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  1. modbed

    BL Coding Anyone find the method that parses "native_parameters.xml"???

    I guess native_xxx is consumed by the engine code written in c++. Most probably in "Game.dll".
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    Community Modding Documentation

    Glad to see the documentation is out, it's awsome
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    Community Modding Documentation

    id : id identify the semantic of a xml file, it tells bannerlord which type of data this xml file contains path : file path of the xml without ".xml" suffix, relative to "ModuleData" folder of your mod
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    Bannerlord won't start after update.

    If you have installed any mod, edit Submodule.xml file of the mod and change <Version value = "1.0"/> to <Version value = "a1.0.0"/>
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    Battle tester

    I plan no update any more, so it's meaningless for me to upload it to github. If you want to maintain the code you can upload it to github.
  6. modbed

    Battle tester

    Main change is formation support. Change is little in source level, it happed in BattleTestMissionController.cs
  7. modbed

    Battle tester

    I have uploaded the mod to moddb, but it's under authorisation now, see here now download it from here install instruction and other info: here
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    Bannerlord China

  9. B

    Bannerlord China

    A Bannerlord group for chinese players! 汽油们进来!
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    [Tool] Converter tch -> dds (alpha)

    good job!
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    A simple bannerlord mod

    This mod is a technique demo. It just add a menu item "hello", and when you click it, the screen displays "hello, world". So it's not interesting for normal players, but guys hacking bannerlord may find it useful. source code: