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  1. When to kick lords

    Thanks for the reply.  I actually decided to kick the worst of them (any over -50).  It really didn't affect my kingdom that much (I think it's like a -2 per kick for the others).  Luckily for me, I also had about 20 lords who weren't in my kingdom who had 100 relatioship with me.  So now, I'm going around recruiting them on a personal basis to fill up my empty spots. 

    On another note, the only lords who ever rebelled were -70 or more.  I'm not sure -40 will.  I do have to say one of the annoyances of the game though is how hard it is to raise relationships with lords who are your lieges.  Unless you happen upon them in a battle and save their bacon, there's not much else to do.
  2. When to kick lords

    Got a decent kingdom going with pretty much all of the old Khanate and Rhodok lands and a smattering of others.  Have a23 lords under me but the problem is most of them have bad relationships with me.  Of the 23, 17 have negative relationships.  9 of those are lower than -40 (mostly because I...
  3. Save game path

    Yeah, thought about that but that's a huge pain.  Seems there's got to be a better way.  If not, that's the fall-back plan.
  4. Save game path

    So a quick technical question.  Is there any way to change the default path for save games in Warband?  The reason I ask is it defaults to "Documents" for me and I would like to be able to use 2 different accounts to access the same saved game files.  Impossible with how it currently is.
  5. Who is your favorite companion the one you always look for?

    Bahshetur.  I always use him as a tank and he seems to do really well that way.  He and Alayen are my tanks this game and they own.
  6. Khergit Strategy

    So it's always bugged me how weak the Khergits are especially since they're based on the Mongols who owned these guys in history.  The main problem is the AI's strategy.  When I hit them with my heavy cav, they always just charge in, hit a standstill, and then scatter.  But they've lost half...
  7. A little garison advice please!

    Oh yeah and for sieges I almost always use Swadian Knights and Mammlukes exclusively for my personal party. They're just tanks whether in siege or not. Only weak on mountains. But I keep infantry and archers in garrison.

    In battle, no matter what type, always use your strongest troupe first. You'd hate to lose cause your weak units got slaughtered and you were surrounded before your reinforcements could get there.
  8. A little garison advice please!

    This is almost the exact situation that I started my own kingdom in and it worked well. Pick one of you cities that the original owners keep trying to get and drop it's garrison way down. Then go find the swadian king and tell him you want to be released from your oath. By this point your town has been taken or soon after this. Simply retake it once they leave the small garrisons. Woolah, you have your own faction and are only at war with the faction you took the town from. This means all your swadian dyeworks are making money for you. You just lose all your relationship with their king. Rebelling you lose it all and go to war with them.

    Now you can recruit a ton of guys (~300) for your city and start working the faction you're at war with. Try to pick a weaker faction. I don't like fighting the Nords so I'd probably not do this with Tihr but that's just me.

  9. Troop Combinations!

    Personally use almost solely cavalry.  Gotta love opening a battle with 80 Swadian knights and charging down some poor Rhodok or Nord troops.  Slaughter every time.  For defense of my property, I use all sorts but I usually never get Rhodoks.  Have never liked that kingdom (good troops just always seems to be fighting them) so I don't get their troops because they would constantly be getting the morale loss from fighting their own guys.
  10. Who is your favorite companion?

    Gotta go with Baheshtur (sp?).  He usually is my tank and best fighter.  Would have to say Nizar is up there too but he doesn't work with my current group.
  11. Tips Sharing, Everyone should contribute

    Get your companions early.  I used to just get them when I came across them but this latest game, I purposefully spent a while running around getting them when I first started the game.  It's working much better.  Also, plan what companions you're going to get and what they'll specialize in.
  12. Things in Warband you hate.

    Hate being in a battle with Khergits and completely owning them.  Then, out of nowhere, a stupid lancer comes up and crouch lances you.  Bam, dead!
  13. Siege Battles

    Most people praise the Nord Huscarl for siege battles but I tend not to use them too much.  I've found Swadian Knights to be extremely useful troops.  I know the Marmalukes are getting a lot of praise because they are supposed to be way better than the Swadians and quicker to train but for sieges, I personally think they kind of suck.  This is due to the fact that they don't have shields, usually, and therefore get mowed down by enemy archers.  Swadian knights usually have shields and so they can take a lot more during sieges.  Also, they have the advantage over huscarls in open field battles cause they're cavalry.  Just my opinion. 

    So, for attacking in sieges, get a bunch of swadian knights/high-level companions and send them up first.  Then I usually get a bow (faster rate of fire) and sit at the back of my troops picking off archers.  Generally this works to at least get you into the castle.  Once in, find where all their archers/crossbowmen were and loot the bodies.  This may mean switching weapons so you can use their stuff but then try to find a spot where you can shoot over your guys' heads into the enemy.  Tend to get tons of head-shots with this and can usually mow the enemy down while your guys' keep them distracted.

    For defending, sit where you can see the top of the ladder/front of the ramp and take the attackers out with a bow/xbow.  Try for head-shots as it's more effective.  If you place yourself right, they won't be able to shoot back at you.  Other option is to get a big 2-hander (I use a great hammer (?)) and sit off to the side and a little back then just do continuous over-head chops.  Should be 1 shot= 1 kill and you can seriously take out a ton of enemy troops.  If you position it right, they won't have time to hit you before you kill them.  I think I got over 100 kills one siege and it wasn't even that big of an assaulting force (think I killed over half the enemy single-handedly).
  14. What is your Favourite type of weapon and why?

    I'll generally run around with the common 1-hander, shield, bow, and quiver setup (recently got an elite saber and am loving it - no thrust option and I absolutely suck at that). 

    I recently tried a great hammer during a siege defense.  Probably the most fun I've had to date.  Stood a little to the side and back and just continuous over-head swings.  1 hit = 1 unconscious foe.  So fun!!  It was like someone was lining up watermelons for me to smash!!

    BTW: Not sure who you guys are playing but my AI is pretty deadly with the range.  Granted, one-on-one they aren't but one of the last patches seemed to up the number of top level troops the enemy lords have.  Now taking Rhodok castles is a huge pain.  174 defenders and at least half of them seem to be Sharpshooters.  I took ~100 Swadian/Vaegir Knights/Marmalukes along with my 8 companions and myself (all ~ level 18 or higher) on 52% difficulty against it and still got wasted.  Most of my guys didn't even make it to the wall.  Stupid, slow siege towers.  Gonna have to try equipping myself with as many arrows as possible so I can take the Sharpshooters out and give my guys a chance.
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