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  1. kraggrim

    OSP Other 3D Art Gold Coins Piles

    Free to use on the condition that credit is given. Included are gold piles in three different sizes and some little scene props for scattered coins. Download
  2. kraggrim

    LSP 3D Art Scenes Galleon ship and static sea-battle scenes

    litdum said:
    kraggrim said:
    21k. Some bits really bulk it out, like the sails are 4.5k on their own. So you could probably streamline it if you're worried about that.
    Do you mean by streamline that we should order the mesh parts in brf 'from the one having highest number of faces to the one having smallest'? or in someway reduce the number of faces?

    Sorry for the late reply. Streamline was the wrong word here, I meant optimize. As in you could use Blender or whatever to reduce the number of faces if you wanted.
  3. kraggrim

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    @Sartek, yeah recruitment is a bit wonky at the minute (possibly more so with beastmen for some reason).Hopefully be patched soon.

    @hueman337, what faction type have you set your kingdom to?
  4. kraggrim

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    [ptx] said:
    Another (short) bug - are defections in this mod? If not, I don't think Lord Sundrim and Hold King Kazran Grimbrow should be vassals of Archaon. Also, Lord Sundrim has a whopping 5k renown.

    Weird. Can you look at your Game Log (not recent messages, to the left of that) and see if they're mentioned? Are the dwarfs destroyed as a faction?
  5. kraggrim

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    OldGreyBeard said:
    Can't figure this one. Once I ran the mini-patch, I keep getting RGL errors. I quit trying after the 2nd one.

    1st one:
    "ERROR: Unable to open file: Modules/Warsword Conquest Winds of Magic Edition Beta/Resource/pics_frelancer.brf" - copied it from another mod.

    2nd one:
    "ERROR: Unable to open file: Modules/Warsword Conquest Winds of Magic Edition Beta/Resource/chaos_dwarf.brf" :facepalm:

    "Downgraded" to pre-patch, and it's happily loading. :???:

    Am I really the only one who had this issue w/ the mini-patch? :?: :shock:

    I just looked and the mini patch module.ini doesn;t have chaos_dwarf.brf listed. Or the freelancer one. Are you sure you're not running some sort of weird combo with the 2016 version?

    Yeah for crashes follow kevinflemming's advice.
  6. kraggrim

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Cheers for the reports avarchillion, hopefully the bugs there will be fixed.

    Yeah we know folk want magic in sieges, it's been well and truly noted  :razz:.
  7. kraggrim

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    No it's a known bug, restarting the game should clear the ghost ships. Will hopefully be fixed...along with the other 200+ listed issues  :cry:.
  8. kraggrim

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Yozzer said:
    Reference multiplying ships. I re downloaded the mod, applied the new mini patch, and started a new character and game, but the first and following ports I visit when I bought a new ship, when I board my ship, after visiting land, I leave a short distance away on a duplicate ship. I have not had a CTD yet, but I will not use the ship as I suspect I will end up with multiple ships at every port  :lol:
    No big deal by the way, does not seem a terminal bug.
    I have found that if I save, quit the game and go back, the duplicates have all gone, and my original ship is where I last left it!
    I wonder if it because I have version 1.174 with the 1.170 exe supplied.
    Can anyone point me to where I can download the full version 1.170 just in case its causing the problem  :idea:

    Afaik that's not the cause. If the game's starting and you're not getting a stream of 2070 errors in battle then you're fine.

    Wendek is correct on the War Academy units.
  9. kraggrim

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Updating java and my hardware drivers seems to have helped with crashes for me, and uninstalling java completely helped for someone else. So worth a try if you're getting them.
  10. kraggrim

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    @adrakken They should be using WSE, it's required for the mod now (needed for magic and other stuff).

    @Yozzer, are you playing in realistic saving  mode by anychance?

    @ptx, yeah, that's a bug. On the long long long list of issues.
  11. kraggrim

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    kevinflemming said:
    There is currently a mini-patch available from the official Warsword Conquest Discord page, in the "mini-patches" section. It might help with some of the current issues. Not all, but some at least.

