mod idea for Mount & Blade itself too.  It came to me while I was writing up the original post.  Alas, I believe it's best to stick to what is possible first.  This Challenge is simply aiming to give Map-Makers a chance to create a custom settlement in as much likeness as Redwall Abbey as possible.  More importantly however, this is not to be accurate and only stick strictly to the books.  More preferably, I'd rather have map-makers aim to create a custom settlement that simply has touches of Redwall Abbey here and there -- enough so that when I go to claim it in-game, I can recognize it's general structure and go 'Haha!  I have come upon Redwall Abbey!  The finest settlement in the land!'.  But, I don't need to see every single aspect of Redwall present there.  Seeing a horse merchant standing in the middle of the Abbey and a Blacksmith selling his/her goods by the pond isn't going to be that devastating to me.  Again, the aim isn't to recreate Redwall Abbey 100% to it's detail, but simply create a settlement in the likeness of it -- to as much extent as humanly possible.

    Custom Settlements is already really great.  All I'm asking for is a small liddle settlement with a small likeness to Redwall Abbey that I can claim as my own, and have a small sense of joy in raising it and caring for it while I play the mod. 

    Can't wait to see what else you come up with.  Remember that you've got full control in your hands.  Artistic license rocks. =D

  20. Dungeon Settlement

    Just letting you know (For what my opinion's worth) that I've read through demerch's ideas and diagrams, as well as areas and Liquidninja.  I think they all have some sound ideas to give your settlement some pretty nice military upgrades via a 'Dungeon' manner.

    I'm not sure how implementable they are, but I think they are worth a shot if possible.  I would be thrilled to see how it would work out.

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