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  1. NorthernLeader

    Banner creator upgrade

    Hello. I have a question. How about a better clan banner maker? I mean when you start the game. If it was possible to combine more images and more colors together. We all know that some clans have complicated banners, but we can't make it like this. There are mods on PC that allow this, but we who play on consoles do not have this option.
    I agree with this fully. It really gets at me when I stroll around the map and see other NPC banners looking fire and mine looks like a kindergartener made it for me.
  2. NorthernLeader

    1.2.7 Battle initial deployment distance is too long sometimes (400/500+ feet/meter?)

    when enter battle, two army initially deploy distance is too long, sometimes over 400+ / 500+ /600+ feet/meters???

    then I have to travel all the way to the other side of map to attack enemy
    wait for my infantry to walk slowly to the target location

    What's the point of deployment troops like that?

    simulating in real battle enemy refuse to fight and hide away from you?
    It’s to make it more like battle simulation I feel and I love and hate this feature in ways but I see why it’s in the game.
  3. NorthernLeader

    Scarring and Face Painting System

    … wish we had this on console BL.
  4. NorthernLeader

    Victory to the Khuzait Khan's Guard

    Agreed for sure on this. Love me some horse archery on any sort of play through. I’ve always been a foot soldier kind of guy (FIAN CHAMPIONS) but I have loved the new patch and finally the transfer troop mid battle for console is finally working and I’m so happy cause now I can do just that split my troops mid battle and use either the foot soldier type archers to attack from different sides or do drive by sort deals with the horse archery. Ah man. The feels I tell ya. The feels.
  5. NorthernLeader

    Map of Calradia 1084 (January 2021)

    Work of art. Cheers.
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