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  1. In Progress PS5) Can't update my game.

    We are sorry for the troubles. We are working towards bringing the latest versions to the asia region as soon as possible. Hopefully within this month. 🤞
    thank you for answering 😁 happy new year
  2. In Progress PS5) Can't update my game.

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Hello, i live in South Korea and i'm enjoying this game in PS5 but i heard about 1.2 update and search for some news and saw that PS5 Asia region is still don't get update. am i correct about this info or only...
  3. Patch Notes v1.2.7

    We have the same issue. I guess it's not out for region 3 yet. I hope it reaches us soon I'm itching to play v1.2
  4. Patch Notes v1.2.7

    when do i get PS5 update in South Korea ?
    i tried to update the game but it says its newest version.
    btw, thanks to devs for new update
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