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  1. Achilles MçDonald™

    next Warlords battle: saturday 25.April, about 19:00 (Greenwich+1)

    HI Beron,

    Why are you posting this here? This is the wrong section!

  2. Achilles MçDonald™

    Adding to admin tools

    Hi, How could I add something to the admin tools? (for which files i should look for, ect) for ex: Teleport all players here Greets,
  3. Achilles MçDonald™

    Code to change scene

    Froi said:
    Maybe he is looking for the code that restarts the mission?  Or is associated with restarting it?

    Yes like that :grin:
  4. Achilles MçDonald™

    Code to change scene

    Hi, What is the code to change the map/scene?
  5. Achilles MçDonald™

    Questions & Scripts! [OSP Thread]

          (str_store_string, s3, "@You Decapitated your foe!"),
          (multiplayer_send_string_to_player, ":attacker_agent_id", server_event_local_chat, s2),
  6. Achilles MçDonald™

    [ZVL] Administration

    Administration & Referee Style Achilles MçDonald™ Administration & Referee Sharky Sharky1510 Administration & Referee Uhtred LowesyPC
  7. Achilles MçDonald™

    BeNe Nation's Cup 2015! Silver! Goed gedaan boys, ALLEJOPPAAAA!!

    In-Game Name: Yondu
    Steam Name:
    Classes: Archer
    Clan(Altijd leuk om te weten): Legend
    Kleine introductie over jezelf of opmerkingen of mooie foto's of youtube filmpjes die je wilt posten of een mooie selfie of weet ik veel wat:
    Lekker weertje vandaag he?
  8. Achilles MçDonald™

    [ZVL] Information, rules and applications (OPEN)

    Tardet said:
    Thanks for the updates, looks definetly better like that.

    Concerning the flags, what I meant is that, will there be a system close to the Native one, to discourage camping ? Such as flag spawning at 2:00min, to possibly three differents positions on the map.

    Maybe an annoucement that we're looking for officials mappers would be a good idea ? We'll, maybe not this edition, but definetly for the next one, need custom maps.

    Flags will spawn! :smile:
  9. Achilles MçDonald™

    [ZVL] Information, rules and applications (OPEN)

    Tardet said:
    As an ex Native player of the Renegades, I absolutly love the idea, so a big thanks for organisating it, I know it must be a lot of work. However, I would like, in the aim to make this League the most "playable" possible, raise two or three points which might arouse your interest.

    * Concerning the stuff, I read the rules and I would first like to know the amount of money which will be given at every round. Speaking about the few events/clan war I've played with my clan, I can say that 2000 gold is the minimal amount of gold you need to make yourself a correct stuff with decent armor, javelins, and such for Norse, as an exemple. However, I guess that If the system follows the Native one, everyone will start with a normal golds amount (It's 1000g on Native, might need a few more on Viking, can't really say ?), and the upgrades will be made by the normal system. You kill people or you survive/win rounds, you earn money and can get better armors ? This might sounds pretty obvious, but maybe a clearification about that will be needed for the ones who never played the WNL or ESC. Looking to the few events they made, they might think the League is the same thing, just on a smaller scale. Though, I do hope it will be a bit different here, and as nothing has been written about it, maybe it would be better If everyone got to know that, based on the fact specified above, that not everyone who registered in the ZNL, have previously played in a Warband Competition of the same kind.

    * The second point, which is once again kind of obvious, is the fact that your stuff is only limited by the amount of money you have. In the WNL, you have absolutly any rules about the armors/weapons. I guess it will be the same thing here ? So basically, you won't have the rules you can see in bigger events, like 1 lancer out of 3 guys or 1 archer out of 6 guys. If one team deciced to spawn with 8 cavs, or 8 archers, they, since there is no rules about it, have the full right to do so and can't be punished for it. Would be nice if everyone had that in minds. As the DCL is kind of recent and can appear as slightly unbalanced for some individuals, I wouldn't like to see people starting raging or complaining about it. It's part of the game, the League aims not only to show who has the 8 best infantry warriors, but which team can make the best use of the field or of the factions. And once again, as the DLC is still not completly finished, the difference between some factions still appears as a bit unclear for me. It's not as pronounced as for Native, where you know which are the advantages of the Nords (Axes/FreeJavs for Cav), Sarranids (Balanced Faction) Vaeguirs (Strong Archers and Cav), Swadia (Capacity to get good armors very quickly), ect .. For now, the differents Factions on Vikings have maybe "some" differences with the main weapons (Axes for the Norse/ Sword for the Britons) but they all have the same bows for instance, the cheap armors may appear as unique for each factions, but as soon as you get the better one, it's mail and gambesons for most of them.

    * Also, what about the flags which are one of the most importants thing in the WNL ? Is this possible on Viking or do you plan to implant it ? It was to my eyes the best solution to discourage camping, and If nothing is found to prevent it, people may aswell complain about it. So it's just a head-up, maybe you could tell us more about it, what you might have in mind ?

    * Same goes for the custom maps ? Can we expect to see custom maps for the future editions, which would bring more competitions and tactics than what the map made by the developpers could do ?

    I really mean not to offense anyone by this post, opinions can be differents about it, but since this League aims, for me,  to be similar to the WNL, I think that it's important to take all these points in considerations, that's why I felt the need to share it.

    I added you on steam If you want to discuss about it, or need any kind of help and I do apologize for the long post, don't feel oblige to read it If you're not concerned or interested by it.

    Best of luck to everyone :smile:


    Thanks for your comment. There was a lack of information I updated it. What did you mean with the flags? For the custom maps i hope some people would make competitive maps for us. There are not alot of closed maps.

    LowesyPC said:
    Achilles MçDonald™ said:
    Kjertesvein said:
    Stream on twitch?


    I don't know if someone is going to stream on twitch :cry:..

    I can after this week, (29th) of people want it streamed I can. Just if it a Bebbanburg match I'd rather not stream for our PoV for obvious tactical reasons.

    I talked to you on steam about it.

    Kjertesvein said:
    Achilles MçDonald™ said:
    Kjertesvein said:
    Stream on twitch?


    I don't know if someone is going to stream on twitch :cry:..
    Alright. I can hope. :smile: There are 25 people watching another VC streamer, could be a small thing maybe. :smile: Just remember to put delay on 2 - 3 min.

    If you could add me on steam or i can add you on steam then we could talk about it :grin:!

  10. Achilles MçDonald™

    [ZVL] Information, rules and applications (OPEN)

    Kjertesvein said:
    Stream on twitch?


    I don't know if someone is going to stream on twitch :cry:..
  11. Achilles MçDonald™

    [ZVL] Information, rules and applications (OPEN)

    Furrnox said:
    We switched banner sorry.


    Updated it! :grin:
  12. Achilles MçDonald™

    [ZVL] Information, rules and applications (OPEN)

    Added The Isle of Mann & Hrefningar to the teams!
  13. Achilles MçDonald™

    [ZVL] Information, rules and applications (OPEN)

    Added Blodskam to the teams!

    Gerdferder said:
    RobinWar said:
    imo you should make it around January?

    I'd also be inclined to agree - A lot of people are gonna be away around Christmas, so I'd imagine that attendance is gonna be lower than usual for all the clans involved.

    Maby i will put two weeks deadline instead of one.
  14. Achilles MçDonald™

    [NOTICE] Dedicated Server Files (1.170/2.032)

    I tried it too with the new scripts.txt. The admin chat didn't work :sad:!
  15. Achilles MçDonald™

    [ZVL] Information, rules and applications (OPEN)

    Furrnox said:
    Blodskam would like to join if we could be allowed to play on Fridays only.
    Or if we could possibly play before/after linebattles but Fridays are prefferd.


    You have to discuss the date and time with the clan leader ur facing with.
  16. Achilles MçDonald™

    [ZVL] Information, rules and applications (OPEN)

    Added Village of Berufell to the teams!
  17. Achilles MçDonald™

    [ZVL] Information, rules and applications (OPEN)

    Added Firewyne Mercenary Company to the teams!
  18. Achilles MçDonald™

    [ZVL] Information, rules and applications (OPEN)

    Added Kingdom of Mercia to the teams!
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