    Cheers kevin, forgot to link that.  Yeah as you guys can see Nameless is already cranking out fixes, so keep reporting please. Remember to check the list of known bugs on the moddb article.

    Also here's the list of fixed bugs for the mini patch. This fix is game save safe but not all features will work until you start a new game
    Fixed issues where minor missiles won't cool down after successful cast
    Fixed issues where minor missiles won't do damage
    Vampires can now use dhar magic
    You can now leave tavern without being forced to get drunk if you entered drunk dialogue
    Fixed 1 hand upstab animations
    Lord can no longer cast missiles in sieges (may require new game to take effect)
    Araby lords will no longer be naked in the castle (new game required to take effect)
    Fixed issue where Ryze the grave call will not summon enough troops
    Fixed issue where village name at top was wrong at village menu
    Set chaos locations to be set to lords instead of random (new game required to take effect)
    You can now set kingdom troops in camp menu before you have your own kingdom
    cattle follow option always available
    Fixes to chaos dwarf scenes

    Yeah some people are getting a lot of crashes unfortunately. The WSE crash logs are reporting it as EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION. If anyone has a clue as to how to solve this please speak up. It seems pretty random, folk are reporting getting it when fighting many different types of enemies, goblins, high elves, skaven, bretonnians etc etc.
    > Info
    Time: 25/11/2018 02:05:25
    Type: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xC0000005, 0x00000000, 0x58D83CC4)
    > Stack trace
    0x00610C5A mb_warband.exe+0x210C5A (??+0x0)
    0x3C160AE6 ??+0x3C160AE6 (??+0x0)
    0x3C160AE6 ??+0x3C160AE6 (??+0x0)
  12. kraggrim

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Revan Shan said:
    (CHAOS DWARF COLONIES? I mean... what??).

    Chaos Dwarfs rule, that's what. 

    Estalia are extremely unlikely to be added.

    Keep reporting bugs guys, they're being noted. Feedback too.
  13. kraggrim

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Yeah forest goblins seem to be causing crashes a lot, though inconsistently  :cry:.
  14. kraggrim

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Yeah I don't think training camps were ever tested at all, totally forgotten tbh.

    Strange about the arena, I thought those were all fixed.
  15. kraggrim

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    YourStepDad said:
    What happened to the main menu artwork that was present in the previous version?

    Gotta delete or rename the TexturesHD folder in your main warband folder, those overwrite what;s in the mod afaik.
  16. kraggrim

    [MBMC] Mount & Blade Modding Contest [October 2018][3D Art]

    Cheers guys! Congrats to Avellium, I knew we'd be close Thanks to the sponsors and organizers.

    Yours was actually my favourite Weren, already got a use lined up for it (and Avelium's).
  17. kraggrim

    Dev Blog 08/11/18

    BIGGER Kentucky James XXL said:
    Is this a warband texture? Where's the normalmap, seeing as the warband version didn't have one (or didn't have a good one, iirc?)?

    Good spot. It has a crappy autogenerated one in Warband.

    Tbh that whole screenshot kinda puts me off. Maybe it's just a bad composition but it doesn't look like a good atmosphere.
  18. kraggrim

    [MBMC] Mount & Blade Modding Contest [October 2018][3D Art]

    NPC99 said:
    It doesn't need editing, it just looked as though you'd managed to get a smoother normal map in certain areas (such as the ship hull and windows) than elsewhere. The normal map generators I've used tend to treat the whole image the same way.

    Do a levels adjustment before converting if you want that. For this kind of thing I'd actually keep the gradients, just try to reduce/remove the shiny highlights (again with levels adjustment) and any other out of place bits.
  19. kraggrim

    [MBMC] Mount & Blade Modding Contest [October 2018][3D Art]

    Forum username: kraggrim
    Submission name: Shield of the Heavens
    Download link:

    By submitting this work I agree to the rules and regulations of this contest.


  20. kraggrim

    [submod] huebydoo's Heavies

    It's just the brf and textures, so you'll need to follow the usual steps for adding a new item.

    The casque is from NW, so uploading it for use in Warband is a bit iffy.
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