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  1. SP Fantasy [WB] A Game of Thrones

    but if freelancer is implented it would be relatively easy to make you able to be promoted to kingsguard when in the kings army
  2. SP Fantasy [WB] A Game of Thrones

    but wont the lord Lady Maege Mormont get a custom armour all she is asking for is one armour so just make that armour available to buy/win/find and i think everyone will be happy
  3. SP Fantasy [WB] A Game of Thrones

    Heres two more gods the mother iam real proud of actually but as for the maiden i really want response
    and with those words only one god left and that is the warrior which i think will take some time as a mere search for the warrior on google will turn up a millions results



    PS love the cape on the armour
  4. SP Fantasy [WB] A Game of Thrones

    This is my latest work of the seven and its the father and haters probably gonna hate but my personal depiction of him is stannis so if you want to state your mind do soo but as already hard discussed that won't mean i change him

  5. SP Fantasy [WB] A Game of Thrones

    Kjempeklumpen said:
    Is it just me, or does this god suspiciously resemble Altair?? :oops:

    Two point for seeing that but i would be glad if you could expalin this a little more as iam very fond of suggestions :smile:

    Kjempeklumpen said:
    Yeah, the Stranger, representing Death. I would say the Father, the Warrior and the Smith would look a bit different (but I mat be wrong)...

  6. SP Fantasy [WB] A Game of Thrones

    Once again guess the god  :smile:


  7. SP Fantasy [WB] A Game of Thrones

    Count of Flanders said:
    Very nicely done sir, you are a true artist, hats off to you :smile: My knowledge of westeros lore is so bad I have no clue as to who it is  :sad:

    Coming from the master of art himself truly means something  :mrgreen:

    Celticpred said:
    The Crone im guessing. Also great Bolton armor count. I want to recruit those guys just for their armor now lol.

    A golden star for you  :grin:
  8. SP Fantasy [WB] A Game of Thrones

    See who it is? a tip is its one of the seven
    Tell me what you think and a gold star if you can pinpoint where i got the main background from  :mrgreen:

    With and without color


  9. SP Fantasy [WB] A Game of Thrones

    hiner said:
    By popular demand (and because I just wanted to :wink:):  Harrenhal - The Remake

    From afar.

    Main gate and the Kingspyre

    Overview of the entrance.  Bigger building on the left is the stable.

    The bear pit.  (Note: This will not be changed, at least by me, cuz IT WAS A B***H TO DO.  So don't even bother saying anything.  :grin:OK?:grin:)

    View from the harbor. (Another note!!  Please no complaints or anything saying that there wasn't a harbor or any of that bull.  For more info, please reference my post #1460 back on pg. 98.  If you go to the webiste listed there, its the pic along the top, 3rd from the left.)

    From the godswood.

    All 5 towers.

    Hope you all enjoy.  Please feel free to comment and leave constructive criticism.  Any comments that are posted bout the Bear Pit or the harbor will be disregarded by me personally.  The mod team will make changes as needed or seen fit.


    SGT Hiner
    338th QM FLD SVC CO
    U.S. Army, Indiana National Guard

    This is truly splendid this is truly the harrenhal i imagined it if anyone complains now they havent seen the series or the books because this is spot on
  10. SP Fantasy [WB] A Game of Thrones

    Hello a time ago there was a call out for people to make pictures for lords hall and such and so i took up the call and decided to do a all of the seven for maybe a sept perhaps and maybe even some lords may want the gods on their walls

    so please tell me what you think and be harsh as my view of them may not be the right one because as you can see on the picture below iam imagining all of the seven as kind of worn out very shady dark charchters to let the people see whoever they want to so i made it preety much in grey expect the sword and the hammer which is hot

    so as said before please comment  :grin:

  11. SP Fantasy [WB] A Game of Thrones

    Owen Wulfson said:
    Lord Arick Bren said:
    This may or may not have been answered already....200 sumtin posts...not reading them all.

    Will there be white walkers? as a sort of bandit? and if so will they be EPIC STRONG? i hope so.

    There will be White Walkers, and they will be weak to Valyrian Steel and Obsidian "Dragon Glass". Wights will also be included and it is a given that we will as of now only find them beyond the Wall.

    Here is the White Walker as the team envisioned them below:

    They felt that they had been too demonized in the HBO series and that said look went against the aesthetics described in the books.

    i thought they were just dead people or are the wights and the others/whitewalkers 2 diffrent things?
  12. SP Fantasy [WB] A Game of Thrones

    Crossbow Joe said:
    YourStepDad said:
    If only that were possible.

    Search engine on this forum is absolutely useless. I can barely find a topic I'm looking for with it, so I can imagine what would searching for a few particular words be like. :razz:
    It can be particularly annoying, since it doesn't search for strings of words.
    If you were to search for
    "Professional Goat Racing will be included"
    you will get everything with those words in the post but not in that order. So I will not know for certain if I can race my goat in a professional tourney or not.

