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  1. Koskenkorv

    A standard bearer

    Every faction in Bannerlord should have a standard bearer (banner) unit. Your banner should be freely customizable. So far there has not been any indication of either. You must put the Banner in Bannerlord.
  2. Koskenkorv

    Vanna lord Bata

    The Youtube auto-translate system calls Bannerlord " Vanna lord bata". All Hail Vanna lord bata!
  3. Koskenkorv

    Ever since Captain Lust left

    Things started to go downhill? Look back at 2016, archery looked normal, character movement looked normal, even the combat animations. But then... What happened. Why is the beta like this?
  4. Koskenkorv

    What is happening to Bannerlord

    The first post in the "Constructive criticism"-thread sums up all my concerns for MP. But now I'm also concerned about the sieges. They seem to have taken out siege engines from the live assault phase, meaning more sacrifices to gameplay ... If that's not the case, then I must say that it's a...
  5. Koskenkorv

    Make Old School Servers for battle mode and Warband gear customization

    And let the competitive pretentious players play "skirmish" or whatever on the normal servers while we others have fun on the "old school" servers that have both battle mode and original Warband customization. Then everyone is happy? A fair deal, innit?
  6. Koskenkorv

    What Ticket to get for Gamescom

    Hello. If I as a mere mortal would like to maximize my chances of playing Bannerlord this Gamescom: What kind of ticket and which day/hours/area should I attend? Tips about Köln are also welcome. Thank you for your attention.
  7. Koskenkorv

    Bröderna Lejonhjärta-mod

    Kan nån snälla göra en Bröderna Lejonhjärta mod med DJKatla, Tengil, Jonathan och packet tack hej
  8. Koskenkorv

    [VC] Are you going to release the module source?

    Are you?  :) Me want to make big mod.
  9. Koskenkorv

    Preset battle formations?

    I just haven't been able to figure this out. Don't get me wrong, I got this 3 days after it came out, but I have never thought of using it or looking it up(didn't find any info on it when doing a search, though). Is there any way to do it? Having you see just your own party in a field, putting...
  10. Koskenkorv


    The one who spots it first gets a free hug!
  11. Koskenkorv

    Royaume France- Douchebagging much?

    Royaume France, the faction that forces one to drop all weapons for no reason other than that one member of the faction wants them. When having dropped the weapons you still get shot and kicked out of the faction. Wow, this is the proper definition of douchebagging :roll:: Happy New Year!
  12. Koskenkorv

    Can't find Konungr Gudrod Ragnarson

    He is nowhere to be found, I waited 2 months, same information, no trace or sign. I turned off Fog of War, as seen in the image, still impossible to find him. I don't know what to do so I'm asking for possible solutions. Is there some other cheat that can help me? Anyone? I was going to join...
  13. Koskenkorv

    Framerate decreasing gradually

    What happens everytime I try to join a MP-game or play SP in VC? This: 1-20 mins: 60 fps 20-30 mins: 40 fps 30-40 mins: 30 fps 40-how long I can stand it: 20 fps Patch 1.02 has not fixed it, just made the periods a little longer. I don't care about the rest of the bugs, this memory leak or...
  14. Koskenkorv

    "Unable to connect to server"

    I went on Warband MP and clicked "join a game", and I got "unable to connect to servers". When i i clicked "ok" on it, no servers would show up. Is it something with this new patch? The MP worked fine yesterday, now it doesn't work at all. Help?