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  1. Endgame = mindless endless war

    I have an opposite issue. I played a Vlandian character, mostly recruited Vlandian wanderers, and have focused mostly on conquering Vlandian fiefs. I got good and rich as Western Empire vassal before declaring my own kingdom, and made friends with all the Vlandian lords (mostly be defeating them and letting them go, repeatedly). All my garrisons are strong, I've brought plenty of lords over to join my kingdom.

    End result - nobody wants to have a war with me. In reality, that would be the logical choice - Mexico isn't going to declare war on the US in hopes of gaining San Diego, they would be crushed. In the game it means the only time I have war is when I declare it, which also means it happens when convenient to me. Keeping my lands and people happy is not a challenge because my parties are on defensive mode mopping up bandits and I wander around assigning companions to complete all the quests.

    I actually want more war. I'd like to see the Empire factions make a mutual aid treaty with the Aserai or whoever to divide my forces and challenge my ability to hold onto my territory a bit. When I am mopping up the final Vlandian town (Ocs Hall) a smart move for the AI would be to declare war on my Eastern or Northern front. Presumably Derthert would be lobbying hard and offering them all sorts of things to get their help.

    Instead they fight each other over fiefs somewhere else and let me continue slowly consuming the map.
  2. Devs: "Needs Help with Brigands" quest badly needs rework

    Generally I ignore the 'Needs help with brigands' quests and just go find the hideout. Once I've cleared the hideout the quests tend to disappear. In my lands I also usually have my parties rolling around in 'defensive' mode and they tend to mop up any straggler bands of looters or bandits.

    Alternatively I assign a companion to go deal with it. I do that with most village quests, because it's a handy way to send off some troops to allow me to recruit more - which I can then 'donate' to various parties, garrisons or other lords if I want to build up my influence. Clearing up bandits is not really a 'Big Boss' job, it's fine when you are starting but later it is really for the minions.
  3. -3 Owner Culture Penalty is Too High!

    Hey, I would like to ask about a possible feature we are thinking about, would it be too much micromanagement if we had an option to exempt towns from taxation to reduce the loyalty penalty.

    The main problems with this feature are that currently, you require to go to the settlement to actually manage them. Maybe we can order it through the fiefs menu, but I am not sure. Also if we enable this for the AI as well, since AI tends to have more resources than the player and this can put the player at an economical disadvantage.

    Also, reducing loyalty penalty from cultural differences is something we can add, but it is already simulated a bit through the notables changing their allegiance and also increase the possibility of large snowballing empires (if they can manage to hold out for a year or two for example)

    As always thank you for your feedback and discussion.

    As a way to get established as the governor of a new town or castle that would be useful, especially if it boosted prosperity (why wouldn't it really?).

    More useful would be the ability to give governors the ability to resolve problems and manage patrols.

    Even more useful would be the ability to give governors priorities (i.e. focus on security first, loyalty second) and have them send you updates and requests for guidance once in awhile, as any actual governor would do in a growing kingdom. E.g. "Lord, the Market upgrade is complete and we have begun expanding our granary, garrison is x,, the militia is y, food stores are z, loyalty is strong. What are your directions for the coming year?"
  4. -3 Owner Culture Penalty is Too High!

    The only thing that the -3 loyalty issue caused me to do was make sure to pick my starting faction as from the part of the map I want to conquer first. On top of that try to pick companions from the cultures that you want to conquer (ironically).

    My current playthrough I chose Khuzait because I intend to crush them and the Aserai to start. Most of my companions are Khuzait or Aserai with a couple of Imperials, and my family are all Khuzait as well. That gives an edge with the first few towns and castles while you get established.
  5. Information about developments at snowballing problem

    Alliances and binding peace treaties or truces would go a long way to eliminating snowballing, and enhancing gameplay. The ability to make or force an alliance (maybe even with family members as hostages) would be a great way to manage the map. THe need to keep allies happy would also be a fun element. Maybe some opportunities to break up alliances of other factions as well.
  6. "Im glad to serve my kingdom and have no interest in serving another liege"

    Defeat them in battle a few times and let them go each time. Before long they want to marry you (figuratively speaking).

    Good for planning out where you want to start your kingdom - join a neighbouring faction and crush the local lords a lot, letting them go each time. When you finally do set up your town everyone around loves you because you kept destroying their armies and taking all their stuff.
  7. Siege Preparation Bad

    I wish I could choose which troops joined me in sieges and what their groups were. I have no use for cavalry in sieges, yet they will die on the walls, sometimes in large numbers. I would prefer to leave my cav out of sieges and just bring infantry and archers. I would also like all my companions to be together in one special group. I suppose a fella can dream...

    Once I get to a certain size I generally keep a 'siege' army on garrison duty in a town. That will be a lot of archers/xbows, a lot of high and mid tier infantry, and no cavalry. These are on garrison wages and protecting the town while not needed.

    I also keep a 'field battle' army which is a pile of cavalry and horse archers, and whatever infantry and archer mix I want to flatten any armies I come across in the field. I usually use this army for training up all my recruits etc.

    If I want to go take a town or castle, I swap them out. Put the field army and cavalry in the garrison, take the siege army out to play. Once I take the castle or town the siege army can be the 'stand-in' garrison to fight off the inevitable counterattack while I recruit and train a new garrison with my cavalry. Obviously if you are risking your original town to do this then you are making a mistake.

    Obviously you have to do some shuffling of troops in and out of armies, but it can work and keep costs lower to put the expensive troops you don't need into a garrison while you do whatever fighting you need to at the time.
  8. Build defensive siege engines

    Honestly I'd like an option in town/castle management that lets me build siege equipment before I am under siege. Presumably a castle or town that is in a war would do some forward planning...
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