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  1. Artimenner

    About a Future TW game.

    Actually yes.
    If we don´t report bugs freely we should then demand 5 euros for each bug before reporting them? That how i read your words.
    Mods are optional. Not everyone uses them, now not even everyone can. And if someone is bound to pay for mods. It will be the player. Not the company behind the game. So that end in the same path. Hence it need to be the reporting of bugs we do freely.

    Or what do you mean we do freely that we should stop doing?
    You are completely in another conversation dude.
  2. Artimenner

    About a Future TW game.

    So you think this game would have been better today if no one had reported a bug?
    Completely lost you here,Did i say anything like that?What does this has to do with what i said?
  3. Artimenner

    About a Future TW game.

    No. The 'moral' approach for TW is to finish the game they've released and sold now for a year; that includes the 'mod tool' aspects that is doing a lot of heavy-lifting for them. What we do after with said tools in our free time (or not) or if some decide to make theirs locked behind some patreon exclusive, is on us to resolve.
    Agree on that but if we continue to offer our time freely TW will never provide a decent game,will always hide behind mods and make money on our backs.
  4. Artimenner

    About a Future TW game.

    Given the state of the game and the fact that mods keep them alive.I would say a more morally approach for TW is to just give the base game on around 20 bucks/euros.Then to pay extra for some mods in the tier of "in the name of jerusalem" or "DADG" always under agreement with TW.Those devs need...
  5. Artimenner

    Downloading mods is a nightmare

    Οh god so many awesome mods being abbandoned because of this.Bannerlord is a joke without mods.And even using them is a pain in the ass.
  6. Artimenner

    Taleworlds appreciation thread

    You look like a TW bot.You wont change anyones opinion on what Bannerlord really is.
  7. Artimenner

    Need mod

    We desperately need someone to buy the franchise off the failwords hands.
  8. Artimenner

    Taleworlds are good transparent developers

    I have seen u make statements like that on here.....this must be one of Armagans fake profiles.
  9. Artimenner

    It's still ****

    Taleworlds Developer Armagan is an absolute force to be reckoned with. His supreme knowledge of the gaming industry and its many nuances has enabled him to rise to the top of game development around the world. Armagan's intelligence and openness to feedback have only made him more revered in his peers and colleagues alike, as he consistently works hard to improve user experience and build better worlds for all gamers everywhere. His outspoken presence online might lead some people to question his decisions, but what they must remember is that he is always right; it would be naive not to trust his words and respect them as gospel for all things game-oriented.
    Armagan cares only for his pockets.I cant imagine how he might have any love for him game considering the asthetics of the late added maps and poor content of the game in general.I wish i could pay the guys of ''dell arte della guerra'' or in the name of jerusalem'.Those guys love their work.Bannerlord is just a demo.
  10. Artimenner


    You just load the scene into the scene editor and either add prefabs from the prefab menu or add an empty entity and then attach a mesh from the drop down list. The absence of terrain doesn't matter other than it makes it difficult to judge how you new assets will look against terrain until seen in game. As noted before, look at the official modding documentation and familiarise yourself with the Tools Scene Editor.

    These video tutorials should help you with the basics of scene editing
    Thnx man i appreciate
  11. Artimenner


    The terrain is there and will appear in game. It's just not editable without SceneEditData. You could just try adding your prefabs and flagging them to sync to terrain height. Then test in game to see how they turn up.
    Yes as i said i dont know how to do so.How do i export those assets into the game?
  12. Artimenner


    I'm not totally clear on what you are trying to do. However, assuming you want to give Native scenes a make over you have three possible approaches in the absence of SceneEditData:

    1. You can remove terrain, which will leave all entities and navmesh in the scene but will also erase the scene's paint layers and material maps, and rebuild your own terrain and paint layers from scratch.
    2. You can batch export the Native scene's entities to a new scene by cutting and pasting their entity records from the Native scene's scene.xscene file to a new scene with editable terrain. You'd then have to adjust all the assets z heights to match your new terrain. I'd try giving then flags to ground them.
    3. You could ignore the fact that you can't see the terrain in the editor (it will still turn up in game). Then, you could try editing the scene.xscene file to change the paint textures and flora applied to layers for a different look in game (you would be stuck with the existing uneditable materialmaps). Buildings could be made over by overriding Native materials or by overriding meshes with a new building with the same footprint. The main problem is flora in scene which was flora painted (i.e. not a flora layer or an entity placed mesh) as I've not found a way to replace these without the missing SceneEditData.

    For new terrain you'd have to adjust navmesh height and check it remains appropriate to your changes. The navmesh.bin file can be transferred from one scene to another but may need editing.
    Thnx for your time.What i want to do is actually easier.Because some scenes have empty spaces and plenty of room available i want to add some staff to spice them up a bit.All i want is to implement some entities/prefabs into the scene.And i dont know how. These staff cant be added with the scene because the absence of SceneEditData will leave the scene without terrain as you said.So i want to export them individually if its possible.
  13. Artimenner


    Basically yes what i need to do is to export entities individually into game's scenes without the need of exporting the scene itself because there is no terrain available.Thnx for the response
    Individual entities can be exported as obj files from a scene in the Scene Editor. Alternatively, assets can be exported from the game's asset folders using TpacTool.
    If you meant adding items into an existing scene this can be done in the scene editor by adding prefabs or by adding an empty entity and then giving it a mesh. I suggest you look at the official documentation and familiarise yourself with the Tools.
    Basically yes what i need to do is to export entities individually into game's scenes without the need of exporting the scene itself because there is no terrain available.Thnx for the response
  14. Artimenner


    Hello.How can i extract individual entities into existing scenes and not the hole scene?
  15. Artimenner

    TaleWorlds Should Consider Paying Modders

    Dont put Bohemia and Failworlds on the same boat.Bohemia loves their products and respects their faithfull customers.Dont expect anything close to that from FW.
  16. Artimenner


    Guys TW general approach to the game can be concluded in the last added Vlandian city scene.Its the worst thing ever created by professional designers.Pure disgrase.I agree with everything you said.Full priced game but still we count on modders to enjoy basic staff.
  17. Artimenner

    Few things about 1.9.0

    So basically this is it regarding content.No interior scenes (keeps,taverns).Most castles are sharing the same scene.New scenes are very badly designed.The so called banners are few and bad.Bannerlord was a huge cashgrap for me and what is even worse is that we dont even have the tools yet to...
  18. Artimenner

    TW : Every Castle Will Be Unique

    They said every scene will be unique.But i dont trust them an inch.Best case scenario they will add some lazy crappy ones like the last batch.
  19. Artimenner

    Genuinely question for the devs and players.

    Well guys.........After reading all those comments iam more mad than before.RD is the gravestone.They abandoned completely the game.
  20. Artimenner

    CEO Statement regarding the release

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