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  1. Apocal

    How are troop trees feeling now?

    So we've had awhile with 1.5.4 reworking most armor values and rearranging gear sets alongside it. How does everything feel? I haven't noticed a big difference between 1.5.2 and 1.5.4, other than aesthetics, in Aserai and Khuzait. Sturgian infantry seem a bit tankier than my last playthrough...
  2. Apocal

    Herd quest needs a re-balance.

    The Herd penalty hurts now. In the very early game, when given ten horses you are provided with only one peasant to help herd them. This made sense previously because the herd penalty was so low, but now it is devastating. If taking the quest solo and assuming you have one riding horse and one...
  3. Apocal

    Khuzait noble title.

    "Beg" looks kinda silly. It should be something like noyan, bey or baghatur.
  4. Apocal

    In Progress Game crashes at same or similar point: raided village. edit: Or return of companion from quest

    Crash ID: 2020-10-26_10.59.53_00000000000000000000000000000000 Whenever my village of Gamardan gets raided or is about to be raided, the game crashes. I thought it might be tied to attempting to engage the raiding party but when I left the village to burn, the game still crashed at some point...
  5. Apocal

    In Progress 1.5.4 Party wage perk(s) probably bugged.

    Summary: After selecting certain perks, my party wages has flipped into positive number. How to Reproduce: Select the perks Veteran's Respect, Efficient Capaigner and Master of Warcraft, then create an Army with one or two companion parties. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): N/A Media...
  6. Apocal

    In Progress 1.5.4 Can't Put Lord in Dungeon

    Summary: After capturing a lord in battle, the button to place him in my dungeon is missing. How to Reproduce: In the save game, go to settlement dungeon and attempt to place Jastion there. The button to shift him will be missing. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): N/A Media (Screenshots &...
  7. Apocal

    Livestock need rebalancing.

    With the herd penalty now currently ten times as penalizing, livestock need a buff. Before it made sense to have a few dozen sets of walking meat but with each animal (of any type) giving only two meat and there being no spoilage in the game, it simply makes much more sense to have a single...
  8. Apocal

    The change in killfeed colors is not pleasing to look at.

    Can you please revert? It isn't an especially big deal, but the new colors are kinda close to being neon and they are eye-searing to see. Also, against snowy/cloudy skies, the green is more difficult to read at a glance and in large battles a glance is all you get before the entry flies off the...
  9. Apocal

    Solved Locking items (right) prevents Take All/Buy All (left) from working.

    Summary: After locking food items on a previous trade/loot/inventory screen, the Take/Buy All functionality for the Loot/Trade screen no longer works as before. Locked items remain instead. How to Reproduce: Lock food items. Either reload or go to a separate inventory menu. Attempt to take all...
  10. Apocal

    We need to talk about balancing companion requirements for quests.

    Needs Manual Laborers: Why do they need all three Vigor skills at a high level? Why isn't it "Companion should have one of these skills" instead? Maybe with Roguery thrown in as well, but at a lower level (like 60). Needs help with x Bandits: Now this is pretty reasonable, a nice number...
  11. Apocal

    Raids have some issues...

    1. You need something north of ten to one odds for the village militia to not bother with resisting. While I understand you don't want players to just render tactical battles completely irrelevant, it gets a tad bit ridiculous at times. This is not going to be an interesting fight, no matter...
  12. Apocal

    In Progress Companion Party disappears when disbanded, instead of adding to garrison.

    Summary: When disbanding clan parties near to or inside of a town, troops disappear entirely instead of being added to the garrison and siblings/wife teleport to an entirely different city. How to Reproduce: In the submitted savegame, enter Sanala with your army and disband the attached clan...
  13. Apocal

    Raiding should give more than the contents of the town market.

    Just in case you aren't aware, raiding in the vanilla game has a loot table taken from the village market. You can only grab a portion of whatever they were selling. That means it is generally more effective to simply buy the food (even at inflated prices) rather than raid for it, if you're low...
  14. Apocal

    Portraits for KIA lords?

    Hey, phone posting so no mockup, but can we please get the portraits of dead lords displayed at the top of the victory screen after battle? The little text block in the corner is good but it would be easier to put a face to the name of whoever died. There is some space between the renown...
  15. Apocal

    Array in depth, rather than width; temp fix for an annoying problem.

    Too many maps are built like corridors: long, narrow, with inaccessible or semi-accessible sides. When the player is no longer a single party that means the starting formation is really, really wide. Frequently out of normal bounds (accessible terrain) which turns the game into a cavalry suicide...
  16. Apocal

    In Progress [1.5.2] Mounted unit morale rarely breaks.

    Summary: Cavalry and horse archers only rarely suffer from morale breaks and routing due to losses. Infantry and archers are resilient but they will occasionally retreat, whereas cavalry typically do not. I suspect (but can't prove) it is because the ApplyAoeMoraleEffect is too small in radius...
  17. Apocal

    Leveling Druzhniks sucks.

    I haven't done a proper Sturgian playthrough in awhile and decided to see how it feels with the new changes. First, the good. Ulfhednars are no longer hot garbage and actually manage to sometimes do decently well against enemy infantry. That's an improvement from their days of being...
  18. Apocal

    Bannerlord vs. Warband armor (not visual)

    So some people brought something up in an economy thread that probably deserves its own. While I'm pretty sure TW did this on purpose, I'm not sure they knew if players would prefer it, so might as well have a thread about it.
  19. Apocal

    Need More Info [1.5.2] No notification when sister was killed in battle; still alive in party menu.

    Summary: In battle, my sister was killed (red-skulled) but there was no notification in either the log (pressed Enter to check) nor on the upper marquee banner as was the case in 1.5.1 for spouse or sibling deaths. After retreating from the battle, I saw no sidebar notification of deathh. I...
  20. Apocal

    Stormed a besieged, starving town and found this.

    Immersion destroyed, literally unplayable.