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  1. Bug Reports

    Have searched the topic, but didn´t find it already reported.

    English Crusader stats are much lower the even simple English horsemen. Although, they are on top in the leveling tree.
  2. Mount&Blade Version 1.011 is ready

    It seems that looting doesn´t work in the latest update. The gameplay turns into paused mode everytime and when doing override by the spacebar, the village turns from being raided to normal. What to do?
  3. Best Crossbow Unit

    With all the folks carrying their shield in front since .960, archers and crossbowmen don´t do as much harm as they did in previous versions. In old days, 30 Swadian sharpshooters were enough to drop about 40 infantry during their advance. No, I can hardly kill half of them in distance.
  4. Praven

    My men just spawn outside the fence and can´t get past, so they can´t access the walls. I have 90 men on the map and just 9 attacking Praven. Is there something wrong?
  5. Swadia claimant quest advice

    Do I have to take all castles and towns and then imprison all lords to win?
  6. How to recruit Lords when doing a claimant's rebellion?

    Ah thanks, then everything is allright. But on the other hand, it will be a hard time when waging war agians several other factions, because of the limited number of armys. And it only worked because I did a lot of personal service beforehand. Can I still reverse everything by ending the rebellion and asking King Harlaus for service? Then try it again later, or is the claimant gone when doing this?
  7. How to recruit Lords when doing a claimant's rebellion?

    I am doing the Swadian Rebellion too at the moment. I got 9 out of theis 20 lords. But I don´t know how to get the others. I have two towns and all the castles that were left, after the Harlaus faction lost one each to Rhodoks and Nords. Now the remaining lords assemble at Dhirim and Praven. Everytime I talk to them the audience ends quickly. What can I do now to make them follow me?
  8. SP Fantasy A Song of Ice and Fire Mod (moved to MBX)

    This mod looks really nice. But I didn´t notice any bandit partys. It would be wuite hard for me to attack the heroes partys with only few untrained followers.
  9. How i can siege a town?

    I have joined Swadia for any reason, they are not participating in the war, now I can´t besiege anyone. What can I do?
  10. Recruiting Soldiers

    meant those small, tiny, lootable towns (villages)
  11. Recruiting Soldiers

    HardCode said:
    Carnifex said:
    It doesn´t work. Even after a week waiting there are no recruitable Villagers in towns. :sad:

    Is you party full? You won't get any recruitment options if your party is maxed out.

    Of course it´s not full :wink: I am at 43 of 65 at the moment.
  12. Recruiting Soldiers

    It doesn´t work. Even after a week waiting there are no recruitable Villagers in towns. :sad:
  13. Recruiting Soldiers

    Is this feature of recruiting in villages of loyal factions not possible anymore in 0.894?

    I tried to find swadian recruits in different villages, this menu point wasn´t there anymore!
  14. Mount&Blade version 0.894 is out!

    Is there no possibility to take recruits in the villages anymore? I was just building my all swadian army and now I can´t take fresh meat at the villages. Where can I find my swadian infantry now?
  15. Awesome archer AI

    Those archers are awsome. Seize fire is a must. The marksman are killing everything at close range, so positioning them on a steep hill will kill enemy cavallery, but their high rate of fire makes them deplete their arrows to early, as mentioned before. The Sharpshooters/Crosbowmen may keep enemies at baile, because they can shoot with higher accuracy, though, being slower in the reload.
  16. SP Medieval Other Live by the Sword Part One - v1.0 Public Alpha Release

    After slashing some Salgurids:
    Me as Sunovian Man at Arms

    Unfortunately most of the quests where things have to be collected do not work, for examp,e curaw wants 4 pravenian sargeant hauberks and surcoat it says still in progress, even if there are four in my inventory. Or does it matter if it has the battered, crude etc. written before the name, in this case it would be quite hard to get item as required
  17. SP Medieval Other Live by the Sword Part One - v1.0 Public Alpha Release

    How do I get these total views of myself from some distance?
  18. Experience earned for killing enemies.

    Oh holy butcher barton quint, just do such a list for those unworthy worms messing around with your time.
  19. guardians party-mod question (if any1 knows it...)

    So as you just stated the differences in your communication like msn and such. Wouldn´t it be easiestjust to use the appropriate language in full?!
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