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  1. Need More Info Graphical Issues

    Found a bugged armor and town scene. The town is Tyal and this is near Zhem the Silversmith.
  2. This is NOT Sparta!

    I feel really dumb for asking, but is anyone else getting spawned in with (literally.. like.. literally) thousands of enemy troops--and friendly troops too--during the "Train peasants" quest and the "Clear infestation" quest? It's so bad, having these 2000+ troops duke it out in this small town...
  3. Village/City Prosperity & You

    After reading all the posts on the first 5 pages, scrolling through the "hit" search topics, and reading all the FAQs, I'm still confused about how prosperity/wealth works in this mod: is the prosperity of a city or village directly tied to its factions nobles' loyalty? What I mean to say is...