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  1. Prophesy of Pendor - New Features and functionality.. v2.0 (VOTING CLOSED)

    Hi,this nis my vote:

    -  Gnpowder
    I dont like guns very much in MB, because they were desinged too powerful in some mod,
    If you finally introduce guns, I wish that they are more like crossbows.

    -  Mgic spell
    I think magic is not performed very nice by now,  no funny and difficult to balance. magic weapon is enough.

    + Tournament Enhancement
    The original tournament are dull ,most likily mass melee. Can someone make a good feel jousting?
    About archery, the game have target and can show score, any chances to use it?
  2. Prophesy of Pendor - V1.21 Introduction and Release For M&B 1.010/1.011

    It is a great mod.

    But it is strange that the dark cavalry lance and dark knight lance have no strength requirement

    and I think the speed rating and reach of the dark knights lance is too high.

    One more thing,Dark heavy lance looks like too long for its 195 reach.
  3. SP Fantasy A Song of Ice and Fire Mod (moved to MBX)

    Maybe,the special arena should be moved to kings's landing or other big city/castle?

    Otherwise,there can be a tournament like original trainingground.
  4. Firearms - Call To Arms 0.999 is out.

    knight sword is invisible,and when i talk with npcs or prisons and other troops,can't see them.

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