    Yay GOAT RACING i better go get a goat  :mrgreen:
  13. SP Fantasy [WB] A Game of Thrones

    gh3tt0 gangst3r said:
    you guys should do something like the lance recruitment system from Europe 1227 AD.

    they already have and are using their own which there is info on on the first page
  14. SP Fantasy [WB] A Game of Thrones

    ThaneWulfgharn said:
    Odenar said:
    ThaneWulfgharn said:
    Jakob Zaborowski said:
    ThaneWulfgharn said:
    Boudicaa said:
    ThaneWulfgharn said:
    Yes,but everyone believes Stannis' is the true Lightbringer so,the sword Stannis will wield must be named Lightbringer and I suppose there will be no True Lightbringer in the mod.

    Naah, the strongest swords must be the valerian ones. Nice armor of stannis btw, I would go for the darkest ones cause stannis personality is so grim.
    I totally forgot about Valyrians.Yes but he believes he is the Champion of the Lord of Light so that's why he would have forged a bright and shining armor,and that's why I made the bright armors.

    He does not believe he is, he is using it for political gain not spiritual ones.
    We never had a Stannis POV so we don't know what he believes.

    We have seen private conversations between him and Davos though.
    Right.But parts of Stannis' actions are stupid:Why must he burn the Seven and the Godswoods if he wants political favors?He'd better keep both religions if,on one side wants the Queen's Men and on the other the Stormland Lords.
    where is the political favor in dividing your troops? i think hes doing just fine making his own personal religion and uniting everyone under its banner almost like the christians themselves did when they rebbeled against the romans
  15. SP Fantasy [WB] A Game of Thrones

    Boudicaa said:
    ThaneWulfgharn said:
    @Roach:grin:o what?Stannis' Armor?
    @All the others:
    Introducing:The Lightbringer
    My 3d textured model of Stannis' Lightbringer,which I expect to be the strongest sword ingame,thanks to the fire.Since it's a model on Wings 3d,I decided,than rather on the gray backgrounds of Wings,instead use a background googling for "Fire Heart".

    Wasn't lightbringer just another trick of mellisandre? I seem to remember a piece of the book when they referred to it as brittle.

    yes your right and as aegon states it does not emit any heat so the fire isent true
  16. SP Fantasy [WB] A Game of Thrones

    vetrardimma said:
    Is there any possibility that you guys could put like a preselect troops think. Where instead of always having to select yourself what you want to level troops to you would just select 1/3 become horseman 1/3 become archers, 1/3 become infantry. its really hard for me at least tracking all my troops.
    if anyone knows of a mod like this i would be happy if you would tell me.

    Sorry for my English im Icelandic

    This would be a really nice feature so i will give it thumbs up
  17. SP Fantasy [WB] A Game of Thrones

    Shimmler said:
    Alas, Hurleur has to leave modding for the time being because of some major stuff IRL. Good luck to him!

    How serious? any reason to be worried?
  18. SP Fantasy [WB] A Game of Thrones

    Count of Flanders said:
    For the northern Men-at-arms troops I am planning to make 5 different armours for diversity's sake, I alreadt made a stark one, this one is for the mormont soldiers:

    Next up are the umber, karstark and manderly types.

    I'am certain the bear islanders will be proud  :grin:
  19. SP Fantasy [WB] A Game of Thrones

    Not that iam in any way a expert but in the books i have several times come upon the "boiled leather" as almost even more common than the mail
  20. SP Fantasy [WB] A Game of Thrones

    Owen Wulfson said:
    I myself was wondering about any changes to the Enterprise System for the mod.

    We've all been there: grind up the money and buy a velvet factory then move on to the next town and and repeat. I was wondering if we could spice things up a little, for instance:

    1. Establish a  Brothel - the most income of any investment but a small initial deduction in honor. As Petry Baelish once said, unlike ships they are not likely to sink and if pirates board them then their gold is as good as any other.

    2. Be able to establish a  Church/Nunnery/Charity that will not make you a profit, indeed they will have upkeep, but you will get honor points every week.

    3. Uncertain, but something with Renown, perhaps a Bard Academy? Being known as a Patron of the Arts could somehow increase how many men will follow you into battle.... I know, it sounds stupid.

    In addition, although I don't know if it is possible, perhaps we can make more plots of land available in a single city?

    i really like this idea as it would make the boring enterprises more fun and would also as already said allow the more petyr baelish characthers to play out there role as a economical force which leads me to some suggestions of my own

    As a new quest/mission why not let lords say "i want me lad to squire for you" that could bring honor money and a new generic or nongeneric lord into play once his become a knight as it seems that some players here will take out a bunch of lords rather quick i dont think this would be to hard as it would basicly be a companion which gives you money on the end of the mision and as he/she is a lords son/daughter they wont have to be useless either equipment wise

    and secondly why not make a quest mission where the king lords or marshalls want to lend money from you for their armies this could pop up preety often and would significantly make him stronger and if you gave him the money as a gift even a little obliged to you
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