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  1. "Unable to connect to server"

    i had not played in a year and today when i started playing again i got this error, but i changed the use_secure_connection = 0
    and now it works.
  2. Mount & Blade 2 announced!

    is this real?
  3. how to not lose relation with your vassals?

    bump... i have lost 2 more vassals this is getting annoying i cant even enter my own cities anymore cus my vassals have banned me.
  4. how to not lose relation with your vassals?

    I have become the tsar of the muscovites and at the beginning i had good relations with almost everyone but now im -30 with all my vassals and 1 has already betrayed me and joined another faction. How do i keep them happy without doing the tasks for them wich i dont feel like doing? I keep...
  5. Tsar Alexei is my Prisoner. Now what?

    just talk to him and ask to set him free for a ransom.
  6. Extract character from corrupted save?

    I had a game 500 days long and my save got corrupted, now every time i try to load it the game just crashes. Is there a way to extract my character from that save?
  7. B Musket Era Sound and Smoke FX Mod v3.0 up!

    nvm i just used steams verify integrity chache and it replaced it with the original, sometimes steam is great  :grin:

    the sounds i am keeping though they are really great.
  8. B Musket Era Sound and Smoke FX Mod v3.0 up!

    can someone please upload the original smoke settings i forgot to backup it and the smoke during night is just too much.
  9. Hate towards the camps!

    ive never seen any npc units use the wagon fort other than caravans.
    Perfect for grenades  :grin:
  10. Did Mount&Blade: With Fire & Sword Meet Your Expectations?

    i was disappointed at first when i kept getting oneshotted cause i tried to charge in like in warband, but after i learned the new way to play i find this more exciting.
  11. My king is imprisoned!

    The king of sweden is taken prisoner and has been so for 50 days~ and i want to join another faction but i cant ask the king to release me, ive visited him in his prison and the option to ask him to release me isnt there. I dont have the army to siege the city either. What can i do?
  12. is there a swedish storyline?

    im 244days into the game and i am a vassal of the swedish king and own 1 village, i have only found 1 special mission for sweden and that was delivering a horse to the king, after that i havent found anymore. Can i still support sweden and complete another factions storyline?
  13. Companions leaving on a whim?!

    does anyone have a list of compatible companions? this is one annoying feature i dont understand why they didnt remove.
  14. With Fire & Sword: Questions and Answers

    is powder and shag worthless? ive never found a market that pays more than 50 thaler.
  15. Fixed Troop Tree Upgrades (Complete w/ Factions)

    i dont seem to have this issue? i can upgrade all units just fine
  16. Who's going back to Warband?

    with fire and sword is now the 11th most played game on steam and has more players than warband  :grin:
  17. Come on, where is it?

    tried to buy it from direct2drive but it refused my visa so had to buy it from steam  :evil:
  18. [M] The Deluge - general discussion

    i dont understand the relation between this mod and the game fire and sword that is for sale.
    Are they the same thing? Same developers?
  19. Map travel speed

    i put 5 horses in inventory and it made 0 difference in speed
  20. Multiplayer not working?

    theyre up now
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