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  1. sergeant113

    Little Helper

    The unit with highest level follows the player, for what reason I do not know
  2. sergeant113

    WARBAND - Questions About Tactics, Strategy and Overall Gameplay

    Did the mod made changes in the action.txt file?
  3. sergeant113

    POLL: Want you a future Brytenwalda expansion? You Choose (Read before voting)

    Italy...come on, who doesn't want to make puppet the Pope?
  4. sergeant113

    POLL: Want you a future Brytenwalda expansion? You Choose (Read before voting)

    Voted for Italy divided
    Reason: the cultural between East (Byz) and West(Visigoth+Lombard). Also, there's a lot of possibilities for interesting features such as influencing the Bishop of Rome (Pope), Belisarius's expedition, Sicilian's Emirate, lots of Byzantine politics,... 
  5. sergeant113

    To many peasants in parties

    I was thinking earlier that it seems quite unnatural that over a short amount of time, a person can increase his stats (aka strength, agility, charisma or intelligence!!!). It should take more than years for such changes to be noticeable. So I propose that a faction soldier's stats stay the same throughout the troop tree with only weapon efficiency and equipments and skills changes to reflect his advancement in ranks.
  6. sergeant113

    Faction specific troops

    What special units are available for the Byzantines? How about Varangian Guards as Town mercenary or a troop tree of heavy cavalry like this: stratatoi (medium cav) > Kavallarioi (heavy cav) > Kataphractoi (extra heavy cav).
  7. sergeant113

    The Updated Version.

    Weeee! Can't wait to play as the legitimate Roman once it is completed!
  8. sergeant113

    Mamluke numbers crazy high?

    AI lords receive recruits from kingdom reinforcement parties coming from towns. What interesting is that somehow Sarranid is the only faction that receive reinforcement as Mamluke; the rest receives lower-tier troops such as Horsemen for Vaegir or Men-at-arms for Swadia (they get to kngihts from  the bonus XP winning battles and the commandinng lords)
  9. sergeant113

    [S]1257 AD (improved) - old discussions

    the official module is not out yet. He is using the 1.105 module that "leaked"  out a some days ago, so you just have to be content with the incompatibilities at the moment.
  10. sergeant113

    MP Antiquity [WB] Ancient Phalanxes, a mod to encourage teamwork

    Just a small off-topic question: what's the difference between aspis and hoplon
  11. sergeant113

    AD 1257 - enhancements - new offshot mod?

    how many time larger is it compared to native?
  12. sergeant113

    [S]1257 AD (improved) - old discussions

    No, they never officially reach France. But after the Battle of Legnica and the Battle of Mohi, virtually no European army put up much resistance against the Mongol horde. So, Mongol raiding forays were spotted as far as the Balkan, Greece, and various places in Western Europe.
  13. sergeant113

    AD 1257 - enhancements - new offshot mod?

    Ruarz said:
    What I really want to see in a mod is a better combat model - everyone just piles in in M&B. Watch Braveheart or Kingdom of Heaven or any film with an epic battle scene, all the troops are spread out more, and evenly on the battlefield, picking out opponents then moving onto the next.


    So much for individual combat, eh?
    Hollywood is seldom trusted when it comes to portraying Medieval combat.
  14. sergeant113

    AD 1257 - enhancements - new offshot mod?

    Is there a way to pause in the middle of Battle to give command before continuing? The closest thing  to Pause is Ctrl+F9 (with cheat enable), I think.
  15. sergeant113

    A question about "cardboard cutout" models

    Isn't it already the case now?
  16. sergeant113

    [Observation]Balance between troop types is very medieval

    As of now, Rhodock infantry outmatch both Vaegir and Swadian Infantry in custom battles when both sides are at equal numbers. Maybe they need help vs cavalry, but that should not turn them into superb infantry either. They're revolted peasants by origin, remember? :wink:

    Edit: I think their armor and the piked club 2 handed version make killing Rhodock vet spearmen a pain in the butt
  17. sergeant113

    M&B Warband Beta version 0.860 is released

    okiN said:
    Turanien said:
    Ladders are now fixed but... They can't be pushed away by the defenders anymore.  :neutral: :lol:

    Really? Not even when nobody's standing on them?

    Yup yup. I spent quite a while running around, looking at the ladder at all possible angles, even hacking it and kicking it but the ladder prevails. :roll:
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