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  1. shokkueibu

    game_receive_url_response: Content of registers is not as expected [Solved]

    Hey there! It's my first time working with URL messages in the module system. I believe I've managed to set up everything just fine outside Warband. The problem seems to be when the Warband server receives a response. The registers, string or not, seem to be prefixed with characters that...
  2. shokkueibu

    Sarrdakin - European competitive clan

    An European competitive Warband clan. Ranks Instead of starting from below and being promoted, any member may apply to a rank of their choosing. However, with each rank comes an increased set of responsibilities. Should someone not perform their duties they'll be assigned to a more...
  3. shokkueibu

    Get cost of equipped horse in multiplayer

    Any idea on how  to get the item id of the player's horse in multiplayer, clientside? I want to know its cost. I've been using agent_get_item_slot and it works until I get to the ek_horse slot.
  4. shokkueibu

    Item overlays [Solved]

    Is there any way to manipulate these? I didn't find anything in the Module System.
  5. shokkueibu

    How to save settings?

    How do you save settings in Warband multiplayer? As in, retaining a global variable value even after restarting the game. I thought I could achieve this by using a dummy troop and slot operations, but it didn't work. Is this method exclusive to single player where you have the save game to save...
  6. shokkueibu

    Getting the contents of a weapon slot clientside [Solved]

    Is there an alternative way to get this (player_get_item_id, <destination>, <player_id>, <item_slot_no>) #only for server on the client?
  7. shokkueibu

    Trouble with overlay_animate_to_alpha [Solved]

    Here's my presentation. Everything works as expected, except for the marked line.   ("multiplayer_gold_change", prsntf_read_only|prsntf_manual_end_only, 0, [     (ti_on_presentation_load, [       (set_fixed_point_multiplier, 1000),       (presentation_set_duration, 200), #2 seconds      ...
  8. shokkueibu

    Working compass in battle map

    I want to use the compass in the battle map. So far I've managed to use the mesh from the one in world map and make it rotate as I do. Obviously, I want it to work like a real compass except I don't have the necessary mathematical knowledge to do so. (arctangent?  :|) I take it...
  9. shokkueibu

    Getting the server name clientside (without modifying the server)

    It has come to my attention that it's not possible to get the server name as a non admin client with (str_store_server_name, s0), What about the welcome message? Is it possible to get the server name the same way?
  10. shokkueibu

    [IL] Imperium Lusitanum - An European clan - Dead

      Thread em Português Imperium Lusitanum was founded on the 5th of November in 2010 as a competitive Portugal based clan that also aims to stand as the center of the Portuguese community in M&B Warband. As of 13th January 2010, IL became an European clan and the main language is now English...
  11. shokkueibu

    [IL] Imperium Lusitanum - Um clã português/europeu

      Thread in English O Imperium Lusitanum é um clã competitivo e um espaço para a comunidade portuguesa de Mount & Blade Warband. O clã foi fundado por parte da equipa que representou Portugal na Nations Cup de 2010 organizada pela Taleworlds em conjunto com a comunidade de M&B Warband. O clã...
  12. shokkueibu

    Steam group for Nations Cup

    Hello there. As of now, I'm in charge of scheduling the matches for the Portuguese team. Therefore, I'd like to suggest using a group for captains and admins which I think would be more convenient than adding everyone manually to each of our Steam Friends.
  13. shokkueibu

    "Guide Banner"

    Can someone provide me with either the "guide banner" on this thread or something similar? It's basically a banner with guides showing you what part of it will appear on the shield and probably on heraldic mail (I'm not entirely sure since the link is broken).
  14. shokkueibu

    [WB][M] Solgaard Roleplay

    [url=]OFFICIAL TRAILER. [url=]Our Forums. [url=]Our Steam Group. Solgaard Roleplay is a soon to be released native server. Backstory: The map:     Solgaard is a resource...
  15. shokkueibu

    GlovePIE script - Command your troops with the microphone

    Hi there :) Today I suddenly got this urge to command my troops with the microphone and I knew I had seen something about this on the forum in some topic. Me and Shoot didn't get along well so I tried GlovePIE (also mentioned in that same topic). So far it's been great :D Windows 7's speech...