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  1. absox11

    story of chobo kill all the farmers and they die

    Vonhagen said:
    Chobo_the_Barbarian said:
    later chobo go and attack swadian king with ax!

    chobo smart and hire hired blades who work with him.

    and chobo got heroes to help too,

    but hero called borcha seems not trust worthy.   

    when chobo attack swadian king he had killed many tincans with ax and teeth and bare hand but chobo got shot in back by arrow from borcha!

    chobo go mad and run toward borcha killing more swadians   

    but when chobo swings ax at borcha nothing happens!

    chobo alt f4 in rage

    Absox no know of what "alt f4" chobo say of.

    xD, this kid is awesome... where is he now?

    lost it on that one
  2. absox11

    The strongest of bows

    G36E said:
    The PD mechanic killed crossbows.
    At 10 PD, a Strong War Bow can take down anything short of a Nord Veteran with a shot to the upper body, however, you might as well use rocks if you want to do that with a Masterwork Siege Crossbow (Odd really, considering the penetrating power of a crossbow bolt). AND crossbows take longer to reload AND the heavier variants are not usable on horseback.

    Not that I'm complaining of course.

    We obviously then, need a rebalance of the crossbow... xD
    I'd like to see a repeating xbow in some mods as well, they had them in the far east, I believe...

    xD, anyhow, I've found out for myself what a masterwork is now, pretty neat.
  3. absox11

    Mount & Blade 2: Sequel of Heaven

    Nathan90 said:
    Well M&B 2 hasn;t even been confirmed as far as i's just people moaning about features they want in M&B but will never be added so they start going on about M&B 2 haveing's Stupid in my opinion, Armagan and Co Have just finished M&B and are immediatly Pushed into M&B 2..people should let them relax now.

    *cracks whip* never!!! back to work, armagan!!! xD...
    Well, wishful thinking is always good. I do hope it comes out...

    @ AvaRice... link meh? :O
    They totally have to integrate online play.. >_>
    That's the feature that's stopping most of my friends from getting this game...
  4. absox11

    The strongest of bows

    Hank said:
    I lol'd at the fact that my favorite alcoholic drink is Strong Bow.

    QFT. Tho could someone fill me up on what the heck a masterwork is? That is, being the noob I am, I have never encountered one. What version were they added in? 1.003?
  5. absox11

    Your recent experiences with weaponry

    I generally Strong Bow + Khergit Arrows + Sabre + Kite Shield

    Eh, not too good of a range here, but it works fairly nicely on horseback, dealing fairly hefty damage. 96 range - 96 speed I think for the sabre, 30 something damage...
    using a bastard sword 1 handed is rather slow, I find, and ineffective, and a shield is VERY convenient if you find yourself unhorsed and mobbed. It can soak up damage for a while as you hack their numbers down (Sabre will generally 1 hit most ppl if you have decent aim/stats)...
  6. absox11

    Going it alone.

    Lyx said:
    I suspect it to be VERY difficult..... near impossible but not impossible.... to concquer all calradia on your own without any vassals. Securing a faction-sized area for you is already very difficult when going that route, but shooting for all calradia is like going for an all time highscore - its a logistic nightmare.

    Do your troops ever sally out to attack the beseigers? In my experience, they've never done that... >_>
    Even when they had them outnumbered like mad, and were higher tier as well.
  7. absox11

    Rhodoks are great and unbeatable

    ttsec said:
    Pii100 said:
    ttsec said:
    and I have fought against elite armies twice my size and not loose a single man.
    It doesn't matter are you rhodok or something else, but that is actually not possible without 1/2 damage to allies.

    I have everything to "Normal" and AI on "Average". 

    It is very possible. 

    In fact, I've single handedly killed 10 Khergit Lancers by myself and not die, and in that case, it would be an army 10x's my size. 

    Lol, have you watched Atilla's (atilla owns, xD, atilla16 that is) vid on youtube? He owned 57 black khergits on his own... (well, back in the good old days when they still existed)

    Not impressive, I play with everything on normal, combat speed to faster, and AI on Good. In fact, the AI on good still isn't particularly good... Unless you're on foot, you're screwed, they swarm you (if you're soloing.)
  8. absox11

    Port to Vers 1.003 ?

    Llew2 said:
    I need a module system first.

    As for time...You're asking me:lol:

    So, I guess all we can do is wait?
  9. absox11

    Castles...More than just a fortification

    wow, you've provided quite a comprehensive list... :O

    I do think this is a good idea, as castles were very significant structures for their area, dominating the landscape and controlling much of the economy...
  10. absox11

    Infantry Charge Has Mass...

    For example, when you charge a horse into a mass of infantry, it'll knock the men down. So why can't the same happen with an infantry charge? The soldiers, being tangible objects, should be able to collide with the enemies' bodies, shields, etc. You should be able to actively push back the enemy...
  11. absox11

    They won't give me a castle :(

    But you need noble lords as vassals... and therein lies the problem. nobles have already committed to someone already generally.
  12. absox11

    I think it is time to remove some mercs

    Eh, either way, archer fire isn't completely accurate. you can throw them off pretty easily if you have enough athletics and light enough armor. just zig zag a lot.
  13. absox11

    English Claiment for the Throne?

    sorry, i was replying to an older post, didn't notice the othe 2 pages.
    I'm used to vBulletin boards.
  14. absox11

    English Claiment for the Throne?

    xD yeah, I mean wtf, there's a person claiming to be a prince, but they're a woman..
  15. absox11


    Yeah, it would be nice to have a suffix before your name...
  16. absox11

    Help/Bug with Graphics

    lulz realistic steel textures... Im pretty sure that's quite far from realistic.
  17. absox11

    Does anybody know that helmet?

    Llew2 said:
    Looks like TLD. The armor at least.

    The last days? I've been wondering where that mod went...
  18. absox11

    They won't give me a castle :(

    Tat said:
    Morale is a big issue for me as well . . .

    Would be nice with some sort of morale boost from something - like in hegemony they've got the camps and crates . . .  A title would be nice for a boost or perhaps just camping - i figure soldiers who're just chillin' must have a higher morale . . .

    solution- go to the nearest villages and loot them, grab as much of good food (ale and wine) and sausages and whatnot. it helps.
  19. absox11

    French and English made peace with each other...

    Llew2 said:
    I'm afraid there's nothing I can do about it then. Just try waiting for a bit, it shouldn't take long for them to declare war again.

    xD I find the best solution to this is to run around trying to find a lord who wants to provoke war, then take his caravan killing mission.